The Brotherhood of Purity and Practice of Spiritual Devotion (27)

Iśvara-Prani-Dhana – Saćinda – Spiritual Devotion

Iśvarapranidhana means Submission to God’s Will. The practice of Spiritual Devotion is the training of Purity and Humility. SAĆINDA is the cultivation of pure being, pure awareness and pure happiness. The practice of Spiritual Devotion aims to achieve the state of original purity of one’s true self. Pranidhana is developed through humbleness before the Great, before the Almighty God, called in the classical yoga of Iśvara.

Sufi Akbar Jalaluddin Muhammad El-Morya Khan Chisti lived in India between 1556-1605 and was better known as Emperor Akbar, grandfather of Shah Jahan. He built a great temple known as the House of Devotion, IBADAT KHANA, for all religious denominations. Spiritual – religious mystical order founded by Akbar preached to India the ecumenism of all religions. The Brotherhood is known as DIN-I-ILLAI, which means Divine Faith. The life mission of Great Akbar in the sixteenth century was the light of religious unity, the light of ecumenism for Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians. Akbar, also known as Guru Morya, reached Parinirvana in 1605, in the days of his departure from earthly life.

Morya taught that God’s Will is a fiery diamond in every heart. Faith is a Holy Trust on which the Good Will of God rises, develops and thrives. Din-i-Illai is also called the Brotherhood of Subud, and sometimes also the Universal Spiritual Brotherhood. The Brotherhood of Purity comes from God through the succession of prophets like Abraham, Samuel, Elijah, Daniel, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad. It is said that the Father of the Brotherhood is prophet Abraham, who received this original Pure Religion through Revelation, straight from God. Succession, which restores the Brotherhood to life, also, as per Abraham’s example, comes through Revelations. Modern Revelations are called Brotherhood or Brothership of Subud, which means exactly the same as the name Saćinda mentioned above.

The last great Prophet who restored the Brotherhood of Purity to existence was Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Many secret Sufi associations, religious orders and brotherhoods see their contemporary roots in him and derive their line of succession from him. Usually, we call them Muslim or Sufi Brotherhoods, depending on whether they are more or less related to Islam. Akbar’s activity was aimed at developing the Brotherhood in its purest form, devoid of orthodox religious forms. Pure Religion does not contain any orthodoxy, as Father Abraham taught.

The Brotherhood of Purity protects the pure religion of Abraham, also called Millat Ibrahim. Pure Religion was renewed by Jesus, then by Muhammad, finally by Akbar known as Morya. In any case, the Revealer, the Archangel Gabriel, brought the same Message, the same Spiritual Transmission. Archangel Gabriel is worshiped by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and also by Zoroastrians. Always one and the same messenger bringing the Revelation of the Pure Religion of the Abraham’s Brotherhood.

Purity manifests itself where the human will melts into the Will of God. Surrender is the first and last step for human consciousness. The more we practice Spiritual Devotion, the more we become the perfect human being. The more we personify the being and essence of Humanity, the more we become similar to the Image of God whom we are, as created in His image and likeness. Humility is a continuous lesson for one who devotes himself consciously to the Divine Leadership. The Will of God, Good Will is an energetic source of strength and spiritual power for adepts cultivating Spiritual Devotion.

The ancient term SUFI means CLEANNESS, Holiness, and Wisdom. TARIQAH is WAY, Movement, Order, Brotherhood, Order, Heavenly Principle. The term SUFI TARIQAH, therefore, means the Way of the Pure, the same that the biblical prophet mentioned, as the Pure Way made for the righteous.

KARAMAT is Grace, wonderful signs, charism. The term charism understood in the biblical sense comes from the ancient term karamat: the Divine Sign. In the Brotherhood of Purity, it is said that Karamat is the manifestation of the light and love of the Almighty God to a man who consciously gives Himself to serve Him. Pranidhana is essentially SEVA, conscious service to God in accordance with His Will and Intention. Karamat purifies hearts and strengthens faith, even in its smallest manifestations, such as spontaneous singing, prayer in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, speaking in languages or healing.

Archangel Michael (Michael, the Prince of the Church, Guardian Angel of the Jewish nation) is the main collaborator of Guru Morya in the midst of the angelic Hierarchy. Michael is called the ARCHANGEL OF VICTORY, which sounds like Jayadeva. The cult of Archangel Michael in Christian churches helps bring Good Will to large crowds of people. This work is guided by the Ascended Master Morya. The Brotherhood of Purity therefore has its Protector and Guardian in the person of the illustrious Archangel. Devotion to Archangel Michael is part of the process of Spiritual Devotion to Good Will.

Seven Arcana of Pure Religion

Pure Religion is contained in the Seven Arcana, symbolized by seven circles, rays or by a seven-pointed star. Din-i-Illai is also known as the School of Arcana. The first five Arcana is available to all people as a symbol of religion of universal character. The Five-pointed Star symbolizes the perfected human self, which manifests the qualities of cosmic consciousness. It is the dominion over the five elements and the mastery of the five senses.

The first five Arcana is for all people who want to follow the path of Abraham’s Religion (Semitic, Christian, Jewish). Based on these five Arcana, the entire Islam – Religion of Submission and Peace is built. The Sixth Arcana is for those who want to intensify their quest on the Pure Way of the Whip. The last, seventh Arcana, is for the development of God’s direct experience beyond any understanding or form. The Seventh Arcana requires submission and humility before the Great and Merciful God.

Pure Religion in the sense of internal development is based on the Four Circles or Levels of Initiation. The First Circle of Initiates is the Circle of Students of the Prophet – the Revealer. The students are called Chela or Murid. They practice together as if the prophet the Prophet the Revealer was present among them. If we remember that the Revelation of Pure Religion was actually brought by the Archangel Gabriel, then it is a practice with the Archangel himself, in his consciousness.

The Sufi Subud Muslim Brotherhood describes the following Seven Arcana: Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajij, Jihad and Latihan Kejiwan. This tradition derives from Prophet Muhammad. Pure Religion is the religion of heart or the Way of Sufis. There are many different ways of practicing these Arcana in the ancient School of the Mystery of Abraham.

SHAHADA is a confession of faith and trust to Almighty God and His Prophet, a messenger who brings the Message of God to the earth. This is the first initiation called by the Christians the confession of faith. The shahada practice strengthens faith and faithfulness to God. Sufis practice this as Dhikr. This is the first pillar of the Pure Way.

SALAT is a prayer, traditionally recited five times a day: at dawn, before noon, in the afternoon, at sunset and before going to bed – in the evening. Before the prayer, we wash our hands, legs, rinse our mouth and nose as a practical and symbolic wash. Show us religion without the practice of prayer several times a day. This is the proper sadhana from the point of view of yoga. You can call it a second initiation, an opening for everyday and regular prayer, irrespective what we say to God.

ZAKAT is charity, donation, social fund for the maintenance of the Brotherhood, Khalifa (successor of the path), for the sick, the poor and for orphans. Zakat, at Khalifa’s discretion, can be up to 1/5 (up to 20%) of the own income of the students of the Kingdom of God (Malikat Allah). The Zakat Fund is managed by Khalif or member of the Brotherhood appointed by Him. Zakat is the greatest test of sincerity for practitioners, a test of devotion and care for God’s affairs.

SAUM means fasting, traditionally in the month of Ramadan, from aurora (dawn) to dusk. Ramadan lasts for 30 days for those who follow the path. The disciples of the Kingdom of God, however, add ten more days, making the fast 40 days long as per prophets example. A small meal is consumed after sunset, no more than a handful of food. Fast is PRIHATIN – abstaining and restraint. It is practicing the principles of restraint and religious abstinence. Only vegetarian nutrition is recommended during Ramadan.

In addition to Ramadan, the Brotherhood recommends fasting twice a week for one day, in other words, we fast together two days each week. Such a fast is also prihatin and includes abstaining from eating and drinking, sexual intercourse and speaking (and in particular from gossiping and speaking unnecessarily). Vegetarianism is included in the saum practice and is welcome and recommended, even if only periodically. Pure Religion forbids completely consuming pork and alcohol in any form.

HAJIJ  – A pilgrimage or in a significant sense, rising to the Temple of Abraham. In the usual sense, it is a Pilgrimage to the Kaba Temple in Mecca. In general, it is a pilgrimage to holy places, participation in holy gatherings. In the mystical sense, this is the rise of the soul to the Temple of the Father Abraham. As part of the participation in the holy congregations, the Brotherhood meets on Friday evening, after sunset, to perform a common prayer practice. A night trip and a rise to the another world to God is the proper, spiritual meaning of Hajij. The Ascension is MIRAJ in the symbolism of the Prophet Muhammad’s life. Here is the fifth circle.

JIHAD is a holy war that promotes faith. Pure Religion understands this Arcana as a recommendation for more intense practice, as an increase in piety. We promote faith in ourselves. It is a war with all weakness, ungodliness, lack of humility and submission. Jihad also means cultivating exorcism, driving out even seeds of Evil from our souls. Jihad means more prayers, fasting and shahada at different times of our day. Separation in the hermitage is also a form of holy war, as well as nightly prayer vigils.

LATIHAN KEDŻIWAN, or Spiritual Practice or better, the Practice of Spiritual Devotion is the seventh Arcane of the Brotherhood. Spiritual practice is received by the grace of the Supreme God during the initiation ceremony of OPENING, which is about the acceptance to the Divine Faith of Father Abraham. The message, although renewed several times, has been going on since the time of Abraham. The Brotherhood of Daniel, the Order of the Essenes, the Brotherhood of Purity, and finally Din-i-Illai, are just another, renewing Revelations. Daniel, Jesus, Muhammad, Morya, is the line of the succession of Revealing Prophets.

Spiritual practice means practicing Humility and Purity, as well as Submitting to the Almighty Heavenly Father. This practice is called action based on prophetic inspiration, based on the inspiration flowing from God. Latihan Kejiwan is an action in the stream of the Holy Spirit of God (Ruah Allah). This embodies the idea of ​​the Sacrificing of Life to God known in yoga as Iśvarapranidhana.

Sufi Akbar Jalaluddin Muhammad El-Morya Khan Chisti embodies the last great Revelation of Pure Religion in its original form, without the admixtures of later commentators coming from Judaism, Christianity or Islam. The birthday of Guru – Prophet is traditionally celebrated on the 13th of December. This is the Day of Revelation. Din-i-Illai, known as the Brotherhood of Subud or also as the Order of the Brothers of the Diamond Heart, is a community of hearts which praises God with the song of Holy Spirit in all languages. The light of Himavanti is spreading throughout the world through the great work of Archangel Gabriel, to whom it is good to direct prayers for the revelation of great secrets and mysteries of the Diamond Brotherhood.


Aćarya Paramahansa Swami Lalita Mohan G.K.


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