The Golden Age of Truth

What is the Era of Truth, also known as Satyayuga or Kritayuga, or the Golden Age? The Millenium Kingdom, The New Age, the Era of Light, the Age of Aquarius. One thing that we can say for sure about the New Age is that it is undoubtedly the fulfilment of all biblical prophecies relating to Messiah, particularly the fulfilment of all Isaiah’s prophecies, which is to be experienced soon. The Golden Age of Truth will emerge the moment Messiah – the Saviour has come, which Yogis refer to as KALKIN. The New Golden Age is the Millenium which is the Kingdom of Truth, where all-embracing Truth will prevail for ten thousand years.

Krita means the goal and the fulfillment, the creation, the realisation and the completion, it means work, striving and activity, as well as the fulfilment of one’s destiny. Krita indicates somebody who has accomplished his goals, who is happy and whose success has filled him with the feeling of contentment with life, somebody whose deeds are virtuous and who enjoys the fruit of his work. The meaning of the word conveys to us some characteristics of an average person living in the times when the Golden Age will prevail. Krita is a synonym of the Holy Day of Rest, Saturday (Sabbath), celebrated in Kashmir, Tibet and by the Semites. It is also an attribute of Saturn. The consciousness of the Golden Age may well be called the consciousness of Saturn. This signifies control over one’s destiny and the fulfilment of a duty assigned to a human soul, the completion of a divine task.

Kritayuga is the initial period in the so-called Four Ages, which are believed to last 1.728 human years. However, we are discussing a very long period of time here. There also exist shorter periods and according to one of them, Kritayuga, i. e. the longest age, is said to last 4.800 human years, which is a more comprehensible unit of time. In the first case the Four Ages last 4.320.000 years, and the shortest age, i. e. the Dark Age, also referred to as Kaliyuga, lasts only 1/10, i. e. 432.000 years. In the second case, the Four Ages last no longer than 12.000 years, and the Age of Darkness lasts as long as 1.200 years, i.e. one millenium.

Of course, what we are discussing here are entirely different cosmic cycles, although they appear under identical names. Currently, the shorter Four Ages era, also referred to as the descending ones, is drawing to a close, and a new one, referred to as the ascending one, is about to begin. Two such cycles constitute more or less the span of a Platonic Year (the length of which is changeable). Ahead of us there is the Golden Era of the ascending phase of the New Platonic Year called Dhruwayuga (the name is derived from the Sanskrit word for the Pole Star). When the world axis passes Dhruwa (which will happen approximately in 2102), the beginning of Kritayuga will dawn, and this era will last for 4800 years. The axis of the world will move gradually towards a star called Vega, and will reach the star in around 12000 years’ time, and when it passes Vega this will mark the onset of a descending cycle in the platonic year.

As far as grand cycles are concerned, currently we are living in the dawn of Kaliyuga (The Dark Age of Iron), which, according to the Vedic tradition, began on 17th of February 3102 B.C., at midnight. This means that only about 5.100 years of the Epoch lasting 432.000 years in aggregate, have passed so far! There is still a long span of Kaliyuga ahead of us. These cycles overlap in an inprecise way, slightly resembling the solar year (365 days) and the lunar year (appr. 30 days). So we will be celebrating a lesser Golden Era within a grand Dark Era in a short time. Consequently, we can imagine various oscillations of mutually overlapping time cycles belonging to different epochs.

The Four Ages consciousness cycle is marked by energies inherent in four petals of a root-lotos called Muladhara. The petal representing Wam syllable generates the Golden Age of Truth. The petal which represents Śam syllable stands for the Silver Age (Tretayuga) energy. Sham indicates the Bronze Age (Dwaparayuga) and Sam indicates the onset of the Dark/Iron Age.

The colours of the Golden Age Light are cream and white or glowing golden, in the Silver Age they are light yellow or silverish yellow, in the Bronze Age they are pinkish or reddish and rusty (brownish, similar to henna), and in the Kali (the reigness of time) Age they are śjam (dark blue), which conveys an impression of darkness.

There also exists a different depiction of the Four Ages, where the 10-thousand-year-long reign of Ramachandra in the Kingdom of Justice is mentioned. This period is named the Golden Age of Peace and Love. What is the origin of another Four Ages system? It also emerges form Dhruwayuga (a platonic year). At present the entire precessional rotation lasts approximately 25.800 years. When measuring the length of respective ages it is taken into account that the cow of the first age is standing on four legs, the cow representing the second age is standing on three legs, the cow of the third age is standing on two legs and the cow of the Dark Age is standing on one leg only. Thus we can conclude that there are ten legs of four Holy Cows, which are patrons of subsequent Yugas. Dhurwa is then divided into ten parts, so when the cow stands on one leg it lasts 2580 years, which therefore is the length of the special Age: the Dark One. It is easy to count that Kritayuga will last 10.320 years, Tretayuga will last 7.740 years and Dwaparayuga will last, respectively, 5.160 years. The Golden Age will come with an ascending cycle of the Chohan Dhurwa period, and the remaining Ages will come with a descending cycle. Now we are living in the Dhruwa Age, which is drawing to a close. A double Kaliyuga.

Each of the ten legs of the four Holy Cows corresponds to one of ten petals of lotos in a centre called the Garden of Jewels (Manipuraka, the solar plexus), and, consequently, it corresponds to one of the attributes of yama or niyama. Accordingly, the Golden Age Cow represents Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya and Brahmacharya. The Silver Age Cow represents Aparigraha, Shauca and Santosha. The Bronze Age Cow symbolises the virtues of Tapas and Swadhyaya and the last Cow, which has only one leg, symbolises the only chance for development: Ishwarapranidhana. We can only imagine what mixtures of these attributes or energies, in various, overlapping periods of time, stimulate our evolution.

The principles of the Golden Age are Four Virtues: Non-aggression (Protection of all life), Truth (Sincerity, Authenticity and Truthfulness), Non-Deprivation (Avoiding theft, Righteousness) and Divine Mission. These four natural principles will definitely prevail after the year 2102. The virtue of Integrity and Truth will predominate in the Golden Age to such an extent that it has even been named Satyayuga. In particular, the period from 2102 to 6902 will be a double Golden Age – as always happens at the beginning of a New Precessional Cycle.

The foundation of spiritual development in the Kali Era is Submission (Dhana) to the Will of the Living (Pranin) God (Iśwara, the Lord, the Ruler). It is also Submission to Guru and to every Divine Being. Nevertheless, only in the Golden Age will the entirety of mankind live with the feeling that the divine mission has been fulfilled, in harmony with the task that every soul has been assigned to complete on this Earth. Love, harmony and beauty reign in the Peaceful Kingdom of Ramachandra. In the Dark Age of Kali it is only one fourth of the society that will accomplish the goal set for the soul. Therefore, the Holy Cow (the Soul of Mankind) is standing only on one leg. But it will be so only until 2102! The darkest period, as far as obstacles are concerned, is the one which started around 900 AD. It is sort of an accumulation of overlapping Kali cycles occurring at the end of a platonic year (the recent 1200 years and 2580 years preceding the year 2102) which can be observed since 400 B.C.

Plenty of people expect the onset of the Era of Golden Light in an excessively idealistic, passionate and fanatical way. They lack a sober attitude to the issue of overlapping cycles and ages. In order to moderate exaggerated expectations and unhealthy enthusiasm let us remind that we are living in the period of great Kaliyuga, which began 5100 years ago and will continue for almost 427.000 years, and only when it ends will the great Golden Age begin, to reign for as many as 1.728.000 years! Our lesser Golden Age, although it will last over 10.000 years, will seem like a shining star against the background of the unwinding Age of Kali. It will not be as brilliant as the one we might expect in the grand Golden Age. Let us hope that all relativity presented here is not too complex to understand. This is the same as full and half moons against the sequence of seasons such as summer and winter.

The Golden Age of Truth, the Age of the New Alliance, is not a utopia, much as it has been expected and even longed for by many souls from times immemorial. The charismatic Revival in the Holy Spirit (Brahman) is an inevitable remedy for the contemporary world. The Holy Spirit is sometimes „poured out” by angels of the Waters of Eternal Life in various communities which call themselves Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Hinduist ones. Unfortunately, at present they are extremely rare. We can most often get a glimpse of the Power and the Fulness of the Holy Spirit Charisma from Messengers from the East. They come according to the prophecy of Isaiah: ”Who raised up the righteous man from the east” (Is. 41.2), as well as ”I have raised up one from the north and he shall come; from the rising of the sun shall he call upon my name” (Is.41.25). The history of holiness likes to repeat itself. Divine teachings continue to flow from the East, through messengers, angels and prophets who bring with them the divine light, the Light of Himavanti.

In the Golden Age, the ancient Mystery of Spiritual Initiations, which is so vividly described in the teachings of Vedas, Tora or the Gospels, is commonly known, worshipped and put into practice. The awareness that there is only one religion, one God and one path for all people is all-embracing. In the Golden Age the problem of sects or divisions between religion is non-existent. This is the Age of One Religion of God.The world speaks one language: one that prevails throughout the human world and our planet. National languages will cease to be important. One language is what gives the world hope (espera). The consciousness of the Saviour (Kalkin) is alive in every human heart. We also call it Jagadguru, which means the teacher of mankind or the Spiritual Leader of Mankind. Human community exists in awareness and develops under the care of the Spirit of Leadership, who is felt and recognised intuitively, and who is also called Messiah: the Saviour. The consciousness of male and female angels (deva and devi), who are purely divine beings created from the love and light of God, is also all-embracing.

The power over the human community will be entirely centralised and Tibet will be the crucial centre in which the control over all human matters will be exercised. Tribal communities, nations and regions will have their kings and princes, who will reign in the manner similar to that in Golden Ages of the past, they will be Kings and Wise Men who will consciously choose the welfare of their society, the whole mankind and the planet as their ultimate goal. Patriotic and nationalistic movements will in fact cease to exist and will be considered as a relic from the Age of Darkness. Human community will consciously assume responsibility for the wellness of its organism as well as each individual separately.

The period of transition is the one preceding this important date: the year 2102. Two hundred years previous to the date of Lord Dhruwa, and two hundred years after that occurrence. The transitional period is mild rather than catastrophic or disastrous. No annihilation of mankind or the planet is to be expected. We can sleep soundly. Of course disasters may happen here and there as they always have, and in the Age of Darkness there are even more of them, as this is typical of this age. However, the onset of the Golden Age of Truth does have and will continue to have a lasting importance in our life. We are already living in the transitional period, on the point of the decline of the lesser Kaliyuga. Only against the background of all Ages does the transitional period, which lasts merely 400 years, seem like a quantum leap. But this truth becomes apparent only when considered in the aspect of a vast expanse of time.

The trend towards vegetarianism and veganism is also characteristic here. The consciousness of the Golden Age does not approve of eating bodies of any animals, even for liturgical purposes. Mankind in its entirety will eat only vegetarian meals. Endemic psychoses and perversions, so typical of mankind in the dark ages, will also disappear. Addictive trends (alcohol and other drugs), perversions (sadism, homosexuality) will simply fade away. Souls to reincarnate in the Golden Age are pure and free from typically social mental illnesses, which are extremely common and difficult to cure in the final stage of Kaliyuga. There will also be harmony between the sexes, and each human being will be intiutively attracted to and will recognise only its kindred spirit, one that will always be someone of the opposite sex.

Ahead of is there are 300 years of intensive transformations which will lead us towards the Golden Age, although within the next hundred years or so the counter-reactions of dark powers will prevail and will manifest themselves in the final stage of the descending phase in the platonic year. The old year ends, so let’s welcome the new year. The Golden Age of Truth will begin the moment mankind leans for support on its Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, who are Divine Parents. Only then will harmony and peace reign all over the world. Regardless of language and race, we will have to turn to freedom in the Holy Spirit, i.e. kaivalya.

According to an ancient Vedic prophecy, a Sage personifying three attributes of divinity, the Emanation of Rishi Dattareya, comes to the earth around the decline of Kaliyuga. He appears in three subsequent incarnations (as Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma) in order to prepare mankind for the onset of the Golden Age. He saves the world from destruction and his teachings will constitute the foundation of the divine spiritual culture for another 10.000 years. All religious and spiritual festivals will be held in harmony with full and half moon. Butcheries and animal breeding will disappear. Killing will go out of fashion and the right to live will be extended to all living creatures, not only to humans. Most evil observed nowadays is due to this mundane activity, i.e. eating meat such as sausages, or, to be precise, due to evil deeds and sufferings inflicted on our brothers, who are younger in the evolutionary process. For this reason the authentic teachers of mankind, including the Avatar in his three emanations, demand that people follow the vegetarian diet. We will also observe a gradual disappearance of the institution of army and the profession of a soldier, which in their core/essence have only contributed to all the atrocities committed during the Dark Ages of our existence.

YOU too can, thanks to your good deeds, your attitude and behaviour, turn the scale for the benefit of the Golden Age of Truth. Just see how much remains to be done and do everything that is in your power.


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