The Great White Brotherhood (7)

Thank you for your eagerness in pursuing the eternal goal, as thanks to this PASSION in Your heart further issues of the „Hridaya” bulletin may continue to be published. If You are interested in any subjects, please write to the author of the esoteric lessons. This time I would like to say a few words about the White Confraternity and Yoga.

„Let all Those who are searching for Purpose in Life, the Sense of Existence, God, Sublimity, Truth, assemble, so as to form One Family. Those of You who are seeking Spiritual Knowledge, the Path of Self-Exploration, Liberation, let all of you come and drink from This Source, I pray for you so that You may become One Family, the Community of Brotherhood. Come, those who are thirsty for Love of God and persevere in forming mutual bonds and friendship.” (Rishi Djiwhal Khul Khan)

These summons come from the mouth of Sublime Beings of this planet. It is common for the teachings of Lord Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and other Venerable Ones to convene an Assembly of the Community. The ideal of a Community and Brotherhood is an Ideal of Reconciliation and Being Together: a Spiritual Community is also referred to as SANGHA. When encouraging people to join a Community, none of the Sublime Ones prohibited them from contacting others, which members of some fanatical sects often do. And fanaticism is a form of hatred, which calls: „we are the only ones who have a monopoly for God”. Such a „community” of fanatical sects is devoid of Love, as where there is Love, there is no hatred towards those who have different beliefs (since there is no fanaticism there, either).

„Take everything that You need and that is necessary in order to set off on a Journey along the Pure Beaten Path – straight towards the destination” (Morya). Let Your Spirit and Your consciousness expand. To take everything that is necessary is to fully grasp the Original Instruction included in the directives of Your Teacher (Guru) and to fulfil the vow, i. e. to accomplish the spiritual goal set by God.

People who treat their religion (denomination) as the only true one, have a tendency towards self-importance and arrogance which result from the feeling of being someone superior and this conceit gives birth to fanaticism. This conceit alone is a sign of egoism. These qualities are very remote from the Community of Loving Hearts. Fanaticism and condemnation of other denominations are a critical sign that a false, fundamentalist (pseudo)-religion is rampant. Such a religion is always destined to fall into a decline as it represents a system that is collapsing into a precipice of self-annihilation.

Expansion of consciousness (CHITTAM) means becoming more familiarised with the Community, with what is an all-penetrating Spirit. Sangha – a community of God’s People is present among all followers of any religion, any denomination and any spiritual movement. The pride of alleged exclusivity and fanatical sectarianism are far from the idea of Spiritual Community. A cohort of fanatical supporters of any belief, who hack their way without abandon using the sword of condemnation, have nothing in common with the realisation of the teachings of Jesus, Buddha or Krishna. Sublime Beings of this planet used to teach Non-condemnation and Love, Friendliness and Benevolence, and particularly, kindness towards non-believers, i. e. for atheists and pagans.

There are many points of view. If you wish to get to know the ENTIRETY, you may start with any aspect you want. However, the essence of cognition is expanding one’s outlook in such a way as to perceive more and more of this Entirety. God, who is omnipresent, knows all the points of view. He is omniscient and omnipresent, so He possesses the attributes of a being that exists in each point of time and space. Stubborn clutching on to one point of view is a sign that deep inside us we hide unwillingness to get to know God.

Pursuit of truth or love is just as valuable as the need of self-healing, i.e. freedom from suffering. A verbal record seems to be different, as it is dependent on a language, culture, customs and human characters. A momentary fleeting need causes sublime teachings to be put into words for the disciples (chela) who need the spoken word. Who, if not them, is going to grasp their true sense?

Each man constitutes a separate whole. Each one is a filter for their own thoughts, feelings, opinions and outlooks. So, accept everything that flows through Your Filter. Remember that the filter is also subject to perfecting. We are going to deal mainly with the transformation of the filter. The outlook depends on the place in which you are. The sight may become more penetrating than it has been so far. The more we purify our consciousness, the more penetrating our perception becomes.

The teachings that are being preached here represent the direct knowledge of the Spiritual Brothership. It is the knowledge of all those who discovered and experienced God, Spiritual Power and Holiness throughout the centuries. The Brothership of Light was formed by beings far more advanced in the expansion of consciousness than an average representative of human kind. The Brothership, also referred to as the Hierarchy, or the Communion of Saints, is represented by Holy People who wield the Divine Power. They are perceived as spiritual beings united with God (Brahma, Adi Buddha), or in other words, Ishvara. The laws of the entire Nature (both in its material and psychic aspect), i.e. PRAKRITI, are subject to their Will. What we are discussing here are beings who represent „Spirit that has control over matter”. The Great White Confraternity is formed not only by those who have attained Enlightenment, Redemption or Liberation. Potentially, the entire mankind, as the future generation of the Enlightened Ones, belongs to the Confraternity.

The Saints (Masters and Prophets) of all times, religions, and esoteric systems of self-perfection are those who joined the group of the Initiated Members of the Confraternity. The Venerable assembly of the Initiated Ones may be called the Heart of the Hierarchy; the Symbol of the Heart guards the secret of communion with the Teacher (Guru).

The initiation is a certain, adequate level of progression, spiritual development, in which God bestows a particular Blessing of Power on man. Prophets may be sent by God to the world of ordinary people in order that Living Knowledge can be conveyed to people. They may be sent in order to show the Light of Spirit, to preach the understanding of sublime matters, teach humanity the basic truths of existence.

The words of the Awakened Ones, as the Beings of the Hierarchy are called sometimes, are a signpost which tells mankind how to live and what to aspire for in life. The Teacher indicates the Goal, explains the way to the Goal, he guides one towards the Goal and He also introduces one into the Goal. As a rule, the introduction into any of these four parts is referred to as Initiation (Dikshan, Bayat).

The Holy Ones point to the purpose of the evolution of mankind. Everything that is included in the Brotherhood teachings, has been known and conveyed for thousands of years. The knowledge (Veda, Gnosis) is revealed by the Hierarchy of the Radiant Brotherhood either gradually or immediately, depending on the potential of a disciple. Everyone who is worthy of cultivating Living Knowledge, is bound to receive such a transmission. The honour of the transmission consists in the application of the revealed knowledge in such a way that mankind could enjoy its wide-ranging benefits. This is how useful working for the Divine Cause here on Earth should be.

Everything that can be said is contained in the Holy Scriptures. Each Holy Scripture includes the keys to and commentaries on the Book of God, where everything has been said. Sutras, Vedas, the Koran or the Bible are mere reflections of the Living Holy Book, which is safeguarded by the Heart of the Hierarchy. Religions are essentially right in claiming that there is only One Holy Book. However, no physically recorded Scripture (the Sutra, the Bible, the Koran) reflects the entirety of Omniscience contained in the Book of Living God.

No religion, no denomination, even the most prolific one, has a monopoly for God, Love or Truth. All this already exists potentially and has always existed in You. What we can do is help ourselves find this potential for divinity and explore it until we reach the utmost depths.

A Guru is primarily One who helps people on the Path leading to familiarity with God. The essence of the familiarity with God is unification. It is a real Mystery. One may not comprehend the nature of God without unifying with Him. It is also a vital aspect of any unification, any communion in each of the religious traditions.

God – the Creator, from Whom the entire colossal Universe has emerged, is one for all. There are a lot of religions, denominations and spiritual as well as mystical traditions which fervently point to this Ancient Source. Each man imagines God in a different way. Each man experiences God in a different way. There are many words which strive to express that which is beyond words and they do not succeed in revealing even a bit of that which transcends words and exists beyond words. When the chaotic intellectual and emotional babble of our psyche stops, then the body relaxes in a blissful state of stillness and He makes Himself felt and experienced directly. Om Tat Sat!

Try not to think about God, instead try to experience God with your whole being. The experiment is independent of any theories concerning things experienced. God always remains the same being. He stays motionless, he watches over the entire universe. Man created in his likeness and image has a full potential to reveal divine qualities so that he can be a complete image of God. When „the Image” is a true reflection of „the Original”, then I describe it as a unity (samyoga). I AND FATHER Are One.

God’s form does not depend on anybody’s mental picture of Him. Your cognition dressed in words may confer a form on God. There is only one Way leading to God. And nobody, with the exception of God Himself, has a monopoly for it. Man in a pursuit of God becomes God himself, or, to put it precisely, His Ideal Image. This is a man created as an image and likeness of his Creator.

The Way (Marga) sometimes resembles a great School of Life. We represent various stages of advancement and various types of development. Everybody experiences the Way at his own level of comprehension. Great Religions are the same classes available for students representing a variety of abilities. Religions were founded in different epochs, and these kept reminding us of fundamental issues encountered on the Path to God.

Let us refer to an example. Jesus always teaches us how to follow our path in the School of Life, how to pray and who to pray to, how to act. Last but not least, Jesus shows us the way by presenting his own example, thus teaching us how to reach the Destination of the Journey – the Ascension. And theologians usually exalt That who Jesus became, instead of retracing His footsteps. „The One to enter the Heavenly Kingdom will be the One who fulfils the Will of my Father, who is in Heaven” (Jesus).

All classes in the Great School supervised by God’s Messengers are necessary. Indicating the goal is just as crucial as guiding one towards the goal. Without the beginning there is no end. In order to make the last step, one day you must make the first one. Perceiving the place of each religion in the system that forms Entirety is essential from the point of view of Entirety, which is God.

One Heart and One Soul bring together all the believers. To believe is to trust. Trustful, open and faithful attitude is one of the fundamental lessons that must be incorporated in everyday life if one wishes to reach any place at all.

A lot of people are prejudiced against the word „God”. But this is merely a prejudice against the word. Those who, thanks to their experience, comprehend the meaning of this word, lose their prejudices somewhere on the way. Yet, the experience must be something very genuine and not logical reasoning, which not only is useless for comprehending God, but it also is an obstacle. The way to God is a path on which mind, which is the same as intellect, must be either put aside or annihilated. Putting intellect aside lets one get a fleeting glimpse of the insight. And dissolution, i.e. the obliteration of intellectual reasoning makes the insight of a person awakened in this way permanent. This is the insight into the Nature of God.

Each human being may aspire to Oneness, Peace, Love and Truth: to the entirety that God is. Nature seems to be closer to Love than human kind. The Sun has more tolerance, as it shines fairly, both for good and bad people. Radiant Brothers who have achieved this Oneness are marvellous Gurus, who possess the Power to help us accomplish the Goal of our Life.

The way to God means becoming Oneness and Entirety. We work out thousands of aspects and details. The direction is indicated by fundamental issues. PERFECTION emerges from countless details. Maintaining pure bonds: the feeling of oneness with everything and everybody is a way of reconciling with God. Finally, the Image merges with the Object, with the Source and it ceases to be different from the Source. The Sun truly shines for each being.

A spiritual person is like the Sun, which sends a blessing to all beings and provides them with assistance in accomplishing the secret Goal of their existence. It allows even the smallest blade of grass to grow. The Pure Way is a way of neither praising nor condemning. Protection of life is a task of Saints. When you allow others to live, you allow them to freely gain the experience that is indispensable in their life.

God Himself (Ishvara) spoke through the words of all Saints, Masters and Prophets. Preaching the knowledge of God is the Mission of God’s children, the mission of His Daughters and Sons. The Brotherhood of the Enlightened Ones keep vigil, helping even the tiniest beings. You may also participate in this great work. This work means serving other people (SEVA- YOGA).

The Radiant Brothers are the Light on top of the Mountain of this world, so that people who are thirsty for light may come and revel in this completeness of Peace, Abundance, Happiness, Joy, Power and Eternal Life. Consciousness (CHITTAM) is the Universal Eternal Life. Only identification with the body, psyche and the vicissitudes of one’s life makes one experience the pain of death, the end of life.

DO trust that Holy Names of all Gurus will prove helpful in guiding You towards the Fulfilment of Your Goal. The meaning of the word community may be extended to the whole mankind. Brotherhood is formed by Those who are fully aware of this fact. The hierarchy gathers Great Souls who are initiated into the more profound Mystery. Spiritual Knowledge is the domain of God, although His Holy Men on this earth also convey and preach His words. The Spiritual Path that is recommended always leads to Initiation. Initiation takes place when a man is ready for it. The process which precedes initiation may be called the Path of Preparation.

The first inevitable thing on the Path of Preparation is great purification and expansion of consciousness (Chittam). This includes understanding of the laws and principles of Nature in the process of self-exploration. What we need here is synthetic knowledge which ensues from understanding things with one’s heart and mind. Another essential factor is total devotion to the Path, Guru and God (the Three Jewels). Pursuit of the Source of Truth, the Ultimate Goal must be sincere and authentic, as the path of spiritual sublimity is based on restoring infinite sincerity and faithfulness to nature. Sincerity of heart without any trace of falsehood and fanaticism seems to be the basis of all spiritual creation. The fallen ones are full of distrust, anxiety, fanatical blindness and a feeling that their opinions are the only right ones. Sincere faith and trust in one’s efforts are things which most efficiently shield the Pilgrim against stumbling into the traps of conflicting sects and their learned men (theologians) who know neither the Spirit of God nor the Divine Path.

In this way You will also join the circle of Enlightened Beings who carry the torch of Light, which brightens all Darkness. Hum!

Acharya Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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