The Path to Full Enlightenment (79)

There are many issues in the process of spiritual development that need to be assimilated and developed, and the omission of some of them always leads the seeker to pathology or other life disorders. Don’t you see how many things we teach you? It is true that at the very beginning we also advise seekers to choose a few topics that interest them and study them in depth, not paying attention to what is too difficult or impossible to accept at the beginning. We must teach this way because the child in our school of life receives an interesting and inspiring program, but, as in any school, over time he or she must master all the things that need to be learned and put into practice. When we taught that there are three basic transformations, mental, astral and etheric, we clearly said that there are at least three levels to master both theoretically and practically. Mental transformation is already well popularized as the science of positive thinking, the art of affirmation, as contemplative prayer, or as the improvement of the mind. But we never said when teaching that learning ends there, on the contrary, we always emphasized that it is only one cycle, one year of study and that life itself will arrange an exam for our students, because we have always said that GURU – LIFE will test you and it will very well. Life is for your spiritual education like a thresher and when you complete the cycle of learning together with other adepts, the thresher will gather his threshing for the GRAIN will remain and the chaff will be removed away – to be burned in the Fire. This means that not everyone does their exams well when the test comes. Judas certainly failed the test in the hour of trial, although he was the treasurer of the Master himself, and his body and soul, as extremely rotten and malicious chaff, went to destruction in the Eternal Fire. Not everyone has to end as badly as Judas – the Master’s Traitor – the example of Gautama Buddha’s Disciples shows that all 16 of his Apostles passed their exams very successfully. They clearly have mastered the entire teaching of the Master, and Ananda’s example shows that a True Disciple knows and practices the Guru’s teaching, because Ananda knew by heart all the sermons delivered by Guru Gautama, known as the Buddha.

Therefore, if you are trying to study spiritual sciences, try to assimilate and absorb as much as possible, and not only what you already agree with, because such a narrow selectivity will inevitably lead you to destruction and perdition, and why end your life like Judas – the Betrayer of the Master? We have never taught anyone that they can choose a part of our teachings and ignore, reject or criticize the rest. On the contrary, we always teach to start with what inspires us, to be able to start studying creatively, and over time, try to move on to more difficult issues and practice methods. Knowledge must be applied and practiced in life, otherwise it will become harmful intellectual baggage for a person, and the fall of the Demon Viroćana shows exactly this. Moreover, the analysis of the spiritual teachings of the first two Disciples of Lord Brahman (Creator of People) can also teach us many more things and open our eyes to deep spiritual issues. INDRA AND VIROĆIANA were the first two most advanced spiritual adepts among created beings. It was at the beginning of the current Kalpa – the cycle of the world’s existence, so many millions of years ago. There was no division into Heaven and Hell and the Transitional World, and living beings were fine. INDRADEVA was this good Disciple and thanks to the development of spiritual consciousness he became the King – Ruler of the Svarga Heavens. The second one became a Traitor and a fallen spirit, the Evil One, who is known to us as Lucifer or also as Vairoćana – the Spiritual Impostor, Deceiver and Antichrist. We see that half of the Brahman adepts became Divine and half Demonic, that one became the Centre of Heaven and the other became the Centre of Hell of Tartarus. Because of them, dualism and the war between Evil and Good arose, in which Evil always fights and attacks what is Good and Divine. Indra put into practice every advice of his Guru, Lord Brahman, and followed every order of his Spiritual Master. He accepted every rebuke and reprimand with humility and immediately corrected his mistakes if he made any, which is normal on the path of discipleship, that sometimes we make mistakes and we have to fix them somehow. Viroćana, on the other hand, mainly collected and accumulated knowledge, but he practiced little and in many matters pretended to follow the advice and recommendations of his Guru, Lord Brahman. From time to time he also attacked Indra for his zeal in practicing and following the Guru’s instructions. Viroćana collected knowledge and chose what he would follow, and as a result, creating his so–called “own path”, he sank to the very bottom of existence as the worst of the Evil Spirits, the Marshal of Hell. Learning from the Guru gradually raises a person to the Divine level of evolution, but despite many years of learning, a fall from a great height, a fall from the heights of the spirit, can be very painful and tragic. A person who bypasses some of the Guru’s teachings, advice and instructions and attacks the Guru’s faithful Disciples will certainly create his so–called “own path” and will end up before the throne of Lucifer, who pulled with him many other spiritual beings, causing the creation of the world of Evil beings at the beginning of Kalpa.

Indra and Viroćana were disciples of Brahman for only 32 years, which shows that you can quickly become the Deity of Heaven, but also during this time you can become a weed and a degenerate Demon, and that is why Jesus, as a Spiritual Master, taught that the Sower sows good seed, but the Evil One sows tares into the mind that destroy the Good Sowing. So if the Teacher teaches something, it should neither be omitted nor distorted, but understood in accordance with the Guru’s Intention. Viroćana was proud of his great knowledge that he had acquired from the Guru and even wrote it down in books, and Indra humbly implemented every advice of the Guru, thus showing God the Creator that he obediently and humbly fulfils the Divine Will and is Spiritually subordinated to his Guru. Viroćana was disobedient and rebellious, and on top of that he deceived the Guru and boasted of vain knowledge that was not actually practiced in his life. And so Hell and Heaven were created, as well as deceptive and tempting spirits that we must be very careful with and guard against on our journey to God – the Creator of Life. So quickly choose the Way of Indra, because it is the Way of Heaven and only it leads to God and His Salvation. There are only two Ways, I teach this all the time and every true Guru will also teach that we have the Way of God and the Way of Perdition. Didn’t Jesus Christ himself also give us the same teaching when he said that narrow is the path of salvation and broad is the path that leads to destruction (Avići)? You people prefer to go your own way, and yet it is the Path of Self–Destruction chosen by Viroćana – Lucifer, and you will not get anywhere along it, and your participation will only be demonic consciousness and the hellish mentality of the Antichrist. All Evil Spirits are destined for destruction, and the end of their existence is self–loss in Nothingness. We enter the Light of Truth, which leads to the Throne of God and the Immortality of the Soul in the Divine World. You must choose between the Way of Light and the Way of the Blacks, who lead to destruction and are nasty rebels who have disobeyed their Spiritual Master. Anyone who leaves the Guru from whom he received Spiritual Initiation falls into the Path of Darkness and becomes a Rebel (Satan), and the more he received, the more he falls into the Abyss. Vavra is the place to which all those who abandoned their Guru at whose hands they received Initiation, Blessings, and even accepted Vibhuti, or even whom they only thought was their Guru, inevitably go. The Guru’s word itself has great Power and it is a very Holy word for Angels and God. In short, if you only think of me as your Guru, you are a complete failure if you leave the ranks of my adepts. Of course, the most losers are those who have received the most, who have undertaken the highest spiritual initiations. Haven’t we always encouraged you to think carefully before choosing a Guru for your spiritual journey? Don’t we keep repeating that we need at least five years to decide on the choice of Guru? But you humans continue to ignore our divine teachings and make us a laughing stock.

Lord Śiva, mindful of the fall of Vairoćana, said that He blesses every adept of the mystical Path, every Yogi, – but He placed a curse on every apostate so that the demonic beings would not fare too well when they abandoned the Path of God, also known as Jacob’s Ladder. Lord Śiva said that anyone who took the first initiation and abandons the Guru will end up in the first hell, and whoever secretly receives the 7th initiation and abandons the Guru will end up in the seventh, the hardest of hell spheres, from where there is no exit or return. And we keep repeating after the sages that the higher you go, the lower you can fall and that there is a certain height from which a fall is fatal to the soul, but do people want to listen to our Divine Teaching? After all, they prefer to follow their own Path straight to the HELL of the Antichrist, who revealed himself at the dawn of this world cycle. And Lord Śiva himself, when he took a human incarnation as the Divine Avatar of the Supreme Spiritual Master, also met with degenerate people who first targeted his knowledge and power, trying to steal it, and then insulted Lord Śiva, and one of the demons like Judas – The traitor was seeking the Master’s life. Lord Śiva is the Supreme Guru, the Adi Guru, the Master for humans and angels, and we have never taught anyone otherwise. Lord Śiva is the head of all mystical and spiritual schools, he is the Lord of the Yogis and the one who holds in his hand the Sceptre of pardons in order to free the initiated by the Grace of God (Śiva Krpa) from the bondage of the karmic prison, and even from the Divine Punishments imposed by the Rishis, if the adept showed hope. Unfortunately, people prefer to receive God’s Punishment rather than deserve God’s Grace, and yet ingrates, slanderers and traitors deserve the worst fate. Vairoćana betrayed his Guru and due to his pride of haughtiness, exalting himself above the Guru, he fell into the depths of Darkness and Gloom. Jesus also taught that the Disciple will not be greater than the Master, so do not try to boast that you have more knowledge than your Guru, because the Guru only reveals to you a part of his knowledge and experience so that you can grow. And none of you will be able to acquire knowledge and wisdom greater than your Guru in this life, because you are not yet able to practice for a thousand years, and Laya Guru is brought up with such skills. It is difficult for you to practice even for twelve years, and yet the person writing these words has been practicing his first spiritual practices for thirty–six years. So how can you equal us in spiritual power and wisdom if you forget that the ideal of a yogi is SAHAN – Perseverance, Patience, Enduring Hardships, Ability to Achieve. We never get discouraged in our spiritual journey and always move forward regardless of the circumstances. We belong to the SAHA DEVAS Hierarchy, and the Angels of Perseverance are the closest to God, in the highest sphere of HEAVEN.

Lord Śiva, Yahvah, said that he places a Blessing and a Curse before people to choose one of these two Paths. However, people prefer Pandora’s Box to life in the arms of God’s Grace, which we spread with our Presence. You must try to stay in the Guru’s Presence as often as possible so that God’s Grace can stay with you permanently. We bless with Living Water and the Holy Spirit, and we can also bless with God’s Fire, but the people who come to us would not experience it. People come to us, receive a lot, receive things that they will never see anywhere else, and yet they are ungrateful and abandon us like madmen who completely do not understand who they are dealing with. They proclaim themselves our Disciples and even Successors, although they have neither the Wisdom nor the Power for such a position. We offer our health, life, love and freedom for your salvation, and what do you, people, have to offer us? Mohan Baba became a Disciple of Śirdi Baba through forty years of faithful service to his Guru and throughout the forty years he never doubted his Spiritual Master even for a moment. And you people, can you follow in our footsteps in complete faithfulness, without any demonic shadow of doubt or fear, even for ten years? When I fulfilled every order of Guru Baba for forty years, I was able to become a Disciple of God Śiva, and yet it was not the first such attempt, because in order to achieve the Spirit of Synthesis, we adopted 7 such wonderful Lessons, periods of study and service one by one.

We constantly recommend to you various wonderful spiritual activities and works for humanity and all of Nature. Haven’t we taught that it is a good thing to propagate the universal language of Hope for all of Europe? Back in 1975, when the planet received a major reprieve from its very bad karma, didn’t we advise learning and spreading the simple, international language Esperanto and call it the language of the future? Do you follow my teachings and propagate the Esperanto language, and do you even know how to speak it about spiritual matters? Try to make the Green Star, the Tara of Hope, reach as many people as possible, especially Europeans, with its spiritual language. When I say: promote Esperanto, write petitions to make it the language of Europe, do you follow our advice and instructions? Write to me requests for God’s Blessing in Esperanto, otherwise I may forget about you, if you do not want to fight creatively for a common language for humanity, which is already widely spoken by famous actors and musicians and other artists. Are they not ahead of you in implementing my teachings, advice and instructions? Haven’t I told you many times that every small, even the smallest nation has the right to freedom and sovereignty? Have any of you protested at least once against the Chinese occupation of Tibet, or do you protest against the Russian criminal occupation and genocide in Chechnya? If you do not want to help others achieve the Freedom that is rightfully theirs, why should we give you Salvation, Spiritual Liberation? Aren’t you demonic idiots if you don’t care about other people’s freedom and you don’t want to be on the side of the Pandavas against the forces of Darkness and Evil? Both Basques and Kurds and Tibetans have the right to Freedom, and yet when I was a little child I played as a Vietnamese who killed all the American criminals who invaded this beautiful and wonderful country as occupiers. Children’s play was also a prayer, but you are adults and should speak the language of Hope and protest against demons seeking war at all costs. Do you not know that the number 50 stars is the number of the demons of war? And didn’t I encourage you to promote vegetarian nutrition and a healthy vegetarian diet to bring people closer to true humanity? What are you doing to protect animal life and stop the criminal carnivorous consumption that is responsible for all the evil in this world? Is it so difficult to promote Healthy Eating, for example by handing out thousands of modest leaflets or vegetarian healing courses? Do you follow my teachings that I give? Yet these three little things are not all we require from you.

Did we not say that the Forces of Light brought about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and did we not encourage its dissemination? So we measure your spiritual progress by the number of Declarations you distribute and the number of words in Esperanto. We also constantly teach that spiritualization begins with sensitivity to Nature and the Elements, and the beginning is a sense of the Spirit of the Planet and the Energy of the Earth as well as gradual sensitivity to the Five Elements of Nature. Deep mystical feeling of the spirits of the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Ether are the five initial stages indicating the spiritual awakening of man. If someone does not actively work for the Good of Nature and does not live in harmony with the Order of Nature, how can he be called a Spiritual Man? Will not the Spiritual Man be there where people protest against the destruction of nature, cutting down trees, harmful farms, and pollution of air or water? Yes, a spiritual man will try to modify cars so that they burn spirit instead of gasoline, while releasing water vapor, and he will be there where good, spiritual and, at least only sensitive, people fight to preserve Nature in its natural state. Sages say that protecting forests and old trees is the domain of older and experienced souls. If you reduce the amount of waste produced, protect at least a few trees, support the construction of windmills or solar power plants – you can say that you are in the heat of the battle between the Forces of Darkness and Light. Have we not also taught that no one can be thrown out of his house and that this is a great sin? Have you saved even one person by stopping the Evil People from making a person homeless? Maybe it’s better to take care of a shelter for homeless dogs or save frogs from extinction than to vulgarly claim to be Mohan’s successor and never open the doors of your house to people seeking God, as a certain Adila never would, whom we supported so much, failed to do at least one good thing we teach. After all, I taught to Open Your Heart to other people, and not to close both your heart and the doors of your home. Or maybe some people have no Heart at all, only their demonic desires? You better go plant Trees.

The senseless want to multiply unwisely like rabbits and yet claim that their religion and their god command them to do so. The law of God as we know it recognizes that if you have offspring, you must feed them, clothe them, raise them and make them independent, and whoever cannot provide his children with a roof over their heads, or food and clothing, should never engage in the procreation of offspring. And the God who orders the begetting and bearing of children, who then have nothing to eat, nowhere to live, and no one to raise them, because the parent does not know how to do this, is the God of Evil who would like to reduce every human being to misery, to poverty and despair. In the name of Satan, fools produce many children who are raised on the streets or die of hunger. How stupid is such a satanic religion of a harmful sect that forces us to multiply without moderation despite hunger and poverty. Parents are responsible for their offspring and whatever misfortunes they bring to their children, fate will also one day reward them with a lot of suffering. The soul becomes attached to its new future body at 10–12 weeks of pregnancy, and fully takes control of the body the moment it takes its first breath through its own nostrils. Only at birth, when the act of breathing begins, does the foetus become a fully human being. Therefore, we cannot talk about killing a human being when we kill a zygote, and the very possibility of cloning shows that each cell has some life in it. How much more important is it to stop killing animals than the big fuss about a few zygotes? Why don’t these religious zygote fans from under the name of Satan fight fiercely against the criminal Bush, who, like a butcher from the bush, has already murdered half of Afghanistan and still wants to create slaughter in Iraq? Are adult zygotes called humans not worth that their lives should be protected, and Bush Killer should be fought? We call on people to take care of their children and raise them properly so that they can be independent, and this cycle lasts on average 18–20 years, more precisely, one Dragon Year, which is not long.

The abandoned child must immediately find a home, and the degenerate parents who abandoned their offspring should be castrated for their crime and deprived of all parental rights, because the birth of a child imposes serious obligations on the father and mother. They must provide the child with living conditions and upbringing, so they have a Divine Obligation for about 20 years, maybe only for 16 years, but maybe also for 25 years. Orphans and abandoned children should be given a foster home immediately, otherwise they will develop various complexes and pathologies. To raise a human being, one woman and one man are needed, and preferably a mother and father according to blood ties. A different system is always pathological and causes various types of deviations in the pupils. Children must grow up surrounded by the love and care of their father and mother, even if they are only adoptive parents. For the first 7 years, the most important thing for a child is the mother, then for 7 years the father, and at the threshold of maturity, both in equal proportions. Parents must provide their children with an atmosphere of harmony, kindness and friendship and teach all good qualities and properties by example. Children conceived under the influence of alcohol and drugs often develop negative, psychopathic tendencies because of this. Can a mother who abandoned her child be our honest disciple? After all, it must make him a mature and independent person. This is a parental, humanitarian Duty of GOD and those who fulfil it deserve a blessing. And those who have begotten and given birth and abandoned their offspring will also be forsaken and forlorn by God, and then for them there will be only weeping and gnashing of teeth and terrible darkness.

If ordinary people commit themselves for almost 20 years of the Dragon Cycle to raise their offspring, how long must a Guru commit to raise his Disciples? We keep repeating that it takes almost 3–16 incarnations on this planet, because for an average aspirant the Path to Sainthood takes at least seven incarnations, for outstanding ones it takes less, and for those from the middle of nowhere (and as you can see, we have a lot of them) even 16, and this one the number of lives cannot be extended any longer. Soul Immortality is our goal, and we have limited time if we do not want to return to the Hell Worlds as hopeless cases. So work a lot on improving yourself, because maybe this life of yours is the sixteenth and you will no longer have a chance to Return to God and live in Paradise and Glory. We have no resistance to accepting you, teaching you and educating you, first as a Man, and then as an Angel, and we accept everyone with open arms and an Open Heart. But are you ready to follow us along the path of salvation towards FREEDOM OF THE SPIRIT? You have to learn all the science and, above all, put it into practice and serve others. Help your neighbour as yourself. This is our ancient commandment for ordinary people, let alone for people of THE WAY.

By the way, isn’t it better to castrate than to keep people in prison for not paying child support for their offspring? After all, prevention is better than cure, and preventing the birth of another poor child who has nothing to eat because his father has no job, because he drinks everything in a cup of sacramental wine called “yabol” (apple wine) – is not this a great and wonderfully and healing divine work? A true parent, when he sees that his child is already maturing sexually, sees his daughter’s first menstruation or son’s first menstruation, is obliged to teach the child everything about sexual life, preventing unwanted pregnancy and responsibility for offspring. Anyone who does not do this is an enemy of life, an enemy of God, and the time to learn is the moment of reaching sexual maturity. Satan is fighting contraception, so when you hear someone condemning condoms, you must know that such a Satan, even if he wears white robes, is a criminal responsible for the suffering of millions of hungry and unwanted children, and it is better that someone kills or silences him than because of his evil, hellish ideology of rabbit breeding without moderation, one unwanted and starved child was to suffer for the rest of his life. Today the saints call to save the hungry children of this world from dying in agony. Do we have at least one sensitive, one spiritual disciple who, hearing our call, saved at least one such being? Sanctify yourselves by saving these innocents in this satanic world ruled by demons greedy for profit. Give them food, including spiritual food, because it is the food that will ultimately change their difficult fate. Those who do not want to support their unwanted children should be forced to work for their maintenance and upbringing, and they should never be fed in prisons at the expense of other honest people. Work teaches responsibility and softens morals. Are there even no more quarries?

How eagerly people want to call themselves my Disciples, but how rarely do we see anyone zealously following our recommendations and teachings. Do you propagate the Esperanto language, do you propagate spiritual Indian music, do you study the Knowledge of the Universe and Cosmos? Yet Jyotisha, the Knowledge of the Stars, the Cosmos and the influences of the stars, is an obligatory part of the spiritual science that must be known by the knowing Rshis and Jñānis who have achieved Enlightenment. Nowadays we talk about astronomy and astrology, but in ancient Indian wisdom we call this knowledge Jyotisha. And haven’t we taught many times that humanity once spoke only one, the Sacred Language of Senzar, and any initiative to create a universal language for the entire planet, a language that would be simple and easy to learn, is valuable and useful? Yet the Green Star has already given us the priceless language of Esperanto and we can safely spread its fraternal and international Idea throughout Europe, Eurasia and the world. And where are the Vegan, Vegetarian and Healthy Living Clubs run by my students, as I ordered?

There are approximately 900 people – Saints of God in Poland, and each of them is completely pure before God. Be careful, people, who you see on the street, because you do not know how to distinguish a Saint from among the 144,000 Witnesses of God. What a great happiness and honour it is for man to be able to talk to a being in whom the Divine has found a home, and what a misfortune to ignore such a being. Our White Lodge of the Spiritual Hierarchy is a solar divine lineage of spiritual evolution, and it is not easy for human beings to join us. You must, human being, take up the Path of Discipleship and prove your Faithfulness through a very long period of study, practice and service. And yet, of this small number of White Brotherhood spirits, less than half are engaged in teaching people, because they have other jobs such as maintaining the Order of Nature or performing the Final Judgment on human souls. And several of them are engaged in receiving guests from higher worlds or other planets, which fills their time completely. If you think that even one of these Most Worshipful is a publicly known person in this country, you are greatly mistaken, for the power of this system of things is in the hands of Dark and Gloomy beings, just as in the time of Christ. Nothing has changed, and we are here on this planet as hidden Witnesses of God, not as Children of God, but as fully mature Sons of God. When one of our Brotherhood becomes too prominent in earthly existence, you will see the mad attack of all the Dark Ones, who are always ready for war against God. And when We Bless all that is Good, so that Good may increase, how few are the recipients of our spiritual messages? The demons always reject what is Good, pretending that their ideas are the best, but everyone else suffers and the country falls into ruin. People suffer from misery, poverty and exploitation, as well as from homelessness and unemployment in every country that is ruled by beings from the sphere of Evil. If power serves people and comes from the forces of light, we have a small Golden Age for the Nation, everyone has a job and help when needed and can live decently. In a country of demonic drinking, where there is practically no social culture, only drunken libation, it would be difficult to bring about a Golden Age. That’s why we gave you a good example of how to promote abstinence and sobriety clubs, and taught you how to conduct spiritual therapies that free you from demonic drunkenness, promoted at every Black Mass by the forces of Darkness and Evil, which turned the brain–destroying poison into their pseudo–sanctity. Antichrists drink wine – getting drunk and leading people to the gutter and call it the most holy sacrament, and Jesus was a Nazirite who vowed to God that he would never pollute his mouth with either wine or drink. Does anyone follow our teachings and help others free themselves from the addiction of drinking and is promoting sobriety and good health? We bless those who teach sobriety and abstinence and save souls from the Hell of Degradation where beer drinkers, vodka drinkers and other culprits end up.

Have any of you wondered how many of God’s Saints are actual Spiritual Hierarchs? Don’t you know that the Hierarch is the Saint of God who gives spiritual initiations and guides the Disciples of the Blue Lodge through incarnations until they join our Holy Community, which is the Kingdom of God on Earth. Do you not know that the Saints of God are aware of this world and the next, and also know the Truth? Don’t you know and understand that there are no more than 25 hierarchs in this country and they are capable of guiding the Disciple throughout his life and giving Initiation to the Soul as the Hierarchs of this planet and that even ordinary Saints will be their disciples, although each of them knows God personally? The Prophet Moses said that no one who sees God will survive, but this applies to ordinary people, because they appear at God’s Judgment only once at the moment of death. Saints are those few who were able to see God and rest at His Throne and participate in the Judgment over the souls of humans and jinn (demons). The revelation of God is the beginning of our Holy Life and then God lives in us and we in God and it is not just a philosophy or a nice affirmation or a pious wish. This is the reality of our encounter with our Heavenly Father and that is why it is said that Blessed are the people of Pure Heart, for they will see God. So fill the Blue Lodge to come closer to us by becoming our Associates. In our Community we remain in eternal community and brotherhood, and no one ever abandons his Brothers. The image of God that we have seen lives and grows in us, and we become Pure Mirrors and Images of Divinity. This is how Neshima awakens in us – the Divinity, which turns our Presence into a Heavenly Land. And you will not find it among men who are not of God, whatever they do or say. We are from God and we guard His Holy Secret.

Why do you not want to remember in your obduracy how many of you we saved from destruction because of your evil deeds and wrong choices? After all, I constantly teach to develop and cultivate Gratitude in the heart, because human ingrates will not achieve anything until they become Embodiments of Gratitude, and we taught you to be thankful for all the Good things that happened to you. Live in Harmony and remain Grateful. Be kind to one another and love each other with Brotherly Love. This is our teaching, which we have given you to observe how you apply it, but many cannot persevere in it even for a few years, although they disguise themselves very well and pretend to be Kindness. But when your desires take over, do you not breathe out the poison of jealousy and envy, hypocrisy and doubt on people? Should we remind you of what you say about us behind our backs? Don’t you know that our EYE OF DIVINITY can see both in this world and in the next world, and your brown auras testify to all your hideous activities. Isn’t it enough to save you from destruction and give you another chance to save your sinful and dark souls, isn’t it enough to pull you out of some lousy hell and give you a chance to purify your demonic nature and the possibility of becoming Human? You must turn out to be perverse traitors and hardened sinners who always rebel against God by choosing the way of Cain, the way of fratricide, because are we not your Elder Brothers? When you kill the Guru in the Heart, then you are fratricides, and yet we helped you because you were our Soul Mates in the heights of Heaven. But do you actually want to return to Heaven with Us? Have you forgotten when I taught that without a Guru no one will be admitted to the Paradise of Heaven?

Patala (Hades) is the Underworld where dead people roam and it is not a happy place. The Land of the Dead (Shed) is not the Kingdom of Heaven but only a continuation of the demonic existence of dark people in the demonic world of Jinns (demons). Tartarus is a real Hell from which there is no return, but only the expectation of Doom. Patala, or Hades, is an underground world because it is lower in evolution in the hierarchy than our Earth and it is worse there. Your continued existence after death will look like your dreams. Do you have the will and the ability to do so? Can you move freely in them and live the way you want? For most people, sleep is a series of nightmares that do not exist even on Earth, and that is why we feel very sorry for people at the moment of death, when they go to the final judgment of God, and yet we are among the Judges for the people of this world. The death of a human being is only a summons to the Judgment of God, where the Soul is held accountable for your life on this Earth, and yet nothing will be hidden from us, because the memory of the Gods of Heaven is Perfect. What good will Repentance at the moment of death help you if your life has been one great crime against God? Start practicing repentance from the cradle, and maybe you will relieve the heavy burden of your own sins. Our Intercession is possible if you constantly ask us for Help and Grace and if you Cooperate with us, and this means Service in our Divine Work for you. Whoever does not follow our commands, advice and instructions certainly ignores God’s Will and is a strong opponent of God and His Angels, Devas.

The duty of the Guardian Angel (Guru Deva) is not only to guard and protect you in the midst of your earthly journey, but he must also prepare your parents and birth for you and assist you in your final journey before the Judgment of God, when the envoys of Lord Yama – the Archangel of Death – will come for you. The more and more often you think and read about God, the more you ask and implore in the Sanctified Prayer, the greater the chances for the Angel’s help. We have taught so much about Guardian Angels, yet how few take to heart these sublime truths about the possibility of contact with angelic spiritual beings. If you came under the Wings of my Blessing, then of course the Angel Watching over you brought you to me, so what else can he do for you if, in your stupidity and thoughtlessness, you give up this chance, harden your hearts and leave? God will withdraw from you and may never give you the opportunity to join the Spiritual Hierarchy again. You must show Repentance for committing the fundamental sin of disobedience, betrayal and opposition to God, because this is the cause of your spiritual and moral decline. How many times will we tell you that the most important thing for spiritual growth is Spiritual Devotion, Submission to the Will of God, because this only leads to liberation. And Salvation is not possible without complete, total surrender to the Guru, because Spiritual Devotion is always practiced towards the Holy Guru, who is the living Iśvara. The saints of God are embodiments, images of God’s Will on Earth and we are here as living, perfected beings with the human shape of Iśvara. The Lotus Yogi, full of the radiance of Solar Initiation, represents God on Earth and, as Jesus said, no one can come to God except through a completely devoted relationship with the Divine Guru, with the Spiritual Master.

How many times have we invited our supporters and initiates to gather together, at least in groups of several people, to unite with us in Spirit and Truth and spread the strong Radiance of Light to all those in need? The more meditators, the better, because a larger group is more powerful and we encouraged the Transmission of Light to last at least two hours, two muhurtas and we praised our close friends from Tokyo for meditating like this every evening in their centre for the entire Yamah (1/8 day). We recommended meetings in groups of at least three people, focusing on the Light flowing from above and sent along with the thought of OM to all those seeking the Way of God. The Meditation Triangle, the Trikona, is indeed the basic unit of this creative divine spiritual work. But have we found followers who wanted to meet together and, at least in a small community, arrange this Holy Work of Laya Yoga? Have you forgotten how we mentioned that Layas can be recognized by the fact that they practice transmission meditation and attract seekers to it? Yet We bless every meeting of at least 3 people at one time and place, which is dedicated to focusing in the Light of God and sending the healing and spiritually uplifting Light of the Living God. I have very few sympathizers in this demonic and drunken, i.e. Catholic, Poland, as few as the Circles of Light that have been meeting for many years under the banner of our Brotherhood. I initiated such a Circle in 1984 and when it was launched, I blessed it and it still works, practices and meets, although it consists of only 11 people and a few of us have spread to distant countries, where they attracted other souls. We are truly Brotherhood of Light and Transmission Meditation, Jyoti Dhyana is our very basic spiritual practice. We eat the Communion of Light, not some baker’s product sprinkled with devil’s drink, wine, which is forbidden to Saints and their Disciples. Our TM is a practice and a service, and if someone is even a bit of a supporter of mine, they will certainly participate in our community practice of Laya at least on the New and Full Moon. We respect and Bless our Aćaryas who regularly organize and lead Circles of Light and encourage supporters to meet for common spiritual work. If there are not many of my beloved Circles of Light, it means that I do not have many supporters, because I do not see that the Triangles, even the correspondence ones, shine too strongly, and yet we always feel the work and power of each Triangle of Light.

We bless individually those who come to us and ask us for a Blessing and we bless those who write to us and send us letters, but only to those who provide their address, otherwise we cannot reply. All Gurus accept letters, but those who don’t want to write to us probably have something dark on their conscience. After all, in the days when there was no post office, Master Sharfuddin wrote hundreds of letters to his various students, supporters, and even to the King, who asked the Saint many questions. My Disciples are certainly not those who isolate themselves from the Community and sit quietly like a mouse under a broom and do nothing. A disciple of the Guru can always be recognized by his great Work for the Guru and his Mission, work that is not only great but also growing. Yet we have instructed the Aćaryas to spread the Hridaya Lessons or our written books. You can recognize a disciple by, among other things, the fact that he spreads the Guru’s Teaching and you can follow the example of your Krishnaite Brothers and learn how to spread all the lectures of your Master. Lord Śiva said that spreading the Guru’s Teachings is the quality of the Disciple and the duty of the Spiritual Disciple.

We understand that while a random guest participating in our meetings does not have any obligations, because perhaps he just came to look for a Community, those who have undertaken spiritual initiations have increasingly greater obligations with subsequent initiations. And we have said that everyone who has taken the third initiation into Bhaishajya Yoga is obliged to heal other people for their good. And this is the service that is required of such an initiated adept, and he should not receive another lesson unless he has begun the divine work of spiritual healing with our Ayurvedic methods. And we have said many times that anyone who undertakes the fifth Initiation in the Bhaishajya Path has the responsibility to Teach and Initiate other people into the spiritual journey of the Healer of Humanity. If someone has voluntarily accepted the Fifth Degree of Bhaishajya Initiation and does not organize meetings for initiated and interested people, does not conduct 2–3 day Bhaishajya sessions or refuses to Heal those in need, he is truly completely cursed by God, because God will send torment on everyone who neglects the Duty, which the spiritual initiation granted by our hands imposes on him. After all, a person has free will and choice and a lot of time to think before asking for a higher initiation. While our first lesson is for the sick, so that they can help themselves with it and heal themselves with its practices when they become ill, higher initiations have more serious obligations. The second lesson is for those who want to consciously take the Path of Spiritual Healers and develop the Power of Healing. So how can adepts with the third lesson refuse the ministry of spiritual healing? How can people to whom we have given the fifth Bhaishajya initiation in confidence ignore their fundamental Duty to conduct Bhaishajya classes for other people and, of course, spread the Path of Ayurveda that we teach. Do you know how the Angels on the Holy Mount Vidura pray for you when you reject and insult your Holy calling, which you received from our hands at your own request, and even after earnest requests and begging?

Haven’t we kept repeating that the third level of Bhaishajya initiation is the Healer level and an adept at this level can already teach the basics and even initiate others? Don’t we keep repeating that learning secret mantras for the 5th initiation is for initiating and blessing other people – that is, initiatory teaching, because only such is possible with Bhaishajya. At the fifth stage of Bhaishajya, your practice is to develop the Bhaishajya Path, introduce new initiated adepts and, most importantly, organize and conduct classes and practices for initiates and interested ones. We do not advise you to ignore these Duties, because you probably do not want to see what heavy and terrible penalties will fall on you for such monstrous ignorance and stupidity. Do not give a 3˚  initiation to someone who is not seriously involved in healing other people and planetary nature, which we also recommended. Maybe it’s even better to test the candidate for the 5˚  Bhaishajya initiation in advance and recommend him to organize a Group – Community of Practitioners, in order to weed out various very malicious demons who come and pretend to be involved, just wanting to steal some knowledge for their own dark purposes. Our Healing Community is a Path of Work and Service for others, and someone who heals people in need a lot will certainly easily organize an initiation Circle of Adepts and a workshop on learning and practicing Ayurveda. After all, we refused the 5th Bhaishajya initiation to so many people, seeing their attitude of reluctance to teach others openly. This is how we see who is our supporter and student, and who is just a malicious and lazy cheater looking for another chance to fall and return to his Hell in Tartarus. Do you think we are blind and cannot see what you are doing? After all, we see you even when we are very far from you, and when we Bless those who actively teach, say Bhaishajya, the faces of active, sincere Healing Teachers appear before our EYES like living three–dimensional copies, because for a moment we see you. And when we bless the Teachers of the Brotherhood every PURNIMA, we see how many rays of blessing light flow from us and we see to whom they flow. You get paid exactly the same as your work, and even your leave lasting longer than a month is unpaid, because when you are not working and conducting classes, nothing from us wants to flow to you. And whoever has received Aćarya initiation has consciously accepted the Obligation to conduct classes for those interested or initiated, and we do not advise anyone to withdraw without our consent. The Aćarya has not only the Duty to Teach and Preach, but also to expand and enlarge his work, and in fact there is no end to his work, as new generations come every year. Sometimes we allow someone to withdraw from this Holy Work due to old age or illness, but these are very few cases. Of Jesus’ Apostles, only one withdrew, and that was Judas, so it is probably not your dream to become Judas the Traitor and end up the way he ended his life. Abandoning the work of the Aćarya is truly the Judas Path of Self–Destruction. All the Angels of Heaven will pray for such a traitor, who abandoned the work of spreading our Message and rejected the Aćarya robe that we gave him, for the most severe Punishment of the Annihilation of his body and soul in Avići. And yet you, Dear Aćaryas, have to prove with your faithful service and ambitious work that you deserve to return to Paradise among the Saints of God. So work hard and in sweat, regardless of profit or loss.

If you ignore my words and make fun of God’s Punishment when I tell you about it, the punishment for your sacrilegious apostasy, then remember that the basic cycle of karmic return works in the Jupiter cycle, and this is the rhythm of 12 years, and do not complain about Hell in the future, because you have chosen them for yourselves. We have taught you about accepting Disciples and guiding them through many lives and incarnations, and we have asked you to carefully consider whether you want to be Teachers of Himavanti Spiritual Yoga. No one came here by accident, nor was anyone forced to take up the job of Teacher and Spiritual Guide as an Aćarya. And we have repeated so many times that this is the Way of No Return, that any attempt to turn around and give up must be treated by us as Betrayal of God and punished as severely as the fall of Satan and other rebellious Angels who became demons. If you leave, you become our Amukhas – Enemies of the Saints and as Amukhas you will face severe PUNISHMENT. Yet Jesus Christ also taught that if someone receives the Holy Spirit (Spiritual Initiation) and consciously turns away from the Community and the Master, there is no conversion or forgiveness for him, but only a terrifying expectation of the upcoming destruction of body and soul in the depths of Hell. Do you not want to listen to us or even to Jesus Christ? We teach the Path of liberation, and this means freeing oneself from bad karma and the demonic limitation of consciousness. To achieve Liberation you must strengthen your Pure Bonds and Relationships, and the basic Pure Relationship is the Relationship with the Guru and the Sangha. Those who left our Brotherhood in this life, nor those who abandoned the Guru they chose for themselves, will not receive the Gift of Divine Freedom. Everyone who has chosen a Guru must go through this life in Friendship with the Guru, and you will never find another Path to Paradise.

Can you stand idly by and watch as hungry children die next to you and demonic people spend billions on the worst drugs like alcohol, cigarettes and heroin? The number of degenerate Rakshasas who drown in alcoholic intoxication exceeds five million people in Poland, some of them old people and children, and it is much more than the number of people who have a Heart. After all, only 1/16 of our Nation are People of the Heart who have sensitivity designed to develop higher feelings. Mankind as a whole has no higher feelings at all, although trace glimpses may occasionally occur. Although on average there are about 2.4 million people in Poland who constitute the Heart Class, many have left this country in recent years due to the demonic rule of the Solidarity imperialist gang and in fact there are about 2 million people or a little less and these are the forces of Purity and Progress. The sign of People of the Heart is the pursuit of Progress and Good, Peace and Love. Alcohol kills the Heart and quenches the Spirit, and all those who drink their satanic cup of wine every Sunday are guilty of making the nation drunk and the degeneration of society. Alcohol, beer, wine or vodka is communion with Satan and everyone who participates in it becomes a hellish spirit over time. People of the Heart are free from addictions and look for them among abstinent and abstemious people, and by promoting Chastity help replenish the number of the heart element among your people. Only among People of the Heart we are looking for candidates for the Trial Path and then for our Blue Lodge. Didn’t we put great emphasis on the development of the Heart and didn’t we remind, like Master Jesus, that the Man of God is like the Wind, because the Wind is the element of the Heart? Nicotine stimulates evil tendencies and inflames all diseases, becoming a deadly poison for the soul and body, and the stench of cigarette smoke attracts very hideous Evil Spirits that can affect the smoker and even possess him. Similar dark powers accompany drunkards who consume alcohol, and these are also spirits of envy and jealousy, and therefore very evil. So if everyone drinks Catholic vodka and wine at the wedding, they obviously destroy and kill the love and happiness of the bride and groom. We must establish a New Spiritual Culture so that at least the People of the Heart can be an example and vanguard for all people in this degenerate, demonic world that has lost the features of Paradise, through the betrayal of God.

When we cure people from the terrible addiction of drinking, the most important thing has always been to free the person from something even worse, which has long been called Opium of the People, and it is a religion to which people are forced from the cradle. Viewing the consumption of a cup of wine as something most sacred is, unfortunately, the most deadly program encoded in the subconscious, and this deadly poisonous pattern must be destroyed in order to free a demonic person suffering from drunkenness from alcohol addiction. We have freed thousands of people from drunkenness, also freeing them from the cause of this social disease, which is the harmful, devilish religion of the Roman Catholic sect. Jesus was a teetotaller, Buddha was a teetotaller, and Krishna was not a drunkard either. God is not accessible to drunkards or scoundrels, for they draw their strength from the consciousness of Satan, who holds them in his clutches. And that is why alcoholic people love Catholicism and vodka, but they hate the Guru and the Saints of God, and yet only through the Guru can they achieve Soteria, the Salvation of the Soul. Our whole life is to show you the Way, so why are you blind and deaf? We call you and say, be our Collaborators, but do you, people, want anything that would serve our Divine Cause? We work neither for profit nor for fame, but for the Glory of God, and do you want to join and serve God as do the Angels of God and the Saints who reside on this Earth. You have to do much more than you do, and then we will definitely notice your work and your hard work and effort.

We can constantly impart Divine Teaching and Practice to you, but it is up to you to put it into practice through Service in the Divine World of Collaborators of the Spiritual Hierarchy. If you are one of the Blessed from our hand, you have many more responsibilities, and Dharma is fulfilling Duties towards God, and Guru only expresses God’s Will, the fulfilment of which is necessary for you to enter the Kingdom of God. We know that you cannot recognize the Saints of God, because the eyes of most of you are covered and the stupidity of your mind is great, because what else can you call accepting the Guru and worshiping His Name, and then maliciously insulting and abandoning such a Being given to you as a Guide? For one Saint of God, there are no more than 7–8 associates who belong to the Blue Lodge of Initiates, so in fact we have only very few Disciples and you have to try very hard to prove through years of faithful service that you belong to it, because it is not easy at all to join without going through many trials. When we teach people more openly, we sometimes have more Associates, 12 like Master Jesus, or 16 like Master Buddha, our Luminous Brothers. However, we serve crowds of various people, sympathizers and random guests, and we recognize the Evil Ones by the fact that they do not agree with our Teachings and Ideas and by the fact that they are our fierce opponents. Our every thought is the Thought of God, because the Celestials have a Common Mind and Live by the Thought of God. If you reject even one of our Ideas, you reject the Thought flowing from the Mind of God, and yet ordinary people can hear the Divine Thought of Truth only from our mouths and there is no other Way for them except the Holy Scriptures that we give to humanity. And we do not give anything that would be difficult to understand and that basically every person could understand us. The problem, however, is that the demonic nature of people does not allow them to listen or read us, and what is worse, the Devil breeds rebellion and opposition against our God’s Cause.

If you want to follow the Good Path, then study our Teaching trying to listen to our Voice, and we will send you a Blessing whenever you read our Words and ponder them in your Heart. And try to do the things we have written about, because to our Kingdom of God we invite only those who do the work, not empty philosophers who only gather information about us. When we gave Daria knowledge and light and taught our secrets, but when she turned away from us even though we saved her life, then darkness took her and her soul was lost. Beware of the worst mistakes and sins, such as Hypocrisy, Hubris, because in the eyes of God it is truly a crime worse than genocide. We will sooner pardon a murderer of the flesh than a hypocrite who harms our Divine Cause. We are full of Forgiveness, but you cannot turn away from us in the moment of trial, because then we will take away from you both what we have given you and what you had before you came to us, just as God’s Justice takes away from thieves both what they stole and what they had before.

Be among our Blessed and Beloved by God, and not among the Damned, who have lost the Way and fallen under Divine Punishment.

May the Force be with you.

Āćārya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.


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