Timocratic Community (78)

Our Brotherly spiritual teaching flows from the Divine Worlds, from the higher planets, which are directed and organized in a timocratic manner beloved by God. When human individuals develop spiritually and truly connect with the Spirit of God, then their individualities connect with each other and merge, and the fusion of connected minds and hearts allows them to be guided by the Good of the Whole. Ŗshi, the sages of the Eastern spiritual civilization, have always made arrangements and made decisions on the basis of consensus of will, and not on the basis of proportionality, because in such a case the majority puts pressure on various minorities, and the point is to be guided by the Good of all and everyone in the community. The community must, of course, be spiritualized and its individuals cleansed of demonic contamination. People of the modern world must learn timocratic principles, starting from harmonizing their will with the Will of the Guru, which is nothing other than the Will of God. Receive what impulse of the Spiritual Advice flows from the Guru’s Divine Mind and check whether our reception is true, of course check verbally, ask the Living Guru whether the reception, awareness is actually consistent with the Will of Heaven. Not many people on this demonic planet follow the Divine Guru in their lives, but the few Communities of People of the Spirit are guided by timocratic principles, directly making decisions through common compliance and unity, consensus.

Be One with me, as I Am One with the Spiritual Hierarchy – this is the teaching of every Guru. Our practices of uniting Heart and Mind serve precisely to achieve the ability to Concordance and Unity, and if someone has not achieved the Plan of Reconciliation, he has truly achieved nothing, because Sangha is a Community in Guru, Dharma and Brahman. We unite and agree with God, Brahman, we unite with Dharma – Divine Destiny, and above all, we strongly unite with the Guru, because there is an Oasis of Light and Eternal Life on Earth. As Christ taught, the Guru is the Gate of Heaven, the Gate to the Kingdom of God in which Timocracy is embodied in its fullness. When choosing our Leaders, we always use the procedures of timocratic consensus, which is well known to all Aćaryas of Himavant. The Old Gods, or rather Angels from Olympus, tried to sow in Greece a substitute for timocracy called democracy, which means popular power, the power of all people who lived in harmony with the Deities. Today, although we are at the beginning of the 21st century, there is not even a trace of democracy or timocracy on Earth, although the words democracy and people’s rule are often and falsely used. However, people nowhere have any influence on the decisions and actions of their pseudo–representatives, so they have no real influence on the decisions of the authorities. Greek democracy made decisions using the proportional method, the will of the majority of the people became the binding law, and in the Spiritual State negotiations continue until consensus is achieved by the entire community becoming aware of the Will of Heaven and the Universal Good.

Therefore, as spiritual people, we must learn and understand the Will of Heaven and the Common Good of the entire spiritual Community. Lord Morya calls his spiritual Temple, state and community Paksala, and Guru Bhaishajya calls his heavenly paradise Vaidurya. All spiritual, paradise temples are divine, timocratic Lokas – Abodes of spiritual people, free from egoistic features and conditions. We must, like the inhabitants of Paksala or Vaidurya, learn harmony and unity and contemplate the Good serving the entire Community, all the inhabitants of such a Heavenly Temple. Earthly parliamentarism, also called partocracy, emerged from feudal monarchies imposed on us by medieval dark and despotic demons, and when it developed at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, it deprived people of all opportunities to decide about themselves. Parties of business and military interests actually took power, deceiving people with empty promises, and in fact, by doing whatever they wanted, they only increased oppression and exploitation. People of the Spirit, like Vivekananda Guru, already in the 19th century exposed the actual mechanisms of oppression that guided the mechanisms of the system called parliamentarism, i.e. the partocracy to which Poland had regressed since 1989. This system leads society to bankruptcy, that is, to poverty and misery, to crime and exploitation, because in fact it is demonic lawlessness. Unemployment, homelessness, large areas of poverty, i.e. economic apartheid, are obvious features of partocracy.

We, as people of the spirit, must strive for such a transformation of social consciousness that this demonic system will disappear from the face of the Earth in the near future, and a more divine world order will prevail. When talking about the political system and its sources of inspiration, Christ called the ruling system a satanic system of management, so it is strange that seemingly good people are so deceived that they can even complete management studies in this completely anti–democratic system of power that prevails. God established such a Law that the tax imposed on a resident of the country cannot be greater than the Tithe, and anything more than that is the thieving exploitation of the demons of lawlessness, the Spirit of Evil. Let’s be clear that a tax greater than 10% is theft of the diabolical system of power from Hell. A person must manage his or her own income and we cannot impose on him what he should spend the funds from his own work on. The ancient Kings – Sages collected taxes from 2 to 8%, and tithes, or a little more: 12 – 16% interest only in the event of a defensive war. Certainly no more is needed for the needs of the democratic government, whose favourite rate in Greece was 7% for rich people. Fiscal robbery introduces us to thieving parliamentarism, and intelligent people have already written thousands of books about its rule, because fascism is only a more malicious and hellish form of Euro–American partocracy, also called white–glove fascism. Honour, Honesty and Integrity must be the basis for shaping an individual in society, and not the robbery pursuit of enrichment at someone else’s expense, as is the case in the West.

Let no one even think that the Guru makes his decisions independently, in isolation from the Community. Each direction of our actions is approved or indicated by the Great Council of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and this means that we make our decisions in the spirit of one thought, unanimity with Masters of Paksala or Śigatse, and no other way. Mohan is not alone, and the directions he points are those of the Great and Light Spirits called Masters of Wisdom. This is well seen by the adepts of the Mystical Circle of the Brotherhood, who were able to see these things with their own eyes while traveling on the inner planes. Moreover, we still invite you to our College of Wisdom, to our School of the Spirit, every day from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in our many classrooms and temples. Guru is the greatest holiness that God sends to Earth to save human souls from destruction in Avići, in Nothingness. As Master Yogananda said, whoever abandoned the Guru cut himself off from God and went into darkness. Whoever does not have a Guru to follow has nothing to do with God. Only spiritual people and very advanced in spiritual development understand the need to be with the Guru, and most people prefer their demonic authorities leading to the Darkness, and treat the Gurus living on Earth with reluctance and hatred. As the Code of Manu says, the most serious crimes include abandoning, insulting or killing the Guru given to people by God so that they would follow his advice towards Heaven. The function of the Guru is very important for establishing and building a timocracy, and the Greek oracles and priesthood even greatly favoured this.

We can focus our minds in such a way as to try to understand what the essence of democracy is in its true sense, and of course nowhere in Europe or America is there even a substitute for a democratic state where the principle of people’s rule would be fulfilled. The basis of democracy is the election of delegates, community representatives, in an open manner and with full control over the actions of such a local representative. This means that if a representative of local communities does not do what the voters have obliged him to do, he can be dismissed by them at any time. The delegate of a village, district or city must carry out the will of the people who control his actions, which prevents the election of various fraudsters who, after being elected as MPs, councilors or mayors, do something completely different from what they promised to the people they consciously deceived in  order to take over power and benefit from profits from it. The word Commune means Community of People, the local community and delegates must form a Community Council, which we can also understand as Sangha and Sangha Council if the community is generally a group of people on a spiritual Path. No one who does not have positively verified experience can enter a higher level of power, only people who have proven themselves as representatives of a lower level!

Municipal democracy, i.e. the elected council sends its delegates to a higher unit such as a local association of municipalities – a district or a voivodeship. Good Councils of Delegates, as we call them in Poland – the Provincial Assembly – elects its best delegates as deputies to exercise power throughout the country. This prevents the appearance of incompetent individuals from nowhere who deceive the people with promises and are interested in profit and exploitation, not the Good of Society. A candidate for governing a state in a democratic country must prove himself positively first at the lowest and then at intermediate levels of local government. Village and city councils, communes, counties and voivodeships, all the country’s authorities are elected democratically, i.e. openly and with full control, i.e. with the possibility of their dismissal by the local assembly of voters. Before the times of Christian barbarism came, Slavic communities in Poland elected their authorities at RALLIES, and anyone could become a candidate in front of the community. In our circles of branch activity in the spiritual community, we also elect various Councils or, if there are smaller ones, we elect Leaders. The Council also elects its Leader, whom we call PATI. And we bless the work of the Patis elected and approved by consensus, although in a democracy a significant will of the majority is essential.

If only today’s parliamentarians could be dismissed by voters whenever they act against the will of those who voted for them, how beautifully we would come closer to democracy. What great progress would be if, at least on important issues, society expressed its opinion in a referendum, as is still the case in Switzerland, where there are still some traces of the old Greek democracy. Neither in a democratic nor in a timocratic state can there be a rigid age limit for having passive or active voting rights, but in spiritual communities there is such a thing as initiation into adulthood and independence, passing which is a civic exam of self–determination. A student incapable of living independently will not be able to lead society, he still needs to learn. The age of majority cannot be set by any rigid age limit, but rather it must be considered and assigned individually, because sometimes a person aged 16 is quite enlightened and mature, while a person aged 24 is an infantile child who requires education and upbringing. The total would probably fit around a dragon cycle in terms of the ability to make mature and responsible decisions. However, the ancients very rarely allowed people to be elected to the Council of Elders or Judges who had not completed the Saturn cycle (30 years of age) as they were too inexperienced in life, and yet in this spirit the Polish Nation also accepted the age limit of 35 years as still being considered youth. The year 36 is the completion of the solar cycle to be able to provide advice and judgment in the community.

There are many ancient laws and principles, laws of nature, which for the Good of the Community should be generally respected and observed, which, of course, is difficult due to the general spiritual and cultural underdevelopment of the white Euro–American civilization. Mahatma Gandhi placed great emphasis on the principle of Satyagraha, which means Rule of Law based on Truth, Righteousness and Justice. Of course, the basis of the Rule of Law, Satyagraha, is Satya itself, and this means Truth, Honesty, on which people’s delegates to various levels of power must be based. Unfortunately, lying to society by partocratic fraudsters pursuing their shady interests and thieving scandals is an ailment of uncontrolled and therefore unpredictable parliamentarism, which the supporters of this satanic system are trying to impose under duress on the whole world. If we, as nations of the planet, have not matured towards Divine Management, i.e. timocracy, we can at least fight for the greatest possible democratization of the country in which we live. The people’s rally in a democratic state is the power, and in the current criminal partocracy, when a rally, i.e. a demonstration, gathers, the police attack the sovereign assembly of the people and disperse it, and keep the leaders in prisons or arrests, which, according to God’s Laws, is a very serious crime of this a satanic system of power base u New Age movement, the New Age Movement. A spiritual cult that accepts every religious path to the Light is the culture of democratic and timocratic societies in their proper sense. As a representative and messenger of the Land of Light, I can only mention that what is most beautiful, mystical and spiritual in every religion on Earth is only kindergarten alphabet in the Heavenly Lands on higher spiritual planets, and yet we have in this earthly scheme the entire higher chain of existence that is the longing of idealists. Today, unfortunately, the media and schools do not show any positive Heroes, they do not teach any Honour or Truth. The daily news is about crime, rape and theft, as if nothing else existed in the Western world. Good News and Heroes of Good are what improve the quality of consciousness of ordinary people. As Lord Morya taught, the basis for the development of humanity is Culture, the worship of light and the cult of enlightenment, and this requires truthfulness and transparency, especially in the field of governance.

If all People’s Councils, including those such as the Sejm (Congress), learn to negotiate, develop and adopt all solutions and decisions by consensus, democracy will come closer to timocracy. The second condition is to be guided by the advice of the Gurus, which can be called in other words as guided by the advice of Experts who are aware of the Purpose of the existence of humanity and aware of the karma of the planet, race or nation enough to be able to indicate the best development opportunities to choose from, and what is best for Goods of Society. From the very beginning of their existence, Muslim communities choose their clergy from among all the faithful in the Community, and such an Imam, by choice, then studies at a religious school for 3 years in order to be able to become a priest. People are, of course, intelligent enough to choose from among themselves a person with spiritual inclinations who will be suitable for the role of a priest, so they have even more intelligence to choose authority and to obey this authority, but also to control it and supervise its actions. As wise men and philosophers used to say, power over which we have no control or influence is not popular, democratic power. Uncontrollable power, which society has no influence on, is autocratic power, i.e. a regime, fascism. Already in the times of the Moryaguptas in ancient India, almost 3.5 thousand years ago, in every decent village a 5–person, social Village Council was elected, which exercised power, guarded the law and executed courts. The elected people had to have knowledge, experience and qualifications recognized by the community, and if necessary, the newly elected person had to be educated, and if he did not manage properly, the meeting of residents would remove the councillor almost immediately, because both democratic and timocratic terms of office last until further notice. In India, hundreds of roads and bridges built during the Moryagupta dynasty are still usable because what is done well lasts forever, even for millennia.

The voice of the people is the voice of God, as the ancient wise men say, and yet it is the people who express their most urgent needs through their voice. Good government must, in the name of God, take care of the entire society, the nation, so we will know good government, at least democratic, after self–governance, thanks to which you will not find a homeless person in the country or a hungry person due to lack of work and means of living. In the era of robots, the length of the working day may be significantly shortened, and there will still be work for everyone and average prosperity. If there are people who have no job and large investments are needed, such as road construction, the problem of unemployment immediately ceases to exist. Every person must have at least the most modest, tiny room to have shelter and a roof over their heads, and building such “dormitories” with single rooms is no expense for the state authorities, unless it is a black, satanic power, and then it prefers to steal even a few pennies that it could donate to the poor. Man must develop, enrich and ennoble himself to be able to travel to higher worlds and become an inhabitant of the Garden of Eden, and yet many of you, people, have already lived there. Some of my Disciples will undoubtedly see Paradise in this lifetime and even live in it, although we usually have a habit of being reborn normally like everyone else.

Bourgeois–military circles have always led their nations to poverty through exploitation and economic crisis, social catastrophe. In a partocratic system, we live from crisis to crisis and balance on the brink of collapse and collapse of the state’s economy. The worst and most disastrous was the Euro–American model of the 1930s, and it saved itself only by starting new wars and increasing armament. Those who call for war, minor or major, and conduct aggression against other countries are the largest and most criminal Satanic, fascist regimes. Neutrality, reduction of the army, refusal to participate in aggressive wars are features indicating peaceful states with more humane governments, because evil forces are behind armament or war, and the principle of humanity only allows for defensive actions in the event of an invasion of one’s own territory. So we can ask, for example, if Afghanistan attacked Poland, that the country’s army is going to attack Afghanistan? Well, the government participating in a criminal war of aggression against another sovereign country brings God’s vengeance on its own nation, and God’s vengeance in part also means natural disasters such as droughts, floods and fires, which will severely harass Poland as an aggressive country.

A fascist state is one in which militarists (policemen and soldiers) earn more than Teachers – this is what great philosophers said. Fascism is a police state, a power that attacks people’s assemblies with batons and police bullets. In a democracy, every assembly, rally, strike or demonstration is always legal, and in fascist countries police forces will constantly harass people’s gatherings, because the power of fascists, although gained in fraudulent so–called elections, or rather in an electoral farce, does not want to hear the Voice of the People. Criminal regimes have always harassed their citizens, depriving them of freedom and the right to self–determination. The Great Revolutions have many times abolished the regimes of bourgeois–military oppressors and impostors, whether monarchist or parliamentary. But there have also been times in history that oppressors incited the people by seducing them with promises in order to seize power. The Solidarity chaos of the early 1980s completely ruined the Polish economy and led to famine, and ultimately to the introduction of a parliamentary system modelled on the national–socialist rule of Piłsudski, and as we know, this was a period of great misfortune for our entire nation, because national socialism is basically a fascism. Only fools could deceive the Polish Nation so maliciously to restore a police state where the voice of the people is nothing and the citizen has practically no rights, which equates to 4 million unemployed and almost 1 million homeless.

What a huge difference there is between the demonic land of partocracy and the spiritual land of timocracy, where living beings cooperate with the Divine. When I heard that one of the Aćaryas of our Brotherhood opposed voting by consensus, I was immediately clear that this person was already a fallen spirit and had joined our malicious opponents, although at the beginning of his development I warned him that he would have to work a lot to completely get rid of malevolence. So we don’t have to be surprised that since we saw this fat woman fighting the principle of consensus, we now see her among our fierce enemies who want to destroy our Brotherhood of God, as well as personally the Source of our Brotherhood. Unfortunately, it is a necessity for such Kauravas to be zealous and effective, victorious Pandavas. Otherwise, spiritual oases, sources of Light and Life such as ours, will disappear from the face of the Earth at the hands of aggressive demons pretending to be angels of light. The Forces of Good never attack aggressively like the Americans did against poor Vietnam, but only defend themselves until the final victory against criminal aggressors, like the Vietnamese against the American occupiers. We must constantly cooperate with the Spirit of God and apply spiritual principles in our lives.

We always recommend that people of the lowest, animal level of evolution, motivated by fear, anger and jealousy, be guided in their lives by the principle of Ahimsa, which means refraining from killing, torturing, any harm and violence. Animals kill only to survive or protect their own lives, but demonic beings kill and harm for profit and even for their sadistic pleasure. A man who uses violence, harms others, causes others pain, suffering and torment, kills other than to save his own life and defend his loved ones, is in principle neither an animal – because animals do not do that, nor a Man in the sense of truly human beings. The sadistic psychopathy of people of war is a sign of a Rakshasa, a Demon, a Dark and Evil Being who, although he wears a human body and sometimes has human features, does not yet belong to human society. Rakshasas are demons of violence and war, human–like creatures, but they enjoy inflicting pain and suffering and all kinds of torment on others, both people and animals. Whoever abuses people by beating and torturing, using physical violence or killing, belongs to the lowest caste among anthropoid beings and certainly does not deserve to be called a human. Ahimsa is Non–hurting and Non–violence, Ahimsa is “no” to both killing and torture, fights, robbery and all physical violence. The motto of Rakshasas is to beat, kill and rape, and this has nothing to do with Humanity, especially if it is done for profit. And if we know that the real reason for the attack of the American beast on Afghanistan is, as usual, the desire for profit and taking over large oil fields, then we are clear who rules this rakshasa country with the greatest number of rapes, murders, robberies and all kinds of violence. Such demonic, quasi–human creatures need to be taught the principle of Ahimsa to humanize them, and Lord Moryagupta in ancient times and Mahatma Gandhi today have greatly developed this ethical basis of humanity in the form of the principle of non–violence, non–killing. Although America claimed to be a Christian country, the enemies of its system were burned alive in electric chairs, where people are fried and baked for few, or sometimes several, minutes. The Soviet Union, although it was a supposedly atheistic state, generally sentenced its dissidents and enemies to exile, i.e. to exile, where they could live and work peacefully in a specific town, which showed a much higher degree of humanitarianism, because banishment (expulsion) is probably the most severe punishment that applies to people punished for crimes on higher, spiritual planes and planets. Ahimsa means non–killing and non–destruction, non–harming and non–violence, but in partocratic countries such as Poland there is no trace of educating the lowest, demonic caste in the spirit of Ahimsa, which is the basis of all education, culture, ethics, and especially religiosity coming from God.

Public rebuke, reprimand – this is the first modest punishment used by spiritual civilizations in the Universe, especially the Heavenly Temples. Mistakes are discussed and reprimanded in front of the entire community, publicly, and anyone punished is immediately known to the entire community, so that everyone can take care of correcting those who start to make mistakes. Gurus living as God’s Messengers on this Earth always loudly admonished both their disciples and admirers, as well as society and even rulers, when they committed any wrongdoing. There is a well–known story of the Prophet Elijah, who hid from the king for 15 years because whenever he spoke publicly to people, he rebuked and condemned the evil done by the illegitimate ruler. Therefore, Aćaryas must teach their groups to discuss sins against the community and set an example of how to rebuke and reprimand evil mistakes. It will be easy for the Shahids to express judgment, because they are already called by God to judge the living and the dead, and yet everyone who entered our Community must be aware that at the moment of death at the Judgment of God, they will meet us, but we will be God’s Witnesses there, and our court will decide about the further fate of such a soul, whether it will go to Heaven or to the world of Hell or Demons. What was the surprise of people who came to us and then abandoned our Brotherhood, Teaching and Practice, when, at the moment of their death, they saw us as Judges bearing witness to God about their vile and hideous activities that they did when they left the ranks of the forces of light. We must also remember that we do all admonition and discipline with Power and Love worthy of the Angel of Peace and the Son of God sent from Heaven to Earth above all to save the human race from the depths of Chaos and Darkness.

7/16 of humanity remains in the trap of Chaos and Darkness, which means that almost half of people are de facto incarnations of Rakshasas, demonic beings whose entertainment is inflicting pain and suffering, robbery and rape, war and violence. Military groups focused on war have solid social support, and in many places on Earth there are still war conflicts, oppression, violence and rape. If half of the people are prone to Himsa, unjustified aggression, violence and rape, then we say, following the ancient Sages, that this world is a world of clashes between the forces of Good and Evil. However, we must remember, as Good people, that our task is to help the bad ones by educating them, so that their negative personality is eradicated so that they transform into fully human beings. We People of Light can also often be exposed to attacks by demonic people and this is completely through no fault of ours, because rakshasa people are inspired by the forces of hell to attack all oases of the forces of light and all Good. Almost everyone who joined our Brotherhood has been targeted by the Dark Ones, as the Dark Ones hate the forces of light and can sense and attack them. Therefore, Spiritual Ideas are often the subject of malicious and indiscriminate attacks by representatives of the Darkness, who offer us suffering, torment, pain, torture and burning at the stake of the Inquisition.

In a timocratic community, there should generally be no evil beings, so the structure of the community is completely different, and on this planet there are only Brotherhoods of God’s Chosen. Christ, like Gautama Buddha before him, often repeated that many are Called, but few are Chosen. In the essence of our work as Aćaryas of Himavant, we must mission and call many to the Way of God. However, there are few Chosen, that is, those whose ideas, feelings, work and practices are accepted and recognized by God. Those chosen by God are His Friends and they know each other and work closely together. The chosen ones fulfil God’s Will, naturally becoming Leaders and, over time, Guru for spiritualizing human communities, which in this world means only esoteric and mystical Brotherhoods. Cooperation is a feature of spiritual people, especially of God’s Chosen Servants, and the inability to cooperate with other Aćaryas rather shows the evil spirit that has crept among us, Called Ones. When we saw Adila fighting Śankara and Śankara fighting Adila, we already knew that these were evil spirits who would sooner or later manifest their hostility towards us in an open way, and we did not have to wait long for the attack of hatred that Adila manifested towards the Embodiment of Divinity that is Guru. The fall of Adila or the fall of Śankara, who first decided to co–lead a 4–day small Chilla for Bhaishajya adepts with his Guru, and then withdrew without warning, destroying all our Holy Work, does not surprise us, but is a natural consequence of mutual rivalry and jealousy over position and influence between these two fallen spirits who once crept into our Community and disguised themselves well by pretending to be People of Light! Whenever we see the flash of rivalry and jealousy, we clearly see how the demonic nature takes precedence over the principle of purified spiritual consciousness. The only salvation for them is close cooperation and devotion to the Guru.

Timocracy is based not on malicious competition, but on mutual help and support. The sick ambitions of demonic people, unfortunately, have nothing to do with the spiritualization of the Common Good of Development and Growth. And yet we keep repeating the same teaching that we develop spiritually through common practices and meetings, through contact with each other, as well as by responding to the needs of other adepts of the Path and by helping them. Especially the Aćarya, as I taught, must become a Magnet attracting other people, and not like Matariśvan, Adila or Śankara, who become demons by programmatically pushing others away, hiding their whereabouts, telephone number, never opening the door to those who need their help, or again refusing publishing information about your classes so that he doesn’t come to them. The activities of such people and such attitudes indicate following demonic inspirations, because these behaviours are very harmful to the development of our Community.

Commitment to the common good of the community, good neighbourly help and mutual support is love for one’s neighbour, not envy of others’ position or closing the door when one’s neighbour is waiting for help. The Spiritual Guide during Retreat must be constantly available to those he teaches, and not like the demonic Śankara, who forbade people to come to him so that he would not be disturbed in his pseudo–meditation. Such sick, demonic ideas undoubtedly ruin the Spiritual Leader and show that he has forgotten the teachings he received from the Guru, both through the Spoken Word and through the Example set by the Guru. We measure the growth of a Spiritual Leader by the growth of his work and service to others. If someone is not a servant whose work grows and develops, he certainly makes some significant mistakes, but a Servant working for God is engaged in disseminating the teachings he received from the Guru, and there are plenty of them because we have given many Spirituality Lessons in the Himavanti Lineage. Timocracy means Team Cooperation, and yet our collective has taught in detail how the Masters of Wisdom use consensus to set directions in the Divine Work Plan. If we want to work on the transformation of humanity towards the introduction of democratic societies, and later also timocratic ones, then we must, as Aćaryas and Adepts of the Brotherhood, demonstrate by our own example the principles of running the Divine Community.

The Great Divine Beings that appear on Earth are, above all, Masters of Wisdom, because their knowledge and awareness far exceeds human intelligence and knowledge that is available to people. As Guru, we know spiritual knowledge for seekers and for those called, but also knowledge for the Chosen, which is normally known only to the Gods, the Deities of Heaven, i.e. Angels and Archangels. A guru living on Earth has Knowledge that no human can normally possess, but he must teach to the extent that the message is assimilable to the people he teaches. So many people complain that every weekend, for two days, Lalit Mohan imparts a huge amount of knowledge, but when they wake up on Monday, it turns out that they remember little, and sometimes they remember nothing. A heart darkened and of a demonic nature cannot or does not want to absorb the Divine Truth or follow the commands of the Divine Signpost, which is the Guru. The pre–dawn Age of Aquarius will be a brighter period in the history of humanity, but the forces of Darkness and Evil are already trying to condemn everything related to the New Age Movement, the Age of Aquarius and the White Brotherhood. Mass religions are not of a very high standard, and lofty ideals are realized in more elite organizations, which, however, must be open to accepting new, wonderful souls, especially since 9/16 of the human race have rather good tendencies and inclinations and do not have a dark demonic nature that rakshasa people have. However, as builders of the structures of spiritual organizations, we must remember that the most spiritually developed human beings are only 1/16, the top of the pyramid, of all humanity, i.e. about 375 million people, which could be fit into one large country. Unfortunately, there are the fewest of them in Christian countries, and the largest number in the Roof of the World region, Tibet and India, among Hindus and Muslims, which civilizations are better ethically brought up and are slightly higher than the world average. This is not surprising, since we know how many Masters and Saints were produced by great India at the junction of Hindu and Muslim cultures.

The activity of the human vanguard, the spiritual elite of humanity, i.e. this small flock that is 1/16 of the human race, led to the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, which unfortunately, especially in Western parliamentary partocracies, is mostly not respected, and on the contrary, most Human Rights are brutally raped and broken by the system of exploitation. The social rights of societies are not respected at all, and the right to freedom of speech even exists in practice for wealthy media owners, and not for every person who also has no influence on the establishment of civic rights and obligations. What good is the Constitution granting freedom of speech if thousands of people are in prison for exercising this freedom of speech and no one punishes their perpetrators for violating Human Rights? In fascist dictatorships such as Poland, the silence of the media on matters inconvenient to the militarist–bourgeois circles that own these media is characteristic. Therefore, there is neither freedom of speech nor the right to freedom of speech, there is only freedom for the rich to manipulate information and public opinion at will. This is worse than the censorship of the former dictatorship of the proletariat. Satan, literally translated – the Adversary, is always there where there is opposition to what comes from God, opposition to what is Good. Satan is the Opponent of Good and Good People, he is a conservative, right–wing and fascist force. Satan is against everything that serves Health and Life and common Sense. Satan is the pole of Evil, the apogee of aggressive hatred, such as Russia’s aggression against Chechnya, Spain’s crimes in Basque Country or the hateful attacks of Americans on Iraq. The Basic Human Right is the Law of Freedom, and it requires giving every nation the right to self–determination, to its own state and to govern itself without the interference of the occupier. The aggression of the Chinese against Tibet, the Russians against Chechnya, or the American bandit invasion of Vietnam are examples of the activities of the most satanic forces that deprive other nations of the right to freedom and the right to life. We must clearly see where the forces of evil and crime are located, that is, clearly see through whom Satan works.

In a democracy, we already learn to negotiate and talk and make common arrangements for common implementation, and only when this is impossible we make decisions by voting in favour of the majority. Meanwhile, most people in police, partocratic states do not participate in any elections at all, which means that they do not agree with the existing political system and do not want to have anything to do with it. This is reasonable, especially since they have no influence on those in power, who do whatever they want anyway, and can say one thing and do another with impunity, even though it is a malicious fraud in relation to God’s Law and will be punished.

In timocracy, we learn not only compliance and unity, but also acting in harmony with nature and the Will of Heaven, and this requires cooperation with representatives of Divine Authority, whom we call Guru, and of which there are no more than 144,000 on this planet. A Guru for ordinary people is a spiritual advisor and every Aćarya should become a personal advisor to as many people as possible, although advising spiritual people is different from advising ordinary society or raising demonic people to be better people. If we are even aware of participating in such a Work together with our Guru as a Divine Being, we will certainly work bravely and with dedication in the Mission of our Guru for the good of humanity with full dedication. The Guru is the ultimate Teacher, Guide, Shepherd, as well as the Judge and Law of God on Earth. The Guru is the guarantee of Salvation and the seal of Liberation, and timocratic civilizations always take care of the lower evolutions through the authority of the Guru, who is the Doctor of Souls and Shaman, and the Master Guide for the Disciples of God.

Our Circles or the Round Table of the Knights of King Arthur are esoteric and elite Communities that have abandoned jealousy and are based on Friendship and Kindness, also towards apostates and enemies. The divine quality is Kindness and Friendship, Maitri, and jealousy and envy are the most hideous forms of all hatred. Christ, called Maitreya in the East, teaches how to cure the heart of jealousy, because spirits full of jealousy or envy have no room for Kindness or Friendship. Loving someone is impossible if we are jealous, and the pole of hatred is the domain of Satan and Demons. A robber torturing his victim or a policeman torturing a robber are both servants of Satan and incarnations of Evil. God, when people on Paradise Earth did great evil, did not kill them, did not imprison them or torture them, but expelled them from Paradise, and this means that the Divine Punishment is Banishment, and we, as all humanity, live here as outlaws exiled from Paradise and we must take corrective actions thanks to which we will obtain God’s Forgiveness and the right to return to Paradise. This is the condition of the average citizen of this planet, although mystics can visit the Heavenly, Paradise World. Master Ćaitanya ascended to Paradise, as did Swami Śankara – the Founder of modern Hinduism. Babaji’s disciples also saw the Heavenly World during their lifetime, and those who come to spend weekends with Master of Himavant often sense and remember the special, divine atmosphere that Gurudeva of Laya Yoga brings to Earth and spreads in his presence. In fact, we have encountered the Angels of God since our childhood and we have never missed or will miss these contacts, as we have long been familiar with traveling through the higher realms of existence. When creating the Mystical Circle, the Guru hoped that at least some adepts of our Brotherhood would be able to admire the Temples of the Divine Spirit in which we meet for our higher work in God. With friendship and love we must eradicate jealousy and envy in all its forms in order to grow up to our divine, timocratic state of community and harmony.

Forgiveness is a great principle of God’s Law, and no one may be punished under any circumstances if the victim or the injured party has pardoned and forgiven his executioner. People are also not allowed to punish someone who has repaired damage or harm by accepting compensation. However, the wrong done must be repaired quickly and effectively, because it is difficult to repair long–term damage. The evil of throwing someone out of his apartment must be quickly corrected by giving the person a roof over his head. But we have not yet seen a fascist regime right the wrong and offer a place to live other than the street or the dustbin of history to those thrown out of their homes. The punishment for state criminals who commit such wicked evil will be great indeed, and they will share the same fate longer than all those whom they made homeless, and they will suffer twice as much as they caused. Well, hell is an even worse place to stay for those who do harm. Imprisonment will be of no use to a thief unless he is forced to work hard and return what he stole. Imprisonment applies only to the most evil and destructive beings who wantonly destroy and kill and cannot be repaired in any way or returned to the good path of Virtue and Righteousness. Work teaches an honest life, provided, of course, that the remuneration is fair and the worker is not cheated or exploited.

If all political thieves of Western, partocratic regimes had to give back everything they had stolen during their careers, hunger and poverty would undoubtedly disappear not only from these countries, but also from the entire world. Anyone who wants to enter the Kingdom of God must work and serve the poor and suffering, and part of this is sharing their goods with the poor through direct aid. We must, of course, distinguish the real needs of the hungry from some unjustified claims. All those who throw away, destroy and waste food instead of giving it to the hungry are criminals, because many people on Earth die from hunger and thirst every day. It is better to irrigate the Sahara than to buy unnecessary and expensive equipment that leads to more and more people poverty and death. We, Disciples of God, learn mercy and charity rather than exploitation and militarism, and drug addictions such as alcoholism and nicotine addiction are completely alien to us. We can be recognized by many characteristics and behaviours from early childhood. We are alien to lies, mendacity and betrayal. Lord Morya always taught that betrayal is the worst of sins, because by betraying God, we betray the Guru, we betray our holy law and principles, we betray our loved ones by breaking all promises, and finally we betray ourselves by killing our own souls in the hellish Avići, in the self–destruction of our own soul, which is the end of the black, dressed black mage in the habit.

When searching for the spiritual reality indicated by the Eternal Path, we should never resort to betraying the Guru or the Community, because when entering the Path, we are in fact connected in Communion by the Divine Spirit, Light and we should live as a Knighthood of Light and Purity. A man who consciously fulfils the Will of God always has a clear conscience, and with the fulfilment of each indication or command of the Guru, the Man becomes more and more Holy and Pure. One who has once betrayed his Divine Guru will never be able to find God again unless he repairs the evil he has done and returns to Service to his Guru with full devotion, with Bhakti. Knowing that every Guru’s advice and recommendation leads to spiritual growth if we follow it, we must be very careful not to make mistakes and get lost in our spiritual journey. Eventually, a truly timocratic community of the Chosen may emerge from among us, but if someone thinks that 10 years is enough to find God’s recognition and approval for his efforts, he may be very mistaken and bitterly disappointed. We only gave a promise that whoever follows us diligently in our Holy Service for forty years can count on recognition in the eyes of God and a place in an unearthly, paradise dwelling. If someone has been practicing for several years and demands high honours and titles, it should be taken as a sign of extreme stupidity and a kind of confusion of mind due to ignorance and demonic inclinations. The first seven years of practice and participation in our Community resemble something like primary school, and it is difficult to claim a recognition worthy of a professor.

Only those who bring a 30–, 60– or 100–fold harvest are recognized in the eyes of God, and this means many years of servile work to purify so many souls towards holiness and bring them to God, i.e. also to the Guru and the Community. After all, Śirdi Sai Baba had only one Disciple, known as Mohan Baba, and he used to say that on Earth it is not only difficult to find a spiritual Disciple, but even a sincere devotee. It is true that it is much easier to be a Bhakta, but we also know that among those who sympathize and are interested in spirituality, it is quite difficult to find Devotees, Bhaktas, because only one who exercises Bhakti towards the Guru continuously until death and then, of course, beyond, is a Bhakta. The process of Bhakti, worship and devotion, serves to purify the lower demonic nature, so that the rakshasa being becomes a Man, and then back to a Deva, an Angel of Light. The heavens are full of Bhakti, because it means all ritual ways of communing with the Hierarchs of the Celestial Community. Bhakti is the way in which an Angel communicates with Archangels, and these with Archons. Being the Archon and Hierarch of the Brotherhood of Layas on Earth and not only on this Earth, which our Mystics see with their own eyes, I always teach solemn tributes to the Guru, which are offered by true Devotees and especially Disciples, but we also do not manifest it towards people who should not see Bhakti if they are not grounded in the spiritual science and practice that we now proclaim to all humanity. A tree that does not bear good fruit is not a good tree, and if one follows the Guru and thinks that he is growing, but becomes an enemy and adversary of the Guru, then he is a fruitless tree, a fig tree that is cursed by Christ, a cursed tree that has already withered. The tree of life bears fruit, which becomes a spiritual disciple and will never leave its Guru, and those to whom we have given a taste of mystical journeys certainly understand this well.

We have seen many evil trees that seemed to flourish spiritually but produced no fruit. Matariśvan’s tree to which we wanted to give the gift of Enlightenment a long time ago, which is very easy for us to do, withered, but as soon as he felt the first touch of the Light of God, he rejected our Gift and demanded to take away this Miracle of Transformation into a Divine Being. And he bears no fruit, because he abandoned all the spiritual work he committed to do for us when we made him the Yogaćarya of our Brotherhood. Can such a fallen spirit still receive anything from God if he rejected our extended helping hand and rejected the Divine Gift of Illuminating Light. We cannot rush to give people anything from our Gifts of Grace, but we must constantly give them the basic food of advice and instructions, so that they can prove with their own strength, after eons, that maybe they deserve something more than just a good fate. Such fallen spirits, who ignore all their duties to God in connection with the Aćaryat ordination, must remember that since they have not made use of this unique opportunity that we have given them, they may no longer receive it, and their further existence will be in worlds lower and worse than that which is the transition to higher growth. How many times can we manifest stupidity by rejecting the Will of God that flows from our mouths and rejecting work that only serves to exalt the soul in order to return to Heaven. And in the case in question, the chance is truly the last, because the time of trial measured by the number of 16 lives that the Buddha talked about is slowly coming to an end, and this current life will not be infinitely long. God waits only for the appointed time measured by the Divine Cycle of existence of measure and trial.

Everyone voluntarily joined the Community of Light which is Parvata Sangha, the Mountain Community of Bhikshu and Bhikshuni and Upasaka (Monks and Nuns and lay aspirants). Parvata has an obvious connection with the Goddess Parvati, the wife of God, and with the female temple of Lalita Devi, and our science is, above all, the magical social science called Tantra in its deep dimension. The leader or Adept of our Brotherhood, according to tantric teachings, can be an advisor to the society of ordinary people, and many spontaneously follow this voice, willingly helping their human brothers and sisters. It can be said that those who spontaneously followed the stream of Dharma and fulfil their duty of saving other souls from the depths of demonic worldliness are much closer to us than those who promised to perform spiritual work, but when they become Aćaryas they shirk like Savitar or abandon their work like Matariśvan and Adila. After all, we only bless those who fulfil their duties and their Dharma, and if someone has met our Brotherhood at all, he or she has already been very lucky and a great Miracle has happened to him or her. How much more must we develop the Laya Dharma, which aims at the Transformation of Society, because at every time of public and social transformations, a certain number of us come down to earth from the Devalayam Temple to intensify the transformations towards Good. When eight of our friends and I came to Earth at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, our only goal was to save the world of demonic people from total atomic destruction, or rather from collective suicide to which the atomic ideas of Western militarists led. Our coming through the Power of Dhyana started a cultural revolution in many places around the globe and accelerated social progress, but the forces of evil, the conservative force of retrogression, have annihilated or are trying to destroy many of our achievements. We, with the power of radiant perfection, as Dhyānchohans of Devalayam, work tirelessly to improve the world.

We bless those who write us letters and those who are united with our thought, light and will. We bless those who are working to establish people’s rule, that is, democracy, and those who are building a timocratic community, a commune of light, exactly such a commune as the Disciples of the Buddha or the Disciples of Christ. Devas and Angels are connected with each other in such a way that in the spiritual world they all have one common mind (Sutrāma Manas), which is the mind of the Great or Joyful Book. So we have a situation in which there is full Freedom, but nothing can be hidden at the level of thought, because every thought of an individual is immediately known to the entire community, and by creating any spiritual organization on Earth, we teach people to feel each other deeply and understand each other and to unite with the Heart, which gives at least partially such a connection as the fullness of our Unity in the Heavenly World. Beings who, like Adila or Śankara, isolate themselves from this Unity and still fight each other, certainly do not pass the test of cooperation and mutual support and the connection of Hearts in a Heavenly way. And we as Guru are in fact One Mind, which was demanded so much by both Christ and Buddha when each of them said: “Be of one mind, think one,” and this is also a consensus. Sutrāma Manas is the Mind of God, the Omniscient Mind, and we only lose ourselves in it, losing Egoism. Anava, Ego is the greatest obstacle to the spiritual development of the human species.

Although we say that there are many Gurus, and sometimes that there is only One Guru, what we are saying here is only an expression of the eternal secret that although we are 144,000 human incarnations, we are in fact one Guru, because the Divine Mind, of which we are a manifestation, is only One and therefore all of us together and individually are the Holy Spirit, Pure Light and the specific Aura of our Presence is not possible to create by ordinary people, even if they read all the Holy and Mystical Scriptures. This makes a huge difference between us, the Sons of God, and ordinary human sons and daughters. After all, even Christ makes a difference between Us and the Sons of Men. Every sin against the son of man (human being) will be forgiven, but the sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this life or in the life to come. And although it is said directly about 144,000 Chosen and Witnesses of God, who are Holy, Pure Spirits living among people, even people who are supposedly religious and a bit spiritual don’t care much about it, and the very concept of Guru is often criticized or insulted, regardless of their hellish stupidity at what a great sin and what a crime they are committing. And although no one from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom has ever sought exaltation, and although we fraternize in friendship with ordinary people, we pass on these basic secrets for the spiritual growth of all seekers, and yet we can convey so little of Divine Omniscience to people, because people even small portions of spiritual knowledge they either forget or do not want to put into practice, stubbornly refusing to follow our instructions. At least they would give them away to others!

Timocracy means team co–management based on common choice and decision. The role of the Patis is very serious, because their leadership must be an expression of the Will of the Whole, which is the Will of God, and that is why we choose the Patis together as a harmonious team, spiritually harmonized from the Depth of the Heart, both among themselves and with the Guru and, as a result, with God. Prajapati, the Lord of Creations, can be a Divine Model for us, an actual spiritual example, because having undertaken work, he constantly carries out and develops it. It is the duty of Patis, Aćaryas and Leaders in general to promote and develop the activities in which we participate. Of course, a person must work a lot on his spiritual development, because reaching even the halfway point of human development requires enormous spiritual learning, practice and service, and yet the Manisha stage is only the Fullness of Humanity, the Pattern of Humanity, and it is still a long way to the last station of Devata (Divinity). The Board of Heaven consists of 72 Righteous Sages, Masters of Wisdom, among whom we find great and famous Prophets such as King Rama, Zarathushtra, Krishna, Jesus, Ćaitanya, Mohammad, Nanak, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Padmasambhava, Lao Tzu, Enoch, Seth, Dattatreya, Babaji, Buddha and Morya, and what they all have in common is that, with the sacrifice of their lives, they have greatly spread the Message of God among thousands and millions of people on this planet. The Board of Heaven meets under the hierarchical authority of the King of Heaven, called by the names Śiva, Mahādeva or Yahvah. If the Aćaryas of our Brotherhood want to do the Will of God, they must follow in the footsteps of these great Seventy Paighambaras, the Light Givers, and widely spread the Dharma we give – the Spiritual Science, Practice and Work. No one can ignore the work assigned to him or reject the duties entrusted to him, because performing the Aćarya Dharma means performing the Duty of a Preacher, a Missionary, a Teacher, a Priest, a Prophet. Lord Śiva Mahādeva also called Elohim Yahvah in the biblical language is our ultimate Paśupati – the Lord of Souls, the Shepherd and the Father of Heaven. The more each of us unites with God, the more we all become harmonious and unanimous, so it is easier to achieve timocratic consensus, and yet people in the West are familiar with the thought of Christ who said: “Be of one mind and keep my peace among yourselves.” A timocratic community is a community of people living in peace and harmony for the common Good and Spiritual Development.

Upasaka is an Apprentice, Aspirant, a practicing person who received Spiritual Initiation from our hands or undertook self–improvement with the help of Spiritual Practices given by us, and we have met many thousands of such people over the course of our lives. Unfortunately, only a very few become our Disciples, Chela, and yet all our work is focused on finding Spiritual Disciples. The Aćarya must give a chance to many in order to find a few, and yet there are about 375 million people of the Heart and these are those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the Good of others, and not, like the demonic Savitar, avoid people and do not want to do anything goof for anyone, and then pretend that he does not know what the role of a Spiritual Teacher is, even though he received such a position from God, and we have witnessed it and been a blessing. But apprentices are such that they would like honours and titles, but the demon of laziness and promiscuity, untamed and not burned in the fire of zeal, dominates and subtly possesses the consciousness, leading such a soul, even with promising results, astray and, as a result, to fall into complete darkness. And we have taught so much that it is service to others and sacrifice for the Good of the Community and the growth of new souls that opens the path to Aćaryas to achieve higher knowledge, and the amount of work and commitment, Tapas, is the first pillar of the Sevenfold Knowledge of the Truth. We cannot, like Savitar, live in the error of remembering old friends from common meetings, because if they are not there, they have certainly fallen, but we have a job that we must engage in diligently, and that is feeding new souls with living water, the divine food of teachings and practices, coming from the Divine Consciousness of the Gurudeva of our transmission lineage. Haven’t we taught to forget the past and open ourselves to the future, to each new soul, to touch their hearts with the fiery torch of our Zeal? We understand that souls who have come out of the darkness of hell and have a habit of rejecting what is indicated by God, such as Matariśvan, Savitar or Śankara, want interesting knowledge, recognition, initiation, but they do not want to do the Work, Seva in our Procession, which leads to the Wisdom of God, so their error of leaving and retreating is indeed a terrible thing before the Judgment of God. Their common mistake is closing their hearts to others, excessive selfishness, and above all, terrible cowardice, which always leads to destruction and downfall on the Path, because Lord Morya has always taught that the first Quality of the Heart is Viraga – Courage, Heroism. We also meet true and sincere Friends in poverty, and only among them we can make a Disciple with our own hands. All spiritual schools and traditions recognize the fact that those who do not listen to the Guru and leave are those who have fallen, and yet Christ repeated after the Buddha, and the latter after Rama, that the Devil (Māra) circles around the community (Sangha) like a roaring lion and he looks who to devour, and the wolf (a predatory Demon) drives the sheep away from the flock to bite it. Withdrawal and isolation from the Guru and Sangha, possible in various ways, is usually the beginning of the fall, a visible sign that the Dark Force is isolating the soul in order to destroy it and bring about the fall. Those who have left are never those who have completed Dharma Study, but are always fallen ones, for those who complete their studies with us will be the ones who, together with the Guru, will lead our Community to the Paradise of Heaven! We only pray that the Good God will allow them to start over again in the next life, but we do not have a monopoly on performing such great miracles, and Christ–Maitreya himself teaches that it is impossible to re–convert those who have fallen willingly, abandoning the Spiritual Way.

Demonic people willingly come to every Sangha, pretending to be enlightened Angels, they seem to make rapid progress, and among the ardent Bhaktas they seem to excel and stand out, all this only to then suddenly fade away, disappear and with a great noise and bang, with a rumour of the demon to run away and disappear, and every little thing to do so is a reason for their downfall. They want to quickly become equal to God (Guru), and even consider themselves as such, because this is the Luciferian error of haughtiness, exaltation or equalization with one’s Divine Guru. The adept must practice a humble and lowly attitude, indeed, and not just pretend Bhakti with his emotions without the support of Action, and yet Lord Krishna teaches that Action is what matters, and Bhakti is Actions, not words and emotions. There will be no Disciple above the Master, nor a Servant (Sevaka) above his Lord (Pati) – Christ said – but Śakti or Taranga, as well as Adila or Tarangini, oblivious to the fact that their demonic nature has not yet been transformed in them even to the state of Humanity, because what they are is not stable, they try to harm themselves with the help of haughtiness, rejecting all the advice, admonitions and works that the Divine Will gives them through the mouth of the Guru. When we gave Adila a job teaching classes in Krakow, she rejected it, when we gave her a job writing esoteric letters, she rejected it when we taught her the ritual at the Guru’s feet, she profaned it by adding her own elements, and when we taught her not to develop sexual fantasies in relation to the Guru, she did just the opposite, until finally Lechery – the Demon of Lechery confused this person’s head. Isolation from people and failure to spread our Dharma are also offenses against our recommendations. And so the people we save from destruction in hell show us their ingratitude by turning themselves to the worlds of hellish evil, instead of heading towards what is Pure, Holy and Good. And we only need to increase our effort a little but systematically to get closer to Heaven – the Kingdom of God, but we will not drag anyone by force, because everyone has to go alone, but together with us, together with the Guide who reveals new works at the right time and shows new horizons, including quite Mystical ones, as Upadeśa. After all, the Buddha already said that although the Guru constantly reminds us of the basic teachings, the selfish, egoistic, unenlightened mind constantly misrepresents them, distorts them, forgets fragments of them, and that is why he ordered a shared reading of the very basic teachings and instructions he gave. Reading the spiritual primer of the Buddha’s sermons took about three days with only a few breaks for rest and sleep, and so does the Himavanti primer! From the grain of wheat that we generously give away wheat must be always produced and not the tares we are talking about here, for it was not we who sowed the tares in the minds of the Upasaka Aspirants such as Savitar, Devi, Adila and Matariśvan.

We must start building a timocratic community by implementing its basic principles, and yet our Friends with whom we often meet, Buddha and Christ, have always taught that adepts of the Spiritual Community, Sacrocommunity, are under the Law of Grace of Śiva Dharma, and not only under the Law of Punishment, although it is Divine Love that establishes the Law of Reciprocity, which says that everything that a person does to God (Devatas) will fall on him, and it is only a matter of time before the Lords of Fate will return it. We are not happy at all when we hear how Exprior Izydor is suffering in agony, slowly dying of a terrible disease, but we know that this is a simple result of the diabolical slander he directed at us. And although he asks for forgiveness for what he has done, unable to remove its consequences, he must suffer the well–deserved punishment of fate that the Lipikadevas send, and we understand the sad consequences that must be suffered by all who raise their hands against the Embodiment of Divinity (Devata). Prema, God’s Love for creatures, establishes the Law of Reciprocity, which reciprocates us in the form of all kinds of punishments of fate, such as droughts, floods, fires, earthquakes, epidemics of serious diseases and disasters, because these are the effects of demonic man’s departure from God’s Love, which is Grace and Mercy and Compassion, but also Happiness and the Pacification of Evil. Our indifference to those who sow the weeds of all evil is already the cause of our human suffering and misfortune, not just causing harm. The Mirror of the Spirit, the Shield of Light, which is a magical mirror that throws down on people what they have done to others, is possible to overcome, but only for those who are Pure (Holy) and they are mentioned here as being under the Law of God’s Grace. There are only 144,000 of us on this Earth, and we extend the Law of Grace to those who are under the Wings of our spiritual care, but no one who has voluntarily turned away from us will experience the benefits of our Grace. We have the example of Rahima, whose life we ​​saved, but oblivious to this Grace, she turned against us with all the evil ferocity of a demon and was the destroyer of our work that we were developing for people and we had to watch how God’s Law quickly took away her strength and health and how she had to pay for her crime by spending two years in agony, suffocating due to asthmatic complications, and then we watched her soul sink into hellish depths from which there is no return. And we can no longer help it if man, in his demonic stupidity, chooses the path of self–destruction, which is the path of all our opponents, and yet Christ called his opponents Satans, because this is their end: they enter into pigs and drown in the lake of self–destruction. We continue to bless those who are with us and those who stand on our side, not only with empty words, but with deeds full of sacrifice and heroism. Let people remember our blessing, and let every initiate and our supporter often study and distribute this Divine Pearl of Wisdom to others for building the future.

Āćārya Paramahansa Swami Baba Lalita Mohan G.K.
(September 21–22, 2002)


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