Tips on Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a serious, but curable illness and one can avoid even 85- 95% of all malignant cancers that are diagnosed, but that would make the oncological industry go bankrupt. The key to prevention is a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and concern about the immune system of the organism.

One should strengthen and activise the immune system (IS) of the organism, which makes it possible for cancer to develop when it functions defectively! For instance, the massage of thymus (in the upper chest, the breastbone region) is a way of strengthening the IS. It is done by regular, frequent rhythmical massaging, preferably by slapping. But it is best when one can learn how to give a massage from a specialist.

Spleen and Pancreas are located on the left side of the stomach and they also require activising, as the spleen gland is one of the most important centres of the IS. One can also massage all the lymphatic vessels which are part of the IS. A specialist in natural medicine can teach you how to perform the tapping massage of the whole immune system, including its chief organs such as thymus and spleen, as well as lymphtic vessels.

The immune system is of course not only the lymphatic circulation, but also our circulation system, i. e. blood circulation, which must be regulated and improved. Massaging the body, starting with trunk and moving towards our limbs by means of so called stroking or rubbing improves the functioning of our circulation system, whose main organs are our SEX ORGANS, which sometimes is referred to as the Circulation-Sex Function (CS). Regular intercourses which give one satisfaction and pleasure are maybe the most essential factor which regulates the functioning of the circulation system. The glands of Gonads and Thymus are strictly interrelated and must be stimulated when the IS is not working efficiently enough to remove all defective cells, even the cancerous ones, from the organism.

The function of leukocytes, which are produced by limphatic glands such as thymus and partially by bone marrow, is to protect one against diseases. If the amount of particular leukocytes is insufficient it may cause an uncontrollable proliferation of cancerous cells and the development of carcinoma. Leukocytes, white cells are macrophagsB cells (found in bone marrow) and T cells (found in thymus). Macrophags and T cells are ones which are most responsible for the liquidation of cancerous cells. T cells contain cyto-toxins which kill the infected and cancerous cells and produce a protein which hinders the development of anti-cancer antigens, named interferon. Macrophags annihilate viruses by absorbing them like food. One should not try to reduce fever or force oneself to eat, when one does not feel hungry during an infection or struggle with cancerous cells. Intervals between meals must be much longer than two hours, they should preferably last from 4 to 6 hours, as otherwise we are making it difficult for our immune system to resist the illness. When we do not have any appetite for a few or dozen hours, we should not eat anything by force, as our organism is fighting with an infection or with a poisonous substance which causes the illness. During carcinoma treatment one should not have frequent snacks in between meals! Fever should not be reduced, or it may be reduced to a small extent if it reaches 42 degrees Celsius. High temperature is a sign that the organism is defending itself and it needs the fever in order that the defence could be effective, also to prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells in the organism!

Carcinoma often develops as a result of a very improper lifestyle, frequently with a whole plentitude of factors contributing to it, and they must be eliminated, as even when the treatment is completed, the cancer may relapse and attack again, if we maintain a lifestyle which weakens and destroys our IS. There are five major groups of factors which cause carcinoma and each of them must be recognised and eliminated.

One ought to avoid mental exhaustion, emotional crises, conflicts and stressful situations. One should also eliminate all arguments and other situations which might lead to severe emotional tensions. One must often practise relaxation and silencing the mind, preferably in the form of YOGA, CHI-KUNG or similar methods, which teach the ways of relaxation and calming down the mind in a profound and professional manner.

One ought to avoid living and staying close to electrical supply lines of high voltage, transformers, microwave ovens, TV screens. One should also make an effort to at least reduce the number of devices connected to the electrical network in the place used for sleeping and relaxing, so that there are as few of them as possible. Any devices which are turned on at night must not be closer to you than 3 to 5 metres, even if they are behind a wall! Do turn off all electrical devices when they are not in use at a given moment, turn off everything at least for the night!

DO avoid all poisonous chemical substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, car exhaust fumes, as well as fumes belched by factory chimneys, which are very toxic. Polymorphic hydrocarbons, anilin, dioxin, aphlatoxin and alkaline drugs are among the most dangerous enemies of our organisms, which damage our cells and bring on the development of cancer! Toxic hydrocarbons can be found in soot, especially in carbon soot, in cigarette smoke (chase smokers away so they can not infect you with cancer), car exhaust fumes, in smoked, roast and fried meat, and especially in grilled meat. If you have a neighbour who likes barbecues with lots of stinking smoke you’d better chase him away, unless you dream of going down with cancer. Walking in the street with lots of traffic, or living in such an area is a carcinogenic suicide. Avoid it, and if you can’t, try to avoid staying in such places or at least stay there after the rush hours. If your neighbour starts the car in front of your windows take something heavy and throw it at him so as to put him off and chase him away. Cars are much safer when they are 70 to 100 metres away from us and don’t poison the air when they are being started!

Anilin is a carcenogenic substance used for colouring food, so try to avoid artificially dyed foods and instead look for natural foods. Dyestuffs belonging to AZO group are also extremely cancerogenic, although their producers assure us of their harmlessness. For instance, they are used for colouring margarine, so that it acquires attractive yellow colour. It has been known for over one hundred years that anilin contained in artificial colouring substances is cancerogenic, especially judging by the number of cancer cases among the workers in the colouring industry all over the world.

Dioxins are emitted by practically the whole chemical industry. You absorb this substance, maybe the most cancerogenic of all, when you smell plastic or rubber burning, when you read a newspaper, as paper production plants emit dioxins when bleaching paper. Avoid living near chemical plants and paper production plants. Litter combustion plants also emit dioxins, which creates a horrifying menace for the health of the society.

Aphlatoxins are emitted by moulds so we should avoid decomposing food, especially cheese, as well as living in flats infested by mould and fungus. Asbestos, arsenic and formaldehyde are also tremendously carcenogenic substances, and formaldehyde is used in the production of plastic materials, wooden panels and foam for isolating houses!

Aluminium is also exceptionally cancerogenic, so you should particularly shun aluminium and duralumin dishes and pots, as they are horribly cancerogenic. Water boiled in an aluminium kettle is a cancerogenic poison! Living in an aluminium tower block causes an epidemic of cancer! Nickel and chromium are also among cancerogenic substances and one should not eat anything from nickel dishes. Mass nutrition industry typical of almost all sanatoria, hospitals, military units and restaurants makes use of huge aluminium pots where death of cancer is prepared for us! Food cooked in such a pot is a lethal poison and thanks to it we are escalating our chances of landing at an oncological ward, where, of course, we will gorge ourselves on food cooked in an aluminium pot. Such treatment enhances the chances for a relapse of cancer, let alone the decreased chances of survival.

A radioactive gas called radon causes cancer, even if it appears in microscopic amonts. Granite may also contribute to the development of cancer. Many chemical substances contained in plastic materials, glues, paints and dissolvents are substances, which either to a small or to a big extent cause cancer. That’s why foods wrapped in foil, water in plastic bottles, are… sort of a minor carcenogenic poison, especially when they are stored for a long time. Synthetic fibers are also plastic materials present in our clothes, and skin cancer as well as the cancer of respiratory system is the most frequent result of wearing them! Nitrates present in artificial fertilisers and ingredients of pesticides used for spraying fields are also very cancerogenic substances! Fluorine, which is added to water and toothpaste, is also a factor which contributes considerably to the appearance of many types of cancer. The regions where water is fluoresced are regions where cancer is diagnosed much more often. What is more, scurvy ought to be cured with vitamin C, not with fluorine. When skin gets burned during intense suntanning, the likelihood of cancer increases, so avoid excessive and aggressive suntanning. Even people who lived in antiquity called suntanning “getting cancer”. Suntanning must be sensible and one must avoid burning the skin.

Frequent exposure to radiation, either through undergoing X-ray examination or living close to atomic plants or places where atomic explosions took place face one with a high risk of going down with cancer. Get yourself an X-ray picture only when it is absolutely necessary and as rarely as possible, or better: never. That is an easier way to avoid going down with cancer, and an X-ray examination most often causes leukaemia, but not only. Live far away from radio transmitters or TV sets, as it also increases the risk of a tumor. Radars and cellular telephony transmitters, as well as other sources of electromagnetic radiation either weaken or paralyse the defensive system of the organism, they destroy the immune system! If we have such a wish, additionally documented by our lifestyle, in such cases we do get the opportunity to suffer from and die of cancer. Some companies even add a loudspeaker and a microphone to their telephones so that the transmitter could be placed away from our head and prevented from causing cancer in the area just next to our right ear!

Malignant tumors most often tend to appear in places of long-term irritations of either skin or mucous membrane, also in the cases of long-lasting, serious infections or defects. Faulty dentures which cause wounds in the oral cavity may also cause carcinoma, just as much as wearing tight clothes which cause skin chafing, or wearing tight shoes which deform our feet and cause skin abrasion. That’s why you should wear loose and comfortable clothes and avoid fabrics and plastic materials made of artificial fibers!

For protection against cancer I recommend a diet which is low in animal fats and sugar. If you eat large amounts of animal fats such as lard or pork fat, large amounts of disugars (1) (saccharine, aspartam), as well as excessive amounts of animal protein, in this way you multiply the likelihood of destroying your immune system and developing cancer by a dozen or so times. Smoked and salted foods also create favourable conditions for cancer, especially stomach cancer. Overdone, burnt or grilled meat brings about all types of cancer, particularly that of intestines. Excessive amounts of animal fat create special conditions for the most dangerous types of cancer, including breast cancer. The diet at the oncological ward should consist of big amounts of fruit and vegetables rich in cellulose so that the chance for survival for the patients may increase doubly, but the food may not be boiled in aluminium dishes! Cases of cancer among vegetarians are truly next to none in comparison with followers of meat-based, fat and protein cuisine devoid of vitamins and cellulose!

People who eat more meat, lard, pork fat, butter and other fatty foods come down with cancer much more often, especially the cancer of alimentary canal, intestines, stomach or liver. Therefore, do avoid animal fat, meat, cut down on fried and grilled dishes, use only cleared butter (processed Ghii), reduce salt in your meals as much as possible, and never use refined salt, use only natural salt. It is necessary that you decrease the amount of sweets you eat, such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits as well as candies based on disugars. Having a sweet tooth sentences you to the cancer of pancreas, stomach and other organs. Instead of sweets eat fresh fruit, which contain monosugars such as fructose. Snacks such as crisps or salted peanuts should be absolutely excluded from your diet. Eating pork, beef or any soup based on meat (chicken soup) is absolutely forbidden for ill people who have cancer!

Healthy anti-cancer diet, especially for patients at oncological wards should be based on a large amount of cereals, vegetables and fruit. It must be a diet which is rich in all vitamins and microelements, principally vitamins A, C and E, as well as microelements such as selenium, zinc, manganese and cellulose! Diet which is deficient in cellulose is a fundamental mistake in nutrition which contributes to the appearance of cancer. Beta-carotene (provitamin A) can be found in carrots and in dark yellow or orange fruit and vegetables, as well as in spinach, broccoli and lettuce. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruit, fresh peppers, Brussel sprouts, strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes. Soya and sunflower oil, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, peas, beans and many leaved vegetables are sources of vitamin E, the strongest anti-oxidant which makes it impossible for cancer to develop. Selenium can be found in mushrooms, onion, garlic, zucchini, cabbage as well as in unskimmed milk and eggs. Zinc can be found in leguminous plants such as peas, broad beans and beans, in unshelled cereal grains and in eggs. Zinc plays a major role in strenthening the immune system. Manganese can be found in wheat sprouts, cereals and wholegrain flour, unrefined rice, lettuce, dry beans and peas and in egg yolks. Zinc facilitates the metabolism and transformation of sugars, which also makes it easy to cure one of addiction to sweets. Cellulose is contained in the shells of wheat and other cereals, as well as in fruit and vegetable peels. It removes the toxins and food remnants from the alimentary canal, and its lack contributes to the development of cancer of intestines and even stomach cancer!

Flaxseed and Evening Primrose (2) oil have a very good impact on the curability of cancer. Properly prepared infusion of black birch bracket fungus, also used for macerating, has a similar effect. Brewed sage and sage infusion also have favourable effects in cancer treatment and are good preventive medicines. Red beetroot, carrot and celery juice play a crucial role in reinforcing the immune system and they assist in treating cancer. Radish and potato juice also cure some types of cancer such as liver cancer. SageSt. John’s wort, mint and Lemon Balm (3), when they are properly infused also have curative powers or prevent the relapse of cancer. Teas of horsetail plant (4)nettle, or knotgrass (5) and St. John’s Wort prepared in the right proportions are also a good anti-cancer herbal remedy and a medicine for cancer. Tea made of geranium plant helps to cure any type of cancer. Tea, or rather infusion of potato peels or fresh potato juice are also anti-cancer medicines. Nettle or mistletoe are exquisite anti-cancer weapons. Breast cancer, cancer of ovaries or womb, as well as prostate cancer can be cured with teas made of alchemilla and lamium herbs. But, of course, the foundation here is a solid psychosexual therapy, which cannot be replaced with anything, as far as cancer treatment or prevention are concerned. The basis of the majority of these types of cancer are problems with sex, sexual relationship, abstinence, shame, sexual trauma, abandonment, abortion, remorse due to alleged sinfulness of sex, fear of pregnancy, feeling of guilt owing to one’s adventures with sex, etc.

A certified specialist in natural medicine and healing may of course prescribe a good anti-cancer therapy, and good examination and interview with a patient in order to figure out the best treatment may usually last from 1 to 2 hours, in the case of preliminary visit. Fake doctors who know in advance what your ailment is should be avoided at all costs, as each clairvoyante corrects his visions or illusions by conducting a detailed interview with a patient, as long as he or she is a qualified therapist in the field of natural medicine! Fake doctors who claim to heal by putting their hands on the patient for 1 to 5 minutes should be avoided like a pest, as these are frauds who have no slightest idea of bioenergy healing. A true healing session with such a therapist usually lasts even for one to two hours at the beginning, and at the end of the therapy it may last no less than 20-30 minutes! Don’t let yourself be cheated and enhance your resistance to cheats who have brought natural healing such a bad reputation. Biotherapy session mustn’t be conducted by putting one’s hands directly on the cancerous growth, as it may accelerate the expansion of cancer. One should strengthen one’s immune system and general vitality of the organism! Many diseases are cured thanks to the application of many different therapies and treatments at the same time, and this means that one should rather avoid frauds who apply only one “right” therapy for everything, unless they form a part of a bigger therapeutic team and they perform their healing session within the framework of a complex therapy prescribed by a specialist!

To sum up this outline I would like to make readers aware of the fact that this is only a summary of preventive measures and an anti-cancer therapy, and the author conducts longer seminars devoted to this issue in Polish cities such as Częstochowa, Łódź, Katowice, Gdynia, Poznań and others.

Acharya Lalit’ Mohan G.K.

(1) Disaccharydes
(2) Another name: Sundrops, Latin name: Oenothera
(3) Another name: Sweet Balm
(4) Latin name: Equisetum Arvense
(5) Latin name: Polygonum Aviculare


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