Toxic Ideas of Pseudo-Religions (88)

As a specialist in the field of psychology of religion and mental therapy of people indoctrinated by toxic and destructive sects widely known in the world, I will say a few words about a few toxic ideas that distort reason and destroy the spiritual life of an individual, leading him astray into godlessness. The essence of deprogramming therapy is to correct sick beliefs that can lead to real tragedy, not only in the dimension of individual life but also to social tragedy, the greatest of which history knows is war genocide sanctioned by “religious” establishments. The meaning of religion is “reconnection, coming together again.” Religion should therefore, in its essence, be a rapprochement and connection of nations and believers, races and languages, and not a separation or divide of blacks from whites or Jews from Muslims. Separatism is therefore not something that would result from the essence of religion, but is something that is the denial of religion in the very sense of the word. Religions, re-clinging, connecting, approximation is the same word in Western languages ​​as Yoga or Samyoga in Eastern languages, which is also a connection, getting closer and clinging in both cases to God, to the Deity who is a being of a higher kind than man.

We can evaluate the toxic ideas of pseudo-religion especially on the moral level by examining how the followers of some harmful sect with destructive behaviour of its members behave, and this is the obvious area of ​​our analysis. We can also assess toxic beliefs on the basis of mental disorders suffered by the followers of a given religious community or so-called religious culture, where certain beliefs are widely held contrary to logic and common sense. The study of old religious cultures shows that rituals honouring the Deities in stone circles have existed since the dawn of human history, and religious places such as those in Thuringia and Bilzingsleben from 370,000 years ago are not uncommon. There are most traces of religious cults around the world in honour of various Deities (Angels) from the period 70-50 thousand years ago, which may mean that it was a period of significant flourishing of religious life or that more traces from this period have been preserved! Deities called Angelos in Greek culture are the basis of every real religious cult, and the Vedic-Hindu trend has created the largest number of cult forms, over myriad (10,000)!

Religion is the cradle of humanity and this can be seen both among the most primitive peoples and in the so-called high technical civilization, in which the number of people who believe in the existence of a Deity usually does not fall below 90 percent of the total population, although the percentage of practitioners in harmful sects of the pseudo-religious establishment is falling, threatening many traditional sects with complete collapse due to their anti-religious deviations and distortions. Atheists usually do not exceed 8-12 percent of the population, so it is one person in ten, but it is enough for such a group, if well organized, to take control and power over society and even over mass religious sects. It only takes 3-5 percent of the well-organized population in a society to exercise power and control over society, so even less than it results from the ability of atheists to take power, even though they are a statistical minority in every culture in human history. The Vedic-Hindu culture of over a billion people and the Buddhist culture of some 600 million people consider atheistic philosophy to be a kind of primitive religion of primitive people who lack reason and rationalism due to the underdevelopment of the soul. In oriental culture it is said that atheism is the philosophy of the necessity and superiority of celibacy over sexual life, preached by impotent people due to their congenital defects, and Indian Traditional Medicine for atheism recommends plant medicines that are drugs for the treatment of mental illnesses or, more precisely, mental disorder. As the great Wise Men say, you cannot say that there is no Ocean just because you have never seen it, because it is too far away!

Research shows that one third (33%) or slightly more people in every society have various religious experiences that convince this part of human civilization to personally acknowledge the presence of God, a Higher Being, Spirit or Power, and these concepts most often describe personal contact experiences. The Response of a Higher Being to Prayer or Inspiration is one of the most common experiences that rationalize the Existence of the Divine, although such Revelation occurs frequently. And in intelligent and learned people it reaches up to 40% of the population, which is more often than in average people. This means that religion can be felt and known precisely by the human genius, and yet Niels Bohr received the vision of the structure of the atom in a dream from some Light Being, and Newton understood the law of attraction during Meditation under a Tree, because he was a religious man with a deep mystical life. Religion in its proper sense is the basis of humanity and culture, but religion degenerated by toxic sects will be an “opiate” for the people, a toxic and poisonous ideology leading to distortions and degenerations in the name of misunderstood ideas and the lust for power or profit. The paintings of ancient religious mystics and visionaries from the cave in Chovet in France do not differ in any way in their content and form from the drawings of contemporary mystics and shamans from various cultural circles, and yet these drawings are the works of artists from 32 or more thousand years ago! The common term SHAMAN, which describes a visionary, bard, healer, prophet and priest, specialist in ritual, songs and dance of an ecstatic nature, comes from SANSKRIT, the language of the Indo-Europeans and Yoga, and in India is also used pronounced as SAMAN, because the words starting “S” is often written and pronounced by replacing this letter with “SH”, which gives the so-called a folk version of the sound of the concept! There is no culture, country or civilization without Shamans – Priests, and their degeneration is always the beginning of the end of a given civilization in history!

The fall of traditional religious sects, which have become harmful and destructive, is always a period of ferment from which many new religious movements arise. In the 1960s, we saw the fall of Protestantism and Catholicism in the USA and the beginning of about 3,500 various new religious movements, and currently a similar process is taking place in Germany, where a return to the original shamanic religious practices is visible. The degeneration of Christianity in the USA was mainly caused by two toxic ideas of Catholic and Puritan origins, the sick belief that the white race was superior to the coloured races and the sick belief that woman was inferior to man. The American Revolution is a rebellion of the Negro society enslaved by racism in the USA and a rebellion of women enslaved by male priestly castes with their mental disease of the superiority of men over women. So far, it has not been possible to equalize the rights of women with men or to introduce practical equality between the coloured races and the white race, hence the conclusion that the process of healing society from sick religious doctrines will continue for a long time, although it would seem that removing erroneous beliefs is very simple and easy. Opium for the people is poisonous, because in 30 US states blacks have no right to live or stay for a long time without expulsion, repression or liquidation. And the racist doctrine is to this day the unrevoked and uncondemned dogma of Catholics! In practice, apartheid still exists not only in the USA as ghettos for blacks or reservations for Indians, but also in South Africa, where the Catholic sect maintains bantustans for blacks in which they have to live, and these are large ghettos. In similar times, the Catholic Adolf Hitler ordered the detention and liquidation of Jews. Well, erroneous purely religious ideals lead to enormous suffering, and the dogma of the superiority of the white race and the dogma of the superiority of men over women are probably the two most toxic ideas and very “successful” in the sense of their universal worldwide harmfulness. The doctrine of racial superiority adopted to the Germanic nation or rather the Germanic race by the Catholic Adolf Hitler is a specific combination of two toxic pseudo-religious ideas, the Catholic idea of ​​the superiority of the white race (racism) along with the sense of choosing the nation, the so-called national superiority complex. This resulted in the number of 50 million people brutally murdered using clever tortures in extermination camps. Let us look carefully at these toxic ideologies, real religious madness and learn what ends in an orgy of crimes if it becomes a common belief in the hands of a religious madman who is undoubtedly the Catholic Adolf Hitler, an admirer of Mary! The superiority of gender, race and nation is a real world tragedy producing maniacal genocides like the Catholic Adolf Hitler. It is this maniacal sense of superiority and betterness that turns religion into a pathological deviation or religious madness that cannot be cured, because a sect shaped in this way becomes incurable in its behaviour.

Only the fall of destructive sects based on harmful and toxic ideals brings religious renewal and the flowering of a new wave of religious reformation, and this is what German culture experienced in the period of the so-called Reformation, but what emerged absorbed some toxic ideas, such as racism, and degenerated again, so that today it is a more fanatical, ignorant group than the Catholics against whom the Reformation was essentially directed. Protesting against the 100 erroneous ideas of Catholicism turned out to be disastrous for many Protestants in the sense that their opponents began to destroy them, i.e. liquidate them, and yet the Way of Religious Life in all cultures is generally against violence, killing, war and orders the protection of the lives of people and creatures. Unfortunately, authorities such as Saint Francis of Assisi were not listened to at all among the general population contaminated with a toxic ideology distorting the very meaning of the concept of RELIGION. In every religion there is a commandment of non-killing and non-violence, usually revealed by some Deity or Prophet/Avatar, so it is surprising that any idea of ​​​​mass killing or war, genocide, conquest is listened to in seemingly religiously raised societies. How can deviants manipulate a nation or society, arise the spirit of hatred towards Afghans who have not attacked any country, so that lunatics from all over the world come to attack such a poor and weak country and seize its riches with the support of the religious establishment of degenerate sects that are afraid to oppose it? Catholic Bush, who is responsible for the starvation death of at least a million Afghans, mainly children and women, as a result of the ruination of this country. And it’s easy to increase your sense of superiority and national pride to unhealthy levels when you are the ruler of a country with a strong, large army! Only this is the same toxic deviation of mind that the predecessor of the Bush genocide and the Catholic Adolf Hitler in Germany suffered from. The deviation of racism and the nation chosen to rule the world!

The Buddhist religion emphasizes the Teaching of the Tathagata, which means the ideal of Equality and Brotherhood of souls on which both greater and lesser should meet, and this Brotherhood is extended not only to all people regardless of race, nation or gender but also to non-human living creatures! This ideal is healthy in that it generally eliminates toxic racist ideologies that lead to murderous madness and are based on the sense of superiority of a race or nation and, in extreme cases, on the cult of the individual leading the supposedly chosen nation. The original idea of ​​the chosen nation, which originally existed in the oriental culture of the Middle East, said that God (Allah, Elohim, Brahman) chooses a nation and sends to it His Son, the Prophet (Paighambar, Rasul), to put this nation to the test of faith, i.e. to check whether this nation, society will submit to the teachings of such a very Holy Prophet, or will it be against the Messenger of God, rejecting his Message and Spiritual Guidance. A nation is chosen and a Prophet is born, but when the Prophet’s/Avatar’s nation rejects it, it is no longer chosen, but condemned and rejected, and disasters, i.e. God’s Punishments, fall on it in the form of floods, droughts, famines, pestilence or annexation! Rather, it appears from the lives of the Saints and Prophets that most nations turned their “choosing” into their condemnation, just as the Jewish nation did many times by killing its Prophets and Messiahs. Prophets/Avatars enjoyed the greatest acceptance in India, Persia and Tibet and have always been best received there, although the occupation of Tibet by China greatly changed these ancient customs and religious culture.

The toxic idea of ​​the superiority of one gender over the other, in turn, leads to a real social plague in every family and marriage in societies where such an ideology becomes accepted, although the Bible says that God created Man as male and female in His own image and likeness, we have a whole lot of harmful sects in Christian religions where women are denied both humanity and divinity. From the times of Emperor Constantine until the Council of Trent, the Vatican Catholic sect believed that women had no soul and that men had a soul created in the image and likeness of God, the Supreme Being. The harm of believing that a woman is an empty and soulless addition to a man can be seen, for example, in the justification by this dogma of the right of the first night to newly married women by the feudal owners of villages and settlements. This madness was introduced by the ideologist Augustine, who lived at the turn of the 4th and 5th centuries of the Christian era (C.E.). Hundreds of years of enslavement of women and their cruel treatment are today a phenomenon that is difficult to eradicate from the minds of both women and men, when in relationships a woman waits for a man’s initiative, convinced that she has no right to express her desires and needs and the feeling of many men that a woman has to serve them and satisfy their needs while they can give nothing in return. The cure for this religion of well-established madness may be the Kamasutra, which clearly teaches that a man should give pleasure to a woman and take care of her well-being, and a woman should take care of the good and pleasure of her man. Thanks to this, we have the balance of the Divine Man consisting of a pair of a man and a woman caring for each other, each for the good of the other. In such relationships, the relationship between a man and a woman is harmonious, wonderful and pleasant, and beneficial to the other party. The toxic idea of ​​superiority of one sex over the other leads to pathology, slavery, i.e. to the enslavement of one sex, in this case women by the male, and to the enormous suffering of exactly half of the entire religious culture distorted by such an idea, and yet the so-called Catholic Council of Trent in the 16th century C.E. he admitted that a woman has a soul (psyche), but also stated that a woman’s soul has half the value of a man’s soul, which further maintains the inferior position and role of women in society. An inferior soul has no right to rule, it has to be obedient, it cannot be a Priestess, it can be paid half as much for the same work as a man. The Principle of Equality and Brotherhood of Souls which is the basis of the Teachings of Gautama Buddha is truly a cure for this ideological dogmatic disease which is maintained both in social consciousness and in dogma!

Some Puritan sects in America have developed this ideology of the superiority of men over women to an even greater absurdity, claiming that a woman is not allowed to study or read the Bible, and claiming that a woman can be saved by serving a man and mothering with absolute obedience. This is a kind of absolutization of a harmful and sick absurdity that terrifies even its creators, i.e. the Catholic sect from which it comes. The truly tragic pathology begins when the father of the family begins to control his daughters in the spirit of such toxic ideas and confuses religious ideas with his sexual desire for his daughters, which often happens when the daughters mature and emanate fragrances that attract the male. The tyrant destroys his daughters’ love life and does not allow them to build the love relationships that should naturally develop. Such a religious ideology set “on the tip of the penis”, i.e. reasoning supported by the sexual impulses of a male father who treats every sympathy of his daughter as a rival deer in the rut with religious justification, is the real tragedy of millions of women in families of such sectarians embedded mainly in the Puritan trend Protestantism or in the Marian current of Catholicism. The equal right to learning and education for women and men was already granted by the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, although in the Shiite culture this right was distorted as a result of the philosophical influence of Christian theology from the 16th and 17th centuries, i.e. after the Council of Trent!

Can a religious man use violence against his closest relatives, against co-religionists of his own religion, when in fact every religion clearly prohibits it, considering even a fight between co-religionists as something wicked and extremely inconsistent with the doctrine? Every religion commands Love and Kindness towards fellow believers, brothers in faith, followers of the same Deity! Whether it is Shinto or Hindu, Islam, Judaism or Christianity, it is strictly enjoined on Charity, Love, Kindness towards the representatives of one’s own religion and the Buddhist and Hindu religions enjoin Mercy, Sympathy and Kindness towards all people and creatures, and Islam enjoins Love and Beneficence towards all Peoples of the Book, i.e. the Jewish and Christian religions in particular. How toxically deluded people must be that a Catholic shoots a Catholic, a Protestant shoots a Protestant, a Jew shoots a Jew, or a Muslim from Iran shoots a Muslim from Iraq! Analysing European wars for 1,600 years, we see that Christians most like to attack each other, rape, rob, torture and kill! Two hundred million corpses in the 20th century are victims of crimes against each other among the Christian Brothers, especially Catholics. What is behind the idea of ​​mutual murder of followers of the same Catholic, Lutheran or Christian sects in general? Of course, a higher form of racism called chauvinism, national chauvinism, which says that we German Catholics are better people and we must kill Czech Catholics or Polish Catholics, of course with fierce reciprocity. Having a cursory knowledge of the history of, for example, the First War of the 20th century, we can see that several countries fought it on a peer-to-peer basis, and Catholic countries or Catholic authorities were primarily involved! At the end of the 20th century, within half a year, 1.5 million Catholics in Africa died, because the Catholics of the Tutsi nation and the Catholics of the Hutu nation began to slaughter each other with everything they could, and their Catholic bishops stood on both sides of this massacre as leaders and provocateurs. A real virus of religious suicide within a sect that is unknown on such a scale neither in Islam nor in any other religion. Nationalizing the followers of religion and identifying them with the nation leads to toxic chauvinism, something combined, which is a two-component bomb of nationalism and sectarianism, constructed in such a way that one component fuels the other and we see it in the crusades of European nations incited by nationalized sectarianism.

If we see someone who says that a real Pole is a Catholic or that a real Serb is an Orthodox Christian or claims that a real Iranian is a Shiite, then let us know that we are seeing the worst and most pathological, chauvinistic, nationalist-sectarian scum, capable of the worst acts such as justifying one’s worst criminal, nationalistic excesses with religiosity and piety. Historically, we see over 100 years of chauvinistic genocidal massacre committed by Jews against Palestinians through the invasion and occupation of Palestine, as the Jewish state disappeared from the face of the earth in the years 65-70 of the Christian era, and we also see the Catholic regime of Pavelić in Croatia, where Catholic crimes of murdering Orthodox Christians and building of the Great Croatia was so monstrous and cruel that it shocked the conscience of another great chauvinist, the Catholic Adolf Hitler, so much so that he severely condemned the local regime! The identification of the Hindu religion with Hindu nationality has also led to several local but generally minor conflicts in India, but the more serious problem there is the aggressive crusade of Muslims against Hindu religions, although syncretic religious trends have arisen that perfectly translate and unite both religious trends, if one considers them in the spirit of understanding, and without any chauvinism. There is nothing more toxic than the combination of nationalism with sectarianism based on a sense of superiority and motives of racism or a wrongly understood chosen nation!

Toxic ideas in religious systems that are a tragedy in the dimension of social morality may also be of a more subtle nature and may sanction “honourable” suicides, which become a real social plague, for example in the Shinto culture of Japan in recent centuries, where the possibility of the right to “honourable” suicide has been made the obligation to commit suicide for the slightest “honourable” offenses, leading entire lineages and families to pathological destruction. The number of suicides per population has not yet exceeded the number of suicides in countries of Christian culture, where they are a plague due to poor love and sex education, or rather its lack, and because of a pathological, fascistic system of power based on excessive oppression and exploitation. Every year, in Poland, with a population of 38 million, an entire town of 6-7 thousand people disappears, and all these are clearly documented suicides, less disappearances, drownings, deaths in road accidents, which are often risky driving intended to lead to suicide, and accidental victims of suicide. It is estimated that up to 20% of drivers who die are suicide risk takers who deliberately expose themselves to death. The number of actual suicides may therefore reach 8-10 thousand people, which is a lot. The most suicides occur in countries that are both Catholic, Marian and generally poor! The ideal of oneness and uniqueness of the love encountered instead of the right to change a partner if it is an unsuitable person, love for a zygote instead of love for a living person, lack of education in breaking up and freeing oneself from toxic and destructive relationships, intolerance for women with children instead of love and care for them from public opinion – all this is the basis of this pathological plague of religiously motivated suicides!

People who produce toxic religious ideals are commonly referred to as religious fanatics, haunted or insane people. Basically, they suffer from severe changes in the bioelectrical functioning of the brain in the temporal lobes and are detectable by careful analysis of the impulses of this area, so that it can be determined very precisely when the psychopathology called “hyperreligiosity” begins. Religious cultures of the Orient as well as mystical schools leave the faithful a lot of liberty and freedom in the zeal of religious commitment, so as not to force religiosity by force. The psychology of religion taught in Oriental countries clearly discusses the principle that introducing religion as a compulsory obligation is a sign of introducing a toxic, destructive and even criminal cult and calls such an institution a degenerate cult. If we take the zero point on the scale as the lack of signs of any use of violence on others and the complete lack of imposing one’s doctrine and principles on others, and point 10 as routine violence, ritual murder, forcing people to accept religion by force under the threat of death, we will have a graph of the degree of degeneration of the religious system. Jaina, Buddhayana and Hindu are traditions close to the zero point on the scale, while Catholicism, Lutheranism, Russian Orthodoxy and Muslim Shiism are degenerate sects, close to the ten point, sects that imposed their ideology on others by force, like the so-called Adalbert, the murderer of 200,000 people he slaughtered when they refused the so-called conversion to his pseudo-religious madness. All these are elementary historical facts based only on the analysis of the history of religion. The greatest violence was used by the Catholic sect in America, murdering over 200 million Indians, that is, in practice, the majority of the red-skinned race, in the name of spreading their insane ideology, which involves murdering everyone who does not want to convert and become a follower of such an ideology, which is in fact racism combined with sectarianism, and sectarian nationalisms even competed with each other for spheres of influence, which resulted in exceptionally bloody orgies of crimes against Indians that continue to this day. The idea of ​​forcing people to follow the ideology of a sect such as Catholic or Shiite is already sick and toxic in its essence, because belief in God or Divinity assumes a voluntary and sincere tendency to seek the Higher Being and Consciousness, and coercion only breeds rebellion and discouragement, and also suppresses the ability to perceive an object that is transcendental in nature. The violence of religious compulsion to believe is, in its very essence, a toxic idea, and since it concerns the sacred, it is something vulgar and filthy. Even encouraging children to be religious, if it is based on compulsion to go to a church, mosque or synagogue, is an outstanding crime against the individual, because it profanes the awakening sacrum and causes internal turning away from the hated compulsion and only apparent participation in external rituals under the threat of punishment. We can say that every parent who forces their children to participate in religious rituals through punishment and threats is in fact a criminal who kills God in the hearts of their children and causes them to suppress their natural need to cling to the Deity and the ability to receiving spiritual inspiration from Deity. Forcing children to participate in a sect is a rape of the soul and personality, even worse than sexual rape under threat and coercion.

Religion as the cradle of humanity must be associated pleasantly by children and by converts, and therefore the correct Path of Religion must start with pleasant and delightful, nice and helpful things, and not with violence to the conscience and mental terror or physical forcing to participate in incomprehensible and boring sectarian rituals. Fanatics, i.e. people who are essentially sick with a kind of religious madness, like the ayatollahs in Iran, are those who passionately talk about God or Deity in their religion, in fact a sect, and teach it to others under duress and threat! In addition, they often talk all sorts of nonsense, such that their teaching is pseudo-religious gibberish, and instead of paying attention to what is important, they ignore the essence of religion, maliciously and criminally clinging to external things that have no significance for religiosity. A perfect example is the madness of these religious perverts regarding the human sexual sphere. When in Iran unmarried women are punished with death because they have condoms in their purses, it is religious madness, because the sick brain of the ayatollahs cannot check whether such a woman has faith in her heart and in prayer communication with God, Allah, who perhaps inspired such a woman to buy and use such a condom. One can risk a well-documented claim that the interference of such ayatollahs in the field of morality and attaching a rubber band to the penis is one of the typical examples of the maniacal confusion of reason of people who suffer from strong bioelectric brain disorders in the temporal lobes, which leads to their “hyper-religiousness”. A good medicine is the religious thought of the Orient, which teaches from the beginning that if you want to be a more religiously zealous person, demand more only from yourself and from no one else, and if you teach, demand only from those who themselves come and ask you to learn and from no one more. In this way, society knows that super-religious people who want to convince everyone of their madness or morbid mania should be avoided and ignored, and yet if someone wants to practice with such people, they can get the whip on their head only at their own request. The ban on the use of condoms is undoubtedly psychopathology, because it has no connection with religious experiences. And it should be added that Dr. Charles Condom (1630-1685) developed the European version of the condom (based on earlier Chinese and Indian inventions) for deeply religious reasons, because in a vision he understood that it would reduce human suffering by limiting the number of venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies, the offspring of which must later suffer for life. Dr. Condom also wanted to limit the number of abortions, which often ended in the death of the mother of an unwanted child, and unwanted children most often develop into criminogenic, socially pathological individuals who fall into addictions and life losers with the so-called victim syndrome. The good, best development of a child is the one that comes from a wanted and expected pregnancy, where the margin of pathology, of course, exists, but is statistically minimal. We, psychotherapists and psychologists of the School of Psychosynthesis, know how much time and work it takes to remove the unwanted child complex in its various forms and varieties. Wise and rational Muslim women, probably inspired by God, feel this intuitively, because they risk their lives by carrying and using condoms, even though the madness of the ayatollahs orders the killing of these intelligent and also pious women. Reducing religiosity to the level of examining whether someone copulates with or without a rubber band, telling them that masturbation, a natural, human need, is sinful, or ordering confessions of intermittent intercourse into the ear of some priest in a black dress who salivates at the very thought of hearing such confessions. it is an ideal image of pathological religious deviation, which is already a pseudo-religion, because, regardless of authentic and well-verified scientific knowledge, it tells people trivial nonsense and arouses unnecessary fear, omitting what is important for both faith and cult. Jesus Christ speaks nicely about these deviations, rebuking the caste of degenerate Jewish Pharisees: “You care about mint and cumin and ignore Mercy and Faith!”

All kinds of so-called public morality guards or morality police imposing their promiscuous and often unfulfilled “moral norms” through which people look into beds and underpants, certainly have no justification in any authentic religious teaching, if we examine it at its source. On the contrary, Greek religious culture, like Śaivite in India or Taoist in China, is a flowering of culture, art and science, all based on full freedom of erotic life with only minor restrictions regarding coercion and rape. Throughout history, the entire progress of healthy science, art and culture has always been based on liberty and freedom, and even on the sacralization of erotic life, and without personal freedom in the erotic life of society, there is no correct and creative religious life. The idea of ​​the sinfulness of the womb began to distort and degenerate the entire Christianity from the very beginning, and seeing evil in the penis or vagina is only a disease in the minds of those who talk such sectarian heresies, denying the basic facts from the lives of the Saints and Founders of their religion. Prophets such as Mohammad, Jesus and Abraham usually had very healthy, practical and rational religious and social views, because their revelations came from God, from the Deity who is Wise, Rational and Intelligent. Prophet Krishna in India had many wives and mistresses, Prophet Solomon had a whole harem of 930 wives, including 300 first-class wives (more frequent intercourse), Prophet Abraham had 2 main wives, Sarah and Hagar, and a whole lot of concubines, Prophet Moses was also a woman lover. According to historical documents, Jesus had two wives, Miriam, to whom he was married at the age of about 18, and who died childless after 7 years, and Miriam Magdala (Mary Magdalene), a former prostitute from recovery, whom he married immediately after the death of his first wife, although previously she was his concubine and with whom he had at least 2 sons, mentioned, for example, in the pedigree of the Merovingian dynasty descending from the firstborn son of Jesus Christ. The Prophet of Islam Mohammad had a total of a dozen wives, and he married Aisha when she was 8/9 years old, which means that in God’s eyes paedophilia only applies to very young children and rape, but of course rape is always rape when the raped person, regardless of age, does not consent to a sexual act! Therefore, God’s prophets generally led a luxuriant sexual life and their high sexual activity could even prove their uniqueness and supernaturalness, among other miracles. History also records Holy Women who were prostitutes like Mary Magdalene or Pandavi, who had five husbands, the Pandavas brothers! The idea of ​​hating sex and the womb, repressing copulation and masturbation, all these are toxic and erroneous pseudo-religious, sick inventions that breed in the disease-damaged temporal lobes of the brain. Yet this area of ​​the brain is responsible for valuation processes that must be disturbed if statements appear that are inconsistent with actual, scientifically proven facts. Yet God revealed himself to Abraham, who was passionately copulating, and God ordered him to copulate with almost 100-year-old Sarah, giving birth to her offspring! God also spoke to Mohammad, who had copulation with a 9-year-old girl Aisha, so how dare the ayatollahs of Iran forbid their Muslim women to have pleasures such as those enjoyed by the wife of the Prophet of Islam? Overvalued ideas or the inversion of the scale of values ​​are undoubtedly disorders that we must deal with as part of psychological and religious research. And we know that people who try to force themselves into celibacy, contrary to their sexual nature, tell themselves various filthy and bad things about sexuality, genital organs and the opposite sex, and that later various psychopathologies and deviations are born from this, and if a person makes them public, he or she creates a pseudo-morality that is social deviation under the guise of religiosity.

The religious culture of Chinese Taoists has been repeating for thousands of years the same truths that psychosexologists repeat today: that erotic life is a matter of natural needs, the same as eating, drinking or the need for safety or walking, and should be satisfied whenever it appears. Sexually unsatisfied people suffer from deep depression and many other mental disorders, including an increased rate of aggression. Therefore, the Taoist commandment is to look for friends of the opposite sex to satisfy sexual pleasure and give each other erotic pleasures in accordance with natural needs. There is no upper or lower age limit, and what initiates erotic life is the need for pleasure, and erotic life is an art that is best learned from experienced partners. In inspirations and erotic needs met in accordance with the inner need, a person finds the basis for building a successful and creative relationship with the Divine and the Divine Spirit, and it is also the basis for effective action and a creative life. The Taoist culture of China, like the Tantric culture of India and the Erotic culture of Greece, considers successful and deep erotic satisfaction as the basis of religiosity, creativity and culture, and considers the treatment of sexual complexes and various delusions of sinfulness, guilt or jealousy as the basic medical therapy! Nowadays, the same phenomenon is observed, and in the treatment of mental disorders, supporting patients in leading a satisfactory sexual life most often determines the effectiveness of therapy and cure. The greater the repressiveness of the sexual sphere in the lives of young people, the greater the criminogenicity of the youth’s environment. Children who are not repressed for satisfying their erotic needs very rarely show criminogenic tendencies, and the repression of sexuality is a flourishing of crime. Lack of orgasm is an increase in general tension leading to aggression, this is what thousands of well-documented scientific studies say, but pseudo-moralists cannot read or think, and prefer to live in their illusory, sick, dogmatic madness. Many researchers of mental pathology clearly say that schizophrenia is the result of moral dilemmas related to the inability to follow the dictates of morbid morality despite one’s own desires for sexual pleasure, and psychosexual therapies attract a very large percentage of people with this disease, and the Taoist therapeutic group is in over 93 % the only factor in the schizophrenic’s return to mental health. Freeing the conscience and subconsciousness from sexual tensions and conflicts in their nature is an ideal prevention against rampant schizophrenia, especially social schizophrenia.

The toxic religious idea that tries to transform man into an animal is the call of sectarian maniacs to have sexual intercourse only for procreation, that is, for the conception of offspring, although the entire biology of human nature clearly denies this. Man does not have oestrus for the production of offspring, as animals do, and is clearly mentally and biologically constituted to engage in sexual intercourse for pleasure and bliss, and to treat procreation as a side effect to prolong offspring. Religious revelations from many historical eras talk about it, and the history of protection against unwanted pregnancy that people have produced since the dawn of their existence speaks about it. We humans should not try to be like mindless animals that copulate briefly and make no sounds of pleasure, while the orgasm of humans, both women and men, is full of signs of pleasure and pleasure. Among animals, only dolphins are known to be able to use advanced caresses and make significant sounds of pleasure just like humans. Man is a very separate species living on Earth and clearly has no relationship with the so-called primates, because humans have 46 chromosomes, and primates have 48, which makes us creatures of completely different genetic origins. Animals and primates are four-legged and have fur, and humans are bipedal and have no fur, but hair of a completely different quality on the head! The shape of the human skull is nothing like the skulls of primates, which have a very different head structure, and the speech organ that humans have is nothing like the speech organ of primates! It is therefore no wonder that the sexual organs of a woman and a man serve to give each other pleasure and bliss and that this is their primary purpose, and the reproductive capacity is only an addition to pleasure. The naturally developing love between a woman and a man everywhere in the world and in every era shows that the couple first gives each other a lot of pleasure and only later feels the need for sexual reproduction, fatherhood and motherhood. The religious madness that tries to equate us, PEOPLE, with mindless animals that copulate only to maintain the species and produce offspring is alien to any truly scientific and humane human culture.

Telling biologically and mentally healthy people that caressing and copulating in a nice and delightful way, without the written permission and certificate of some black-dressed ayatollah, parish priest, pastor or rabbi with sidelocks, is some kind of crime and immoral evil is, in its essence, a sin and an evil that these clergy and eunuch “super-religious” maniacs harm healthy and normal people. It is immoral to attribute to the sexual organs and their natural pleasure-giving functions an inappropriate moral connotation of evil and sinfulness. Love between a woman and a man is essentially Good, also from a medical and psychological point of view, and therefore such relationships of pleasure should be sacralised and not condemned. We must condemn the Muslim and Christian Talibs who stick their celibate nostrils and brains in the wrong place, and no asceticism imposed by strong pressure or coercion has ever sanctified anyone and has always been a social evil of the worst kind. The old Biblical point of view is correct here: considering the womb and sex as evil proves the sinfulness and error of the one who says so. The Biblical Song of Solomon even testifies that loving for the pleasure and connection of the Bridegroom and the Bride is a Divine Act, so every love between a woman and a man has in its essence this transcendental nature and can serve a deeper connection with God. Since the dawn of humanity, Indian Tantra, as the oldest known religious culture, has always seen the act of sexual connection full of tenderness, caresses and intimate conversations, the act of combining the God and the Goddess (Kāma, Rāti), who thus arouse inspiration, creative power, and also prolong their lifespan and vitality. Neither prohibitions prohibiting sexual pleasure nor compulsory copulation under force will certainly have anything to do with a healthy, revealed religious system, and the biblical Garden of Eden is associated with the complete lack of shame of nudity, naturism and a free, delightful sexual life in the Presence of God! No ayatollah or parish priest had any business there.

A wrong approach to faith combined with hyper-religiosity is sometimes associated with attacks of consciousness disturbances, strange feelings and states that a person cannot control, and which are accompanied by panic and hallucinations, especially of an unpleasant nature (catastrophic visions), epileptic seizures and similar experiences! A true mystical vision does not contain unpleasant and sickly symptoms, because such symptoms indicate an illness, not an experience of God. The temporal lobes are very excited during these experiences, and sometimes the frontal lobes too, and this stimulation is a well-known disease, as even Hippocrates recommended that therapists place their hands on the temples of patients whose vision “came” and “holds” them, in order to balance such disorders that are a pseudo-religious brain disorders with bioenergy. People suffering from some type of religious haunting or madness often complain of severe headaches in the temporal area, which indicates the organic cause of their alleged “religiosity”! Many Catholic popes and so-called “saints” suffered from the ailments we are talking about here, which is confirmed by studies of their lives and, in fact, the development of the disease. A morbid sense of superiority, and sometimes macabre self-abasement or humiliation of others, is a truly maniacal ailment of the papacy, which is incapable of religious cooperation and coexistence, although it is able to communicate with the ayatollahs in the field of combating condoms so that more people die of AIDS. The morbid sense of superiority of the race of the Catholic sect, reaches the apogee of its “highness” in the madness of “only correct infallibility” in matters of faith, while at the same time raving that the Earth is the navel of the world and everything revolves around it! This is the image of this “infallible” mistake that led thousands of scientists to the executioner’s axe or to be burnt alive, because erroneous and toxic ideas in religious matter inevitably lead to pathological violence and crime, so a person must undertake therapy to eliminate sick beliefs and views from his mind so as not to be enslaved by some insane sect that uses violence and terror!

The wrong image of God will be the root of every perverted religious path, the depravity of which is total. Primitive religious cultures that do not generally suffer from ideological poisoning perceive the Higher Being always as a couple, and this has been the case everywhere on Earth throughout its history. God and Goddess constituting a Divine Couple, an equal dyad, a perfectly connected and harmonious dyad, is the image of the Supreme Being in every religious circle, also in the original religion of the Semites, where the wife of God Jahvah is Shekinah and She is his Pride and Glory! The word Elohim in ancient Hebrew, the biblical language, is an expression in the so-called a dual number, which is used to designate a pair consisting of a male and a female. Elohim therefore creates Man as His own image, as a woman and a man, so that both of them can cultivate the Divine in a very delightful, tender and passionate way and support each other in their aspirations and needs. For Hindus and Taoists, as well as for Hellenic and Slavic religions, it was an obvious truism, an axiom accepted as the natural order of things in Nature. The erroneous image of God as only a male or only a female being is itself the root of a whole host of pathologies and leads to such pathologies as the belief that women have no soul in most of post-Constantine Roman Christianity, or the belief that the genitals, the womb, are the cause of evil and the source of sin, whereas, psychologically speaking, it is an organ used to help people heal each other from depression and other pathological states of consciousness. Perceiving your “other half” as a form of Deity and communing with such a Deity or Goddess sacralises erotic life, undoubtedly removing a whole herd of phobic complexes and sick ideas that are toxic from people’s minds.

In the East, people have one test, a very simple one, to check whether someone is Holy and it is an objective test. People who are religious by nature, and religiosity is seen as a natural, unlearned psychobiological need of even the primitive man, simply looking for the Holy One of God, they begin to pray earnestly to a potential candidate for a little help in life, healing, improvement of character, finding a life partner, and when many people and often receive help from a candidate claiming to be a Saint, then they gain social acceptance in this role. There are no posthumous mystifications of questionable nature such as are produced in the beatifications and canonizations of socially harmful “super-religious” sects. A person who is not Holy will not be able to perform even minor miracles or answers to fervent prayers, because he does not have any Divine Power. When looking for a religion or checking the organization to which we belong, let’s look at its history and see whether it has not already degenerated in its history and is not something like an injection of a toxic cancer of consciousness, with all its religious ideals. All religions in their original, initial version, worship the Living Saints, and the recognition of Holiness after death also seems to be something of a degeneration, because the 84 Disciples of Jesus also called themselves the Congregation of Saints. The Spiritual Brotherhood devoted to connecting with God must be free from poisonous elements and no sick religious concepts can be preached in it, which would disturb the mind and lead to catastrophic and tragic pathologies both in the lives of individuals and societies. As being mostly religious beings by nature, people must remember that they can, and even maybe should, mission whatever good they have to offer, but they should not force their ideas on others, unless only in a situation where rape, robbery and murdering need to be stopped, but above all Catholics such as Bush, Wojtyła and Orthodox Christians such as Putin and a few ayatollahs who terrorize all of Islam must refrain from this first and last pathology which is killing! Let us try to bring good to others and make sure that it is good for “them”, and not only our profit and benefit from “them”.

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.
Warsaw-Mokotów 2002


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