Transmission Meditation (47)

Let’s try to take a look at the practice technique popularly known as TM, or rather Transmission Meditation. Master Djwhal Khul Khan (known as D.K. or the Tibetan) mentions a particular form of Laya Yoga practice that will be the yoga of the coming New Golden Age of Truth. It is the yoga of subtle energies transmitted and focused in the so-called lotus flowers or circles of power (padma or ćakra). The particular form of Laya Yoga mentioned by the esoteric Master of Wisdom is called Transmission Meditation (TM – an abbreviation of the English name: Transmission Meditation).

Transmission Meditation is a special form of group prayer and contemplation of all sincerely committed adepts of the Laya Yoga community. Every truly spiritually open person is drawn to this specific spiritual work of the New Age. TM is a spiritual service of transmitting light, love and power to all beings in need. It is also a spiritual service of healing our planet, Mother Earth, along with all its beings.

A Transmission Group can be initiated by any three people practicing Laya Yoga. Three is the basic group or unit of service. The symbolism of the Three as a basic group comes from the vibrations of the AUM Trisound, which focuses all its power when three people gather with the intention of fulfilling a spiritual service of helping other sentient beings, and especially humanity. The three symbolizes the presence of the Holy Trinity.

A Group Soul can truly exist when at least seven people are committed to spiritual work. Seven is the number of the basic Group Soul. In the realm of spiritual realities, God then sends a special Guardian Angel of high rank in Heaven to inspire such a team of Light Transmission practitioners, as we might otherwise call the practice of TM. Serving in this form is true Seva and Karma Yoga combined with working on the subtle energies of the ćakras. Seven is the secondary number of the fifth element, ether (Akaśa), derived from the number of the sixteen petals of the throat lotus by summing the digits. The number seven is also the number that determines the appearance of a heavenly being: two legs, two arms, two wings and a head. The number seven derived from the sixteen petals of the wreath of the lotus at the base of the neck contains the ten with the meaning of unification (one) and purification (zero), and the six symbolizing the six senses. Etheric work involves the purification and unification of the six senses and such a person is called Perfect or Spiritual.

The existence of a Transmission Group requires establishing a work rhythm and the will to maintain this rhythm. One hour of collective Light Transmission practice may be considered the minimum necessary to initiate this form of spiritual activity, seva. Practicing on the same day at the same time over and over again solidifies your connection with angelic beings. Angels (Devas) assist in spiritual transmissions when the disciplines of time and rhythm of practice are strictly maintained.

Four people gathered in a circle of joined hands form four different Triangles of Power. A group of four people is automatically a Service Unit with the power of four Transmission Triangles. A group of five people is a system of ten different Transmission Triangles. Six people are the flow of the spiritual power of twenty Triangles, and seven people constitute 35 units of transmission power. This is how many meditation triangles are needed for a Group Angel to be sent to support meditators. Newton’s binomial allows you to easily calculate the amount of power focused by the Transmission Group.

Continuous practice performed in the same place, at the same time, with repeated regularity creates in that place a focus of powerful spiritual vibration, the ćakra of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Eight people are 56 Triangles, nine people are 84 Triangles, and ten people are 120 Triangles, which are the centres of the flow of God’s Power. The influence of a group of ten people is equal to the influence of 120 groups of three people. This is the power of a Meditation Group.

The Master of the Śigatse Temple, Djwhal Khul Khan (Jilal Khul Khan), guardian of souls longing for the revelation of wisdom and the unraveling of esoteric secrets, invites you to this wonderfully world-transforming transcendental practice. As it has been said, whoever prays to God is pious, whoever meditates listens to God and only he is obeying. The Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom awaits your work, your SEVA. Only those who consciously work for God and His Messengers can say that they are on the threshold of soul initiation. Spiritual Service is the work of souls awakening in His Light. Indeed, as Chohan Morya says, it is the sign of the enlightened and those who are close to the light.

Meditation Transmission Groups are often criticized by lovers of darkness and debauchery, but no attempt by the forces of darkness can turn back the Pilgrim who has tasted the Path of Absorption. The real contemplative life grows around the Transmission Group, where those gathered in God’s Name grow in His Light and in His Healing Heat. Laya is transmitted as a radiant power flowing through the head centres for the purification of the material plane of the earth.

Sitting together, concentrating in the head centre, immersing yourself in the light and submitting to the divine vibration flowing through your being to the whole world, to all people and other beings who need God, this is the essence of this Synthesis Yoga. Indeed, TM is an Integral Yoga serving to build a New, Enlightened Order, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is not a job for a year or two. This is a service for many generations of Builders of the Kingdom of Spirit on planet earth.

A joint meeting of those initiated in Laya Yoga is always a common opportunity to undertake spiritual work for the common good of all humanity. Wake up if it’s time for you. There is no fruit without work. There is no siddhi without devotion to spiritual service, seva. Transmission Meditation combines in its essence the basic contemplations of Laya Yoga with the essence of Karma Yoga. Dhyana (flow) is the practice of Laya, and Seva (serving) is the practice of Karma Yoga.

Science has conclusively shown that the impact of TM and similar methods on the individual and society is extremely positive. Looking at the world, you can see that where there is no meditation, where there is no obedience to the Divine One Being, there is disease, suffering and all kinds of misery. Paradise, Heaven, is full of meditators. We call them Angels and Archangels. In the service of TM we can build at least a little bit of heaven on earth. Already 10% of the human population could globally change the world, heal the planet, eliminate wars and mafias, if only they devoted themselves to TM, the practice of Transmission Meditation. Opponents of meditation are always people with great hatred towards God and Christ. They do not want to obey God’s Will and they do not want others to remain obedient to their Creator. So we know who these opponents of meditation and meditating actually are. They belong to the world of demons, possessed by the deceptive influence of illusion and falsehood.

As taught by many esoterics and mystics, modern people of the spirit, most aspiring people willingly engage in activities in which they can learn something about themselves, in which they can talk about themselves or see something. TM here is like sitting calmly and concentrated and ‘doing nothing’. You sit and allow God’s loving will to flow through you and clean up the world. Meditation is the action of divine response. If you are truly captivated by this form of service work, this spiritual seva, it can certainly be said that your being is closer to the realization of God than further. Friends of God, Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy such as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Śiva are fully engaged in such work.

The TM service has been repeatedly given to humanity as an integral yoga of synthesis, as a special form of group laya yoga by Djwhal Khul. It can be said that this work refers to the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe. What is Śigatse you ask? This is the Land of Hearts and Minds, Souls enlightened by God’s Wisdom.

A truly practicing person develops a spiritual bond with the Teacher (Aćarya) by contemplating the subtle initiatory transmission and develops the Group Soul as a leaven of heavenly consciousness through the form of Group Service. The Circle of Layas, one might say layaćakram, is a compact and permanent team of souls sincerely devoted to the Transmission of Light and the Healing of the planet. Everyone initiated is a conduit of the Light of Divine Love. The Glow of Golden Light welcomes only persistent servants, proven by a life spent in hardship for the Cause of God.

The transmission of Light is the fundamental activity of the Śigatse Temple of Wisdom, from where all Divine Wisdom descends into the world. Transmission Groups are the primary activity of the Master of Wisdom Djwhal Khul Khan, and what is more, they are the seed preparing the return of the Savior, Kalkin, the first of the Teachers and Guides, the Teacher of men and angels.

Mental concentration in the word or, better yet, the symbol of pranava (AUM) is recommended whenever we begin the Transmission of Loving Light, which in the Name of God and in accordance with His Will cleanses the planet and brings order to the world. Invoke the Teacher of People and Angels, Master Christ – Maitreya to heal the human body and the body of life of our planet, Mother Earth. Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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