Vegetarianism and Humanity (91)

Man, Human Being, it sounds quite proud, but in ancient times, only VEGETARIANS were considered people, i.e. human beings who generally did not consume any meat food at all, i.e. the kind for which one had to kill any animal. Becoming a Human, in the whole meaning of the word, also means changing the way of eating in a very plant-based direction. A Vegetarian is a man with greater sensitivity, intelligence, charm and tenderness in an undoubted way. However, a departure from the subhuman state of savagery to humanitarianism, which does not exist without a Vegetarian diet, usually takes a good seven years because that’s how long the last cells live and have to forget that they were “carcass-eating”. Ancient sciences even talk about the degrees of development of Consciousness based on the analysis of the food consumed, and the lowest circle of inhuman, primitive savages were and still are cannibals and typical carnivores, for whom the main food is the meat of what they hunt, catch and kill in a bestial way. Subhumans of this class generally live very short lives with an average life expectancy of 28 to 50 years, and eating mainly meat products from slaughter, fishing, or hunting is the most important cause of death from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, sepsis and similar civilization ailments, including suicide! All aggressive armies, legions and militias have been fed with meat for centuries because eating meat increases adrenaline and stimulates bloodthirsty tendencies to fights, robberies and pathological killing. The military diet is the diet of a corpse-eater who kills all creatures on the battlefield just to eat something, which increases his aggression, increases adrenaline and suppresses all human reflexes such as tenderness, sensitivity and gentleness. Re-education of such a human-animal, which cut off a piece of meat from a friend freshly killed at the front to eat, is very difficult, if not impossible, at least in the eyes of the general public due to the rampant desire to murder everything that moves. Ancient cultures, including the Greek one, on which civilized Europe is based, gave total praise to people, i.e. vegetarians, seeing the arrival of the Golden Age in universal VEGETARIANISM.

The second level of the development of Consciousness (Ćittam) of the human animal is the phase in which the person is the so-called omnivore satisfied with plant and animal food. In this group, we find people who care about the appropriate share of plant ingredients and those who claim that they cannot do without a piece of meat, rooster or fish on their plate. We also find people with the lowest religious awareness who abstain from meat on certain days of the week or do not eat meat at all, e.g. pork is the most toxic and pathogenic meat species! People who prefer a more plant-based and dairy diet, or people who only eat fish or meat, belong to the peak of this second level of consciousness, which eats in the so-called meat-plant system and gradually reverses the proportions in favour of plants and often does it out of common sense motivated by health needs. However, even sporadic consumption of meat additives that are toxic to the health of the body, mind and spirit stops us in this low phase of the development of Consciousness. It threatens to regress to the bottom of the evolutionary system of the hierarchy of human Consciousness. All pathologies related to addictions such as alcoholism, nicotine addiction, cocainism and others are inextricably linked to the meat-eating system and are practically associated with carnivorous addiction. Yet, God created Man for Higher Purposes, in His Image and Likeness, and not in the image of some coyote, a dog, a tiger or a hyena, which are predatory species and feed on the corpses of those they murder.

Denying the fundamental truths in the field of biology and medicine, such as the fact that the human jaw and saliva are a sign of a typical herbivore and the length of the digestive tract predisposes humans to eat plant food, placing us among FRUGIVORS, and similarly the concentration of stomach acids, is probably the leading cause of modern mass carnivory of the so-called “civilization of death” in the West. The white race is the most degenerated here because the percentage of Vegetarians among the coloured races has always been much higher in history than among the “pale faces”, dehumanized with meat until the greatest genocidal massacres were unleashed in the first half of the twentieth century of the existence of the “religious civilization of death” with all its pathologies and perversions. Even the reluctance of mothers to feed their children with milk from their breasts is an abomination, even though it has been known since the dawn of civilization that it is the best and healthiest food for children. In ancient times and among civilizations of colour, children were commonly breastfed until they were 2 to 3 years old or even longer. If their mother had no milk, they looked for a substitute wet nurse so that the child was fed correctly with the woman’s milk, which cannot be replaced by any sick artificial inventions of the “civilization of death” and its pathological pseudoscientists! Children fed with mother’s milk are healthier and more resistant to infections, and it is known that immunodeficiency syndrome is an outstanding disease of modern civilization, mainly the so-called white race contaminated by its sense of superiority and the deplorable mistakes of scientists who often falsify scientific research on a massive scale to sanction sick ideas. Scientific research has long shown that vegetarian, plant-based nutrition is beneficial to health, and not only to health but also to longevity and intelligence, because vegetarians by birth have more outstanding talents and a higher IQ, as long as they are not constantly repressed by carnivorous caricatures of humanity, about the intelligence of a hyena, a wolf, a tiger, etc.

The third level of Consciousness development is that people are oriented toward entirely plant food with a small amount of milk, honey, and other products. People who do not reach for animal carcasses and prefer to starve rather than eat soup cooked on pig bones or jam made with gelatine, which is of meat origin. This third stage of the development of Consciousness we call the Human, and according to the ancient Knowledge of both Greece, Egypt, Slavs, India and China, only a person with a well-established human system of plant nutrition can be called a Man and seven-year process of cleansing the body, psyche and spirit of toxins and beastly emotions and feral ideas must also result in the development of typically human, spiritual personality traits such as sensitivity, tenderness, gentleness, tolerance, kindness and peace of conscience! Man created in the Image and Likeness of God is a Man who feeds on grains and tree fruits, and this is written at the beginning of the Christian Bible, even in the Book of Genesis. Meat food is the food of sinners, the lost, and criminals who have abandoned God and do not want to convert to the Straight and Pure Way of God. This is a religious obviousness for anyone who knows the Bible, the Koran, or the Veda well, as well as the authentic writings of the Taoists or other religions, where Selfhood is identified with Humanity, the gateway to spirituality or God’s love. Adam and Eve in Raay (Paradise) were not ashamed of their nakedness before themselves or God. For food, they had cereal grains, tree fruits, milk and honey, clean water from paradise springs and streams, and especially fruits from the so-called Trees of Life, which ensured the continuous extension of human life virtually indefinitely. Only the conscious choice of Evil resulted in the desire to eat the flesh of slaughtered animals and people, the shame of nudity and sexuality and the loss of control over the length of life by shortening it to 120 years, as the Holy Scriptures say, and even more because of the aggressive and animalistic lifestyle of fallen and degenerate people, who even started killing each other!

The re-education of human animals to a genuinely human, humane level must always be based on a departure from carrion-eating towards the diet of a civilized Man who has always been, is and will be a Vegetarian. The fact that a carnivore is a lower species, vile and animalistic in the way of very pathological predators, must be spoken loudly so that it reaches children and young people in particular. It’s good to know that dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes are related to alcohol, cigarettes and a carnivorous lifestyle, and death from cancer is God’s punishment even for all the crimes of living against Nature. Everyone who has discovered their True Nature has found in history that to be a human is, first of all, to be a vegetarian, a herbivore, because man has as a species the digestive tract of herbivorous beings, what’s more, fruit-eating ones! The civilization of the white race, in particular, the most predatory and aggressive, criminally genocidal, as evidenced by the murder of 200 million Indians, the same number of Negroes and 50 million Hindus, is primarily a deep pro-vegetarian resocialization based on biological, medical and religious arguments, of which there are a whole lot. We need to eradicate the madness of the sick belief that meat is necessary for life and gives strength or health because, in fact, it is precisely the opposite. If in England 4,000 people a week switch to Vegetarianism out of common sense, it should be the same in every cultural circle everywhere under the Sun, and Hippocrates encourages us to do so, as the Father of Medicine, who teaches that Human Health depends on Vegetarian Nutrition. This needs to be trained in medical studies so that instead of horse doctors, we can educate real doctors who care about human health because it is known that a person who suddenly becomes a Vegetarian immediately becomes ill almost 30-50% less often than the rest of the population of corpse-eaters and carrion-eaters. After a more extended period of experience in Vegetarian Nutrition, the incidence of diseases drops to 1/3 or 1/5 of what it was before, and practically a whole lot of diseases disappear, the only cause of which is the consumption of even tiny amounts of meat. Long-lived societies have already shown that living on plants with a small amount of fish and not eating other animals extends life expectancy by up to a dozen or so years! Therefore, persuading corpse-eaters to give up mammals, switch to fish and increase the mass of plant food is even a serious step towards vegetarianism, i.e. Good Health!

Teaching children and teenagers in schools various anti-scientific nonsense, such as Darwin’s hypothesis of the evolution of species or telling them that animal protein is valuable and plant protein is not, is the real cause of social pathologies. Animal protein is actually a poison for the body and a pathogenic burden because humans do not absorb protein at all but break it down into amino acids, most of which are useless! We get the amino acids we need from plant food, where they are in an easily digestible form, and there is no need to expend energy on the breakdown of animal proteins, which only disturb the intestinal bacterial flora and burden the digestive tract with toxic by-products that are difficult to remove from the body. Evolutionism has long since collapsed due to a lack of evidence to support it, so it is not even a scientific theory, just a hypothesis without evidence! And since it is known that all primates from which Man was supposed to have originated have 48 chromosomes, and Man has 46 chromosomes, being structurally an entirely different species and unlike anything in the animal world, the entire hypothesis of the evolution of Man from apes can be thrown into the trash bin and not to return to it again, unless to study how pseudoscientific nonsense is created and how many half-wits or rather idiots there are who start to believe in it, even though it has no reason to exist, and all ancient accounts about the history of the creation of man also exclude this nonsense. Darwin himself admitted that it was a hypothesis without any proof. And pathological pseudo-dietitians in many countries, despite the position of WHO and the World Health Organization showing the health benefits and advantages of vegetarianism, can still talk nonsense to this day, lying against plant-based nutrition for bribes taken from butcher farmers and their harmful processing and trading companies. They are silent about the fact that all wars are caused by very carnivorous and bloodthirsty subhumans and about the fact that the slaughterhouse industry and animal breeding are poisoning the entire planet!

The Pythagorean School associated with culture, ethics, spirituality and esotericism in the European cultural circle saw the Golden Age in the Vegetarian Diet of Health and Longevity, and the ancient era of the Golden Age and Universal Prosperity was referred to as the era of Vegans! Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Isaac Newton were vegetarians, so the most outstanding geniuses and scientists, and every true scientist should follow in their footsteps; that is obvious. Vegetarians also include Pythagoras, Ovid, Socrates, Plato, and Hippocrates, i.e. the elite of philosophy, medicine and science, as well as moral and creative authorities such as Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, Goethe and Voltaire. Of course, Mahatma Gandhi was also a vegetarian, almost the most remarkable politician and mystic, a philosopher who significantly caused the fall of the criminal era of Christian, racist colonialism, which resulted in hundreds of millions of corpses, most of which were eaten on the battlefield by the victorious colonial invaders. Little is said about this filth, but the custom of eating an Indian, a Negro or a Hindu after another partition and colonial conquest was almost a cannibalistic ritual of the carnivorous white race, and it should be loudly and often condemned and always described in history books! Cannibalism of soldiers from the fronts of World War II, lavishly drunk with vodka to kill their conscience, is also a topic worth attention to so that healthy people know what aggressive, racist carcass eating with the image of war psychosis leads to. Many victims of concentration camps, including modern ones, are victims of the carnivory and cannibalism of their imprisoned comrades. The bestiality, savagery and barbarity are good terms, and many researchers of cannibalism, alcoholism, carnivory and war militarism talk about it directly, although others forget about the merits of the matter. The introduction of the Golden Age must always be based on massive education in the Truth so that each human being is appropriately Humanized, at least through the appropriate Vegetarian, or simply Plant, Healthy diet intended for Man since the dawn of time.

Harmful sects, as well as harmful pseudoscientists, support carnivory and call for eating corpses, and slander and bash everything that is against the interests of slaughterhouses, breeders, meat traders, meat processors, and pharmacy supports this whole business, because the more sick, the greater has profits from its pseudo-medicines, most of which would not be viable if people ate healthily and in a nutritious manner. It has been known for millennia that children raised on a vegetarian diet from birth have a lower level of aggression and do not manifest any pathological or refined brutality. When they grow up, they refuse to learn in a feral way and prepare for war and military aggression. Vegetarian Communities are Peaceful, Anti-Military and have a low crime rate. All purebred criminals who identify with their robbery, thief, bandit and rapist practice are practically carnivores, and these are those who sometimes also have a taste for human meat and their resocialization means taking away all poisons such as meat, cigarettes and alcohol from them, as well as rationalized upbringing for the Universal Good and Peace. There are practically no Vegetarians among pathological criminals, who often serve harsh and illegal prison sentences, but for refusing military service or working in a slaughterhouse as part of alternative military service, which is a crime against humanity. We know that changing the diet to a typically plant-based diet with the addition of dairy products or honey, but without any birds, fish, mammals, reptiles or amphibians, almost immediately reduces the incidence of disease by a good 30% – 50% and increases with the length of Vegetarian lifestyle, then every hospital should immediately introduce a typical vegetarian diet as a therapeutic one, with a ban on bringing animal corpses into any hospital. All ancient hospitals, including the Greek ones, were based on a Healthy, Medicinal Diet, and they said that meat is a killer of body and soul! Hippocrates noted that many diseases cannot be cured without altogether rejecting meat, including the pathological nutrients accompanying it. In Wawel (Krakow, Poland), until the 10th century, there was a clinic, a hospital that treated people with a typical Vegetarian diet as the basis of the entire treatment and was known throughout Europe, and even Greeks and Egyptians came for treatments conducted by priests-medics of the Śiva cult! To cure cancer, you must immediately stop smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and giving up eating even the smallest amounts of the bodies of murdered animals, and this is the basis of any oncological therapy. Pseudo-scientific deviants cannot produce pseudo-evidence for the need to eat meat to maintain the economic situation of profit-hungry businessmen and soothe the consciences of many millions of consumers who feel that something is “wrong” with their corrupted appetite that brings misfortune and suffering to much more than half of the diseases, that exist, especially senile degenerative diseases such as dementia!

Vegetarians practically do not suffer from ailments resulting from a weakened immune system, they can not become infected with HIV despite having sex with an infected person, and AIDS does not want to develop, and the HIV virus disappears in a “mysterious” way from the body, because a healthy Vegetarian diet has already cured hundreds of thousands of HIV carriers! The body fights infections on its own when it begins to be a Man and not a harlot who breaks all the Laws of Nature in his body, even those resulting from the biological structure. After examining the saliva it is known that a Man is a herbivore, and from the structure of the jaw he should chew his food long and carefully, mixing it with saliva before swallowing each subsequent bite. Of course, plant-based, proper and humane nutrition must be comprehensive and varied, and it is common knowledge that humans do not need dairy products to live, nor can they consume too much of it at once! Cereals, vegetables, fruits and legumes are sufficient food for our health and life! Of course, also healthy and clean spring water because industrial water in cities is often poisoned in a very toxic and pathogenic way! Avoiding chlorinated or fluorinated tap water and toxic heavy metals for health reasons is usually a fundamental dietary issue for Vegetarians!

The destruction of the natural environment as a result of meat production, cutting down forests for pastures, the poisoning of groundwater by farm animal excrement, the release of methane, and the expansion of the ozone hole, for example, from refrigerators for storing meat, all this is a terrible degradation of the entire Nature, and yet 10-15%  of all agricultural production based on breeding animals for slaughter is enough to feed vegetarians! Looking with contempt at meat eaters, as some Vegetarians do, is scientifically justified because how else can we look at troglodytes carrying out harmful, poisonous and destructive activities called the consumer lifestyle and the “civilization of death”, also supported by harmful religious sects that prefer godless, drunken-carnivorous lifestyle. Anyone who eats meat, drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes and mumbles something about faith, religion, and dogma indeed belongs to a harmful sect whose ideology has brainwashed him since crimes are sanctioned by dogma. The religions revealed by God promote Vegetarianism and praise the Holy Martyrs who, like the first Christians in Rome, preferred to put their heads under the executioner’s axe rather than eat a piece of meat and drink blood in the form of black meat – the food of deviants, criminals and robbers of a filthy character. And no one can count precisely how many Millions of Vegetarians, undoubtedly Pacifists, were tortured to death in prisons, detention centres and concentration camps for refusing military service and learning how to murder people! All this is the harvest of the criminal, inhuman Western civilization of death, and in America, thousands of people are in prison for life for refusing to participate in crusades against Korea or Vietnam and for unwillingness to murder in a brutal and butcherous style. Will anyone ever mention these Real People?!

It is hypocritical to claim that people are equal no matter what they eat and that vegetarians are not better than meat eaters. This is a filthy and snide hypocrisy because, in reality, anyone who rejects the poisonous and unholy custom of devouring animal corpses rises to a higher level of the evolution of Consciousness, and such a person, unless he falls from this level only after at least Seven years of Life, can be called a Man! This is what Pythagoras, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus Christ or Saint Francis of Assisi taught, and all pseudo-Christians should especially remember this! The Gospel of Jesus Christ restored the Old Law, which was in the beginning and is unchangeable, and by redeeming the original Adamic sin, Christ taught the Disciples to abandon sinful carnivory and return to the Vegetarian food. The best examples are the Sons of Thunder, Apostles such as Peter, James and John, who, for Christ’s sake, ate bread, vegetables and grape juice, as well as water, milk and honey. Saint Peter the Apostle ate unleavened (wheat) bread and olives and drank spring water; all historical texts about him talk about this. Lord Krishna prescribed strict Vegetarianism, Lord Buddha prescribed Vegetarian food, and according to Lord Buddha, no carnivore is a Buddhist, and Zarathushtra was a Vegetarian and prescribed Vegetarianism. The Bible, the Koran, and the Veda praise, recommend, and command people to eat food as the basis of religiosity and piety! Everyone who reads these Holy Scriptures knows this well, and if he does not teach it to others, it means that he is a pseudo-religious, sectarian fraud. A person experiences shock when he reads the Koran or the Bible, and every now and then, he sees praise for food and condemnation of carnivory and bloodshed of living creatures! It is a shock to discover the hypocrisy of dogmatic frauds who have invaded the pulpits of churches, mosques and other temples!

The scientific fact that the human body must systematically produce haemoglobin and that the easiest way to produce haemoglobin for the body is from chlorophyll, which is found in green leaves and plant parts, must be shocking because it immediately leads to the conclusion that green parts of plants and vegetables are necessary food for the human species, which was created in the image of God, Divinity as male and female! The patterns of chlorophyll and haemoglobin (haem) are so similar to each other, differing only in one easily replaceable atom, that the absurdity of substitute production of haemoglobin from amino acids (proteins) and sugar in carnivores fills one with disgust and indignation because it is a complicated process and requires a lot of energy, sometimes even impossible for carnivores! A red blood cell containing haemoglobin lives only 100 days. During this time, the body replaces the entire supply of haemoglobin, and ancient physicians such as Hippocrates recommended 100-day cleansing treatments to detoxify the blood! Anaemia is generally a disease of typical carnivores resulting from insufficient chlorophyll in the diet, which should include a lot of green leaves of vegetables and plant parts to be healthy and suitable for producing haemoglobin. By replacing one atom of magnesium with one iron atom, we have haemoglobin from chlorophyll, and this is an easy and natural process in the body! Chlorophyll is an entirely indispensable primary source of haemoglobin, and the lack of chlorophyll in everyday nutrition is a disease and a shock in the search for a substitute possibility of building haemoglobin from amino acids and sugars in carnivores, and such a product reminds us of the artificial synthesis of substitute blood, instead of the natural one derived from chlorophyll! Green leaves eaten with chives, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, beetroot, spinach, sorrel, nettle, celery, green peas, green beans, and cereal sprouts are essential food for every person who wants to maintain good health and longevity!

Comparing Man as a unique species, utterly different from primates, we see not only a genetic difference in a fundamentally different number of chromosomes, but also Man is distinguished by a completely different and differently situated organ of Speech, and we know that human Speech is not similar to any way of producing speech sounds in the animal world. In schools of philosophy, theology and biological sciences, we talk about the kingdom of minerals, plants and animals, man is a separate fourth kingdom in Nature, and Angels, Spirits and Deities are the fifth, spiritual, supra-human kingdom. The Quran, the Bible and the Veda elevate Man above the animal world due to his ability to speak, and the Quran calls Man the Lord of Animals because of the unique human organ used for talking, singing and communicating! People also differ from animals in that they do not have oestrus and have an emotionally rich erotic life mainly for pleasure and not only for procreation, as is the case in the animal world. Those who want to turn us into predatory, wild beasts also want to convince us that we should renounce our humanity in the erotic field and copulate like animals only to produce offspring, which is an abnormal and immoral degeneration among humans. In the world, intercourse outside oestrus for procreation sometimes happens to dolphins and one species of chimpanzee, but very rarely, which does not make these species similar to human consciousness. A sign of Humanity is also giving yourself the whole wealth of erotic caresses and experiences without any connection with procreation and reproduction, but only for the pleasure between a woman and a man who were naked in Raay (Paradise) and were not ashamed before God! A completely different structure of the throat distinguishes us from all primate mammals; the readiness for erotic life in women is entirely different than the reproductive oestrus of females in primates, and there are huge differences in the structure of the brain so that it is impossible to compare even the brain of a human and a monkey in a meaningful way – all this excludes the sick hypothesis of the evolution of man from primates. Primates are all four-legged, and Man is a typically bipedal creature and has a skull that does not resemble the skulls of primates at all and does not have the fur that all primates have, and what is worse, Man’s skin is not very well adapted to the amount of sunlight and climate on Earth, hence the need to dress or increase the production of melanin (black pigment) in equatorial races. Hair and nails, which need to be trimmed, also completely distinguish us from primates, with whom we have nothing in common except pseudoscientific hypotheses.

The entire human genome is about three billion base pairs, of which about 5-7% shape our character. This is about 210 million base pairs; the rest of the DNA is used for who knows exactly what, perhaps for developing a human being’s higher traits, goals and possibilities. Differences of 1-2% in the structure of the genome from other primates equals a difference of 30-60 million base pairs, which is precisely the same number of features, properties and possibilities, with the apparent fact of a completely different chromosome system, because humans have 46 chromosomes, and all primates have 48 chromosomes and this fundamental difference no true scientist will surely miss! Man is Man, and animals are animals; this is certain unless man succumbs to brutality, becoming a demon of evil and war worse than wild beasts that do not commit suicide and generally do not hunt representatives of their own species, because eating a cow by a cow is in its essence, completely unthinkable in Nature! Even Man’s bones are different because they are much lighter than even those of human-like primates, i.e. animals that have no common origin with Man, at least in the organic sense. The old truth of ancient religions and mythologies about the creation of life by beings who are Gods, the Creators of Life, seems to be the only certain scientific hypothesis, especially since potential suspects often appear in history and also appear today! We can talk a lot about the evolution of Consciousness when a human animal, a scavenger hungry for flesh and blood, rises higher as a result of personal moral development and rejects carcass eating forever, becoming a Vegetarian like the Disciples of Jesus, Buddha or Krishna.

The idea of ​​the Prime Mother of the human race is scientifically confirmed in every cellular mitochondrion inherited through a female cell, an egg cell, where a basically unchanged, perhaps perfect, gene pool has been stored since the beginning of the human race. This means that the ideal of the Primordial Nature coming from the Primordial Mother lies dormant in each of us and can influence our minds, feelings, aspirations and needs, and ancient wisdom indicates the need to discover this Primordial Nature! Of course, this record is practically identical in every human being and shows us the First Woman, Chava, Eve, who through giving birth initiated the reproduction and multiplication of individuals of the human species, which rightly considers itself better the animals, but wrongly destroys nature and the environment by engaging in wars and pathological pathogenic carnivory, which should not occur in the human species at all! We can imagine what the sin of the Foremother was, that we deviated from the normal Vegetarian system of nutrition, the freedom of erotic pleasure between a man and a woman, and direct contact with God, so that now we have to reach for the record in the cellular mitochondria and discover with difficulty our original Nature. The therapeutic practice of forgiving the mother and deeper the First Mother, as indicated by Yoga, Sufi and Scientific Psychotherapy through experiment, is very sanctioned, purposeful and useful for the repair of the entire human being and the entire human race, which is undoubtedly degenerate and fallen due to its destructive tendencies and traditions!

It is also worth bearing in mind that the Vegetarian lifestyle is an important part of Yoga as a system of repairing the human race and should not be separated from the whole that is Yoga. In Greece and England, where we have two main spiritual and medical centres promoting Yoga, it appears as part of a system of spiritual practice in the Orient called Yoga, i.e. the unification method. Saying that Vegetarianism has nothing to do with Yoga, the Essence of Religion, is a misleading lie and misleads people, and the English scholars who promoted Vegetarianism have always relied on oriental systems of health and improvement of human beings, as in Taoism and Buddhism, and Hinduism has always been called Yoga. There is no Yoga without Nutrition because even the more physical Hatha Yoga requires Nutrition as the basis for Healthy Life and Longevity from the very beginning. Pythagoras was also an outstanding expert in Oriental Knowledge, the school which he founded in Greece, although Vegetarianism as a system of Healthy Life is known to some extent in every culture and religion under the Sun, unless it has undergone mass erosion and complete degeneration, brutalizing and dehumanization, so like the European civilization of the sick white race! May God and all the Angels bless you!

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.


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