What is Yoga of Healing of Guru Bhaishajya (26)

The healer of Devas in the heavens is known under the name Dhanvantari. In his left hand he holds the vessel with the drink of Immortals as with a wonderful and universal drug. The name Dhanvantari means „He who moves in the arch,” or in the heavens. The Heavenly Physician is the patron of all doctors and healers of the earth. He is considered the creator of medical books known as Ayurveda. He dictated the Ayurveda treaty, the traditional Vedic medicine. Amrita is the heavenly beverage that brings immortality, which in the earthly dimension means the ability to prolong and sustain life.

VAIDYANATHA is a time-honoured title belonging to Guru Dhanvantari, meaning the spiritual being that is the Guardian of Medics of all kinds. He is the Lord of the Guardian Medical Angels, creating something like the heavenly Medical Emergency. The angelic form of deva Dhanvantari emerged from Brahma, God Creator of the entire universe. All medical and healing studies should always be combined with spiritual practice to Guru Dhanvantari, who was created by God just to educate the medical staff. There is no healing without the patron of medicine.

Vaidyanatha is the King himself and Lord of the Heavenly Medical Services. God the Creator emerges from himself the Great Patron, who manages the education of all kinds of healers and introduces the medical knowledge contained in Ayurveda. DHANVANTARA MANDALA is the Heavenly Circle of Healers which is the epitome of the various emanations of Guru Dhanvantari. The best known figure of the Healer and the Great Medic is Guru Bhaishajya – the very essence of spiritual healing. It is the patron of spiritual doctors and healers.

Guru Bhaishajya is also known in Semitic and Christian culture as Archangel Raphael. A celestial being never lived on earth as a human being. He comes at most in vision or as a revelation. The body colour of Guru Bhaishajya is reminiscent of a combination of blue and green. One can imagine that this is a beautiful, dark emerald skin colour. This emerald sometimes can have dark blue tint so it resembles the colour of Lapis Lazuli, which stone is considered a healing talisman created from the body of Bhaishajya. Sometimes the body of Guru Bhaishajya is like a shining sapphire, which hue brings relief from concerns, worries and mental burdens. Sapphire light is a glow that always shines from His eyes.

Guru Dhanvantari is all in white. His robes are snow-white, almost crystalline like snow on the holy mountain of Kailas. The skin takes on the colour of cream white, which reminds us that this creature emerged from the same Chohan (Lord) called Brahma, God. In his celestial form, Dhanvantari is recognized as the emanation of Mahadeva, the Great Angel, also known as Guru Shiva. The specific form known as Bhaishajya is precisely ŚIVA VAIDYANATHA. The Buddhist spiritual tradition recognizes this Siva as the Medicine Buddha and protector of all spiritual healing paths. He helps to overcome the ailments of life immersed in this material existence (prakriti), and in particular the death. Śiva Vaidjanatha’s particular work is to overcome death and control the length of life in the form of the body.


Bhaishajya GuruWhen we start our journey towards the East, in search of health, happiness and the source of prosperity, we meet Bhaishajya Guru. This existence in the tradition of Himavanti is recognized as belonging to the highest and most realized Great Heavenly spiritual teachers. Maha Guru is the Great Teacher, in this case for all those who follow the path of healing.

Bhaishajya Guru is known as the Master of Healing and King of Radiance as Chohan (Lord and Master) of the Pure Land of Eastern Paradise. This land is the heaven of good health, longevity, well-being and all prosperity. All Spiritual Healing comes from this holy land as a charismatic gift. The term „Chohan” means in this case a being that is the esoteric head of the entire Hierarchy of healers of humanity.

In Western esoterics, Bhaishajya is known as Archangel Raphael, which means „God Healed”. In the Tibetan tradition, he is called by the name of Sanje Menla as the Buddha of Medicine. Pious Jews, Christians and Muslims worship Him and invoke prayer as Arch. Raphael. The word „El” means the Divine Spiritual Power or the Energy of Spirit. The term „Rapha” means healing or better, healed. This Great Master, Guru, is the common guardian of all in need of help in illness, pain and misfortune, and also during death.

Bhaishajya is the Master of Healers of all religions and nations on the entire planet earth. The radiant light of His emerald and sometimes sapphire body became the Healing Power, manifesting itself through Elijah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Rama, Krishna, Gautama Buddha or Avicenna. All healers are the light of healing rays. There is only one healing power and only one source of it: God.

It is interesting that the holy and spiritual beings who see the revelation of this Guru, regardless of their religion, see Him sitting in a lotus or standing as a Sage with a sapphire or emerald colour of skin, clad in orange – golden garments, radiating the ray of Healing. The colour of Lapis Lazuli is hue brightly radiating.

Yoga of this Guru puts one in the state of Perfect Health and Fortune. All needs are met, and pain, suffering and worries are removed. Restoring health and cheerful mood, one should take care of washing the whole body, for good and clean food (vegetarian food, healthy food), for proper medicines, of which the basic one is clean, spring water blessed by reciting Dharani (108x).

Pure, spring water is a great medicine whose importance is difficult to overestimate. You must not drink contaminated water. A man who cares for health must first take care of the possibility of drinking clean water straight from the sources. Herbs, incenses and fragrances of flowers are also excellent medicines. The room in which the person in need of help resides should be clean, washed and freshly ventilated. Sending good thoughts to all sentient beings produces a perfect aura for all kinds of healing and medical activities.

Bhaishajya is offering sacrificial help to all sick people who suffer pain and dying. Healing energy can reach as the rays of the sun of life to all needy beings who only ask for it. The miracle of spiritual healing can only happen when a person very sincerely and eagerly asks for it, and at the same time his life and habits promise to stop the production of disease. The causes that cause the symptoms must stop. We must renounce everything that causes disease. All that means healing and a healthy lifestyle.

Traditionally, the whole path of spiritual healing practiced by yoga adepts in the Himavanti tradition (Laya Yoga) is divided into seven levels, or degrees of initiation. The introduction into each subsequent level takes place through the solemn initiation ceremony which is the transmission of the healing power of the Great Spirit of Life and the blessing of Guru who supports progress on the path of healers of humanity.

The spiritual way of healers and medics is called Bhaishajya Marga, where the term „Marga” means „way” or „path”. It is a universal and common way, on which every human being can go regardless of his race, religion or belief, if only he wants to help the sick and dying. Every man has his guardian angel, or a guardian deva. Initiation to the Land of Eastern Paradise causes that an additional guardian angel is assigned from the Hosts of Archangel Raphael to help care for health, good life, longevity, for all prosperity and abundance. This angel belongs to the Chariot of the Hosts of Raphael or Bhaishajya Guru. Spiritual exercises of healing yoga result in increased care from such a spiritual healing helper.


Spiritual focus (satkara), with the help of thoughts and feelings, in the consciousness of Vaidyanatha Śiva, allows us to achieve over time a connection with the essence that sustains a long and happy life. We call it AMRITA or SOMA. It is said that this is the food of angels (devas). Here, on earth, we can eat the earthly soma, which is the spring water with honey (madhu). Such an amrita is a drink and food of the immortal, and more strictly long-lived and prevailing over the time of life in the form and shape needed for it.

The bodies of the Celestials (Angels, Deva) usually resemble laughing youngsters at age of sixteen to twenty-five. It is good to sustain and nurture awareness of eternal youth. This is part of the practice of spiritual healing. The soul is always young, even after millions of years of existence in many different worlds and forms.

Prolonging of life is fostered by the vase breath taught in the course of this form of Laya Yoga, which is associated with Guru Bhaishajya. The vessel of our body, especially the area of ​​abdominal vitality, is embalmed by fresh and energetic breath, which is long and slow. Avoiding anything unhealthy and stale in food is also of utmost importance. Vegetarian, or healthy food is of utmost importance. Also, periodic posts during which one consumes only the soma or even better the spring water itself is a huge help shaping health and long life. One day of rest from food should be the health standard of all people. Treatment by tight fasting on water is the basic medical treatment that should be used in all hospitals under the guidance of doctors. This is the basis of all sensible medicine.

Initiation in Guru Bhaishajya also contains elements of ritual spiritual distance healing. The art of exorcisms and removal of demonic, unfavourable energies and phenomena is part of Bhaishajya Puja, or ritual. Entering the circle of Dhanvantara Mandala means connecting with all healers of the present, past and future, and in particular with all the angels of healing and medicine from the Raphaelian Choir.

Traditional yogic knowledge teaches us about developing some aspects of the solar plexus centre, because they serve development the energy of life, and also strengthen the ray of spiritual healing, which also manifests through the ajna centre, the so-called third eye. A deep breath based on the solar plexus and the diaphragm supports life expectancy. Nothing, however, lengthens life like practicing breath lengthening. The slower we breathe, the longer we live, and of course calmer and healthier.

Yoga of Health is a kind of praise of soma, i.e. honey dissolved in water and used as the most perfect drink. Madhu (honey) is a synonym for sweet drink, life, soma and amrita. It is ambrosia, the drink of angels, the nectar of life. On spring day you should drink a lot of madhu, because it is a honey day. Also the whole first month of spring can be spent on honey therapy with fresh spring honey. It is said that honey is a source of wisdom, poetry, beauty, strength, fertility, vision and immortality. The healing power of natural honey is unquestionable. Soma has the power to reverse all diseases. This means a prophylactic and preventive action. It is recommended to eat ambrosia, soma three times a day, at dawn, at noon and at dusk together with the accompanying ritual of burning holy fires for healing.

I trust that this brief sketch has brought you closer to the Yoga of Health, Prosperity and Longevity that we practice in the Laya tradition according to the Order of Himavanti in the form of spiritual healing for the benefit of all sentient beings.


Aćarya Lalit Mohan G.K.


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