Wheel of Eight Sins of Perdition (83)

1. We have no lack of time, desire or inspiration to write our hermetic and mystical lessons, but we know well that too many do not read deeply and do not contemplate our Teachings, even though they could gain so much. We give more Spiritual Teachings when there are many Disciples of the Way who spread them widely among people of all nations! And of course, for the Holy Readings, you need to greatly brighten the EYE OF LIGHT inside the head so that it becomes the Desert Lamp, and also greatly cleanse and illuminate the Manipuraka Elemental Centre of Fire with ten petals. The rhythm of 10 breaths of Light absorption before each Reading for the Illumination of the Mind should be used so that the absorption of Knowledge is facilitated and the Wisdom of God can be assimilated. There have been many Holy Martyrs in the history of Earth, of humanity, and the oldest examples are hidden as Treasures and Fairy Tales in national mythologies. Wasn’t one of the founders of Roman culture and civilization chopped to pieces by a sword and then put back together by the Angels and taken to Heaven among the Gods? You must study such examples to see clearly how evil men, or rather human monsters, delight in destroying the Saints and Blessed Ones, and the Good God only seeks to correct their bestial actions. Was it not Satan, inspired by him, who attacked the Prophet Job? God helped him survive and heal his suffering, and then with His Power helped him rebuild His Life destroyed by the Devil! Therefore, with God’s help, we rise as a Phoenix from the ashes, but God also, in such moments of Devil’s aggression, looks at people and sees how many of them are on His side and on the side of His Blessed One who is sanctifying Himself. Is it worth giving you people our Divine Teachings if you usually do not want to put them into practice anyway, giving the impression that you do not need anything from God? Study the Science in the Light, for only he who absorbs our Works is truly an adept of our Circles of Learning. And every word must be engraved deep on the tablet of the Heart and can never be forgotten. After all, Smṛti – Memory of the Words of God is one of the Five Pillars of spiritual elevation!

2. Do you know by heart the Eight Deadly Sins that kill the soul forever and cause it to be eternally lost in the Lake of Fire? This knowledge is necessary if you want to keep yourself alive and not perish miserably as the meanest creature. You know about the second death, about the destruction of the soul in the Fire of Avići, when evil people are thrown into the Lake of Fire as monstrous demons, and yet God regularly cleanses this planet. Has the collective death of the Kauravas from the previous era and the purification of the Bronze Yuga been forgotten!? “The fearful (cowards), and unbelievers, and the defiled, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their portion in the lake burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death,” says God in his Book of Revelation. If anyone was not written in the Book of Eternal Life because of his eight groups of sins, he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and his soul will be killed! How often can I teach that no timid coward will be admitted to Paradise, nor is he any Spiritual specimen on Earth? How many times can we repeat that only those who are brave can travel the Spiritual Path! Those who coward in the hour of trial, the timid, are not on the Path, they are hell that will fry in the Fire and perish forever. And the unbelievers, the distrustful, possessed by doubts, who do not accept our Teaching, which comes from God and must be well recorded in the Memory of the Faithful Heart, can they still have any hope? After all, we keep saying that whoever is full of doubts, disbelief and distrust will receive nothing from God, and hell will consume him and drag him to his eternal destruction. We only take fully faithful people who believe in God and the Guru and will not be shaken! Both cowardice and lack of faith (trust) in the Three Jewels make it impossible to achieve Salvation or even Enlightenment. How dark are the fools who turn away from us into the abyss to their eternal destruction!

3. Cowardice is the most terrible of the Eight Deadly Sins, and we still say that the most necessary is VIRAGA – Open Heart Courage and Heroism. On the side of the Guru and God are the Heroes of the Spirit and the Faithful, and against the Guru there are cowards and unbelievers, the timid with their doubts, and they will be destroyed, because they have already turned out to be spiritual corpses, and the entire Cosmos will now kill them so that they will perish forever. Whoever does not have Viraga, Heroic Courage in the hour of trial, has no Heart, but only a devil’s stone and has never been among us. When these people came to us, they never did anything with themselves, they just lied sweetly that they would one day develop spiritually. Courage is a feature of an Open Heart. Doesn’t Lord Morya also constantly repeat to beginners: “Be brave, show courage and fortitude”? Where is the Courage of timid cowards who are Leaders, but in the hells of Fiery Self–Destruction! A coward full of timidity who refuses to fight on the side of the Light against the Darkness in any matter, certainly has nothing of God, of an Angel, or even of a ray of Light in him, because even a small ray of Light instantly kills all doubts, fears, and anxieties and first makes a person a Spiritual Hero. The Light in the Heart feeds Courage, and the black energy of Satan fuels fearful, filthy cowardice. A coward runs away from the Guru, because his power is all those who insult the Guru! And our teaching says: “Be brave, bravely resist adversities, endure all the trials that befall your Community.”

4. “Without FAITH it is impossible to please God”, this is what all the Holy Scriptures say, because we do not preach anything new, but only first recall what all previous Great Prophets or Avatars, if you prefer, preached! And FAITH is trust, not doubt, and FAITH is LOYALTY to God and his Messenger from whose hands we accept Initiation! O infidels, disbelievers, distrustful and doubting people, you certainly do not please God, nor with your filthiness in your Mind and Heart will you ever please God again, and whoever displeases God is lost. Lord Rāma, as well as Prophet Abraham, taught that only through Faith can one please God! Didn’t Jesus reprimand people for having little FAITH and being wavering, and didn’t he say that with doubts, a man will certainly receive nothing from God? Oh, you who do not believe in the Guru, whatever you get comes from the Devil whom you have as your Father, because you will never get anything from God! For it is written: “Let him not think that he will receive anything from God who always entertains only his own doubts and inconsistencies.” Be Strong in the Way, and do not be shaken, for Saint Peter will not let you into Paradise (Rāy), and He did speak these words in God’s name! But I tell you, whoever does not confess to me before men, I will not confess to the King of Heaven.

5. The defiled are full of wicked sins that they become unclean from them, and yet harming others in any way greatly defiles the soul, as do various insane dogmas driven into the head by devilish reptiles, and the repetition of “my great fault” or “I am not worthy, Lord”, distances you from God and kills your soul. Satanic, because the inverted Vatican cross on the forehead, chest and shoulders, whoever does it, also defiles his soul, because he places himself under the rule of the Antichrist and the Primate of the Hell – Beelzebub, who walks in a black robe of darkness. Food from animal crimes, murder, alcohol, cigarettes, hashish and other poisons just as terribly defile your soul, so we call for cleansing of your souls and wearing unblemished, bright clothes. Even petty thefts and extorting money from your Brothers in faith, put your soul and body on risk of the fate of Ananias and Sapphira, and this means perishing forever in the depths of the Destruction in the West called Gehenna! Whoever hated the wife of a certain Guru because of his own passionate desires and prayed for a long time for the destruction of his love, will be swallowed up by Hell as he is also defiled, to his eternal destruction! Whoever supports the enemies of his Guru, even in thought, will be counted among defiled monsters and inhuman beasts condemned to eternal destruction in the depths. Whoever stole the work of his Guru in order to destroy it has already defiled his soul and deprived himself of Grace.

6. Murderers are the fourth type of hellish sinners, and yet the Buddha and Christ constantly said: “Do not fear those who kill the body, but rather fear him who destroys soul and body in Hell!” The worst killer is the one who misleads his Brother on the Path and leads him to the Path of Darkness and Gloom. Those who discouraged others by falling down must suffer the punishment of the Soul Killers, and it is really severe. The Lake of Fire and Sulphur, the Hell of Perdition will consume them in the midst of Torment and this is the Fire of Pralayam with which God and his Angels annihilate all Evil that cannot be corrected! Avoid the killers of body and soul, those who discourage you from the Spiritual Path and the Guru from whose hands you received the Blessing of the Living God! OM Nirrtti! Glory to you, Abbadion! You, Angels of God, know what to do with the souls of killers who discouraged others from following the Himalaya Way and who defamed the Divine Gurus, misleading even the trusting and believing ones! But remember that whoever kills a body to stop the harm done, and even for a just cause of an innocent person, is counted among the honoured Heroes, because according to God, it is right to save someone else’s life. We observed the fate of a 16–year–old girl who killed several butchers to save animals. And although she was cursed, raped and executed by people, she was immediately taken by the Angels of God to the City of Heroes, where she was taught by the Saints and taken further to the Land of God, and now she teaches us on Earth the principles of good conduct to which she herself applied and for which she was physically lost! In God’s eyes, it is good to eliminate the evil if it serves to stop suffering, harm and murder. Do not be blind and deaf to the Law of God, and you must understand it well, not like a stupid policeman who insisted on punishing the driver – for quickly taking a sick person to the hospital – and caused the death of the unfortunate man. Such a stupid policeman is already facing the firing squad of the Seven Archons of God’s inevitable Punishment, who have already set a deadline to appear for the execution of the sentence!

7. Fornicators are those who live by the fornication of others! How right are Muslims who are destroying and blowing up entire brothels, where women are tormented and debased, in order to stop this den of Evil! How many children and women suffer from being exploited in prostitution by threats, rape and violence! All those who use another’s body and womb for profit are mad harlots and will meet together on the day of their destruction. Whoever rapes a girl to turn her into a prostitute, just like Paetz, who bangs a cleric to turn him into a bishop – the ass will end up in the Fire. Paedophiles, rapists and all those who engage in lewd acts with those who have no desire to do so are on Fire. Whoever, in order to satisfy his desire, gets another person drunk and rapes him without consent, will find his fate among the devils going to the Holocaust, together with Catholic fathers who rape their underage daughters when drunk, and with Noah’s son, who raped his father in the anus! The man who lives off his women, deceiving them in marriage and using them fraudulently, is also among the lost fornicators. And a certain traitor to the Community of Light, who told one woman that she was the only love for him, while in her absence he used the other one, has already died and brought the judgment of the Gods on his devil soul! And let us also remember that it is forbidden by God for fornication to use other species of beings, so that “fantasies” even with animals and Angels bring severe punishment on people for the sin of fornication. And yet nuns, mad because of Catholicism, have sick delusions that they copulate with Jesus Christ and then, revered as “saints”, drag those who pray to them to hell, where all sinful harlots are lost. And a miserable Muslim, who blown up in Terrible Fire a horrid brothel full of harlots who willingly paid $5,000 to rape a 5 or 8–year–old virgin, is spat on by people for it – He is truly a Holy Hero in God’s eyes! You must learn to look at events through the eyes of God, and not from the point of view of dirty and dark human interests! Whoever “takes away” someone’s wife or husband in order to destroy someone’s love will surely share the fate of a fornicator, as there are many people who are free and willing to choose to find and build love or to satisfy their desires. There is nothing wrong with POLYGAMY, but all parties must agree to it, live in friendship with each other and no one can be forced. God blesses Love and those who love each other, and the seal of the devil in a Catholic wedding for the sake of a Love relationship is of no use to anyone! The five Pandavas had one common wife, whom they loved together, and yet the Divine Chariots took them all to Heaven. Prophet Abraham had more than one wife, and from them came three mighty religions of mankind! Judaism arose from Sarah’s offspring, and Muslims from Hagar’s offspring. However, in “womb” relationships there cannot be coercion, rape, drunkenness, abuse, betrayal, or any cheating, and all lovers of some should know and respect each other so that there is no sin of FORXINITY. Just like it is with Mormons! And every Catholic priest who lives wickedly with his housekeeper is a terrible devil lost forever and his soul will certainly not survive this sin!

8. We often discuss witchcraft, and it is gaining experience with the help of evil spirits – gained with the use of hallucinogenic drugs. And anyone who “did mushrooms” for supposedly mystical experiences is already burning in the Fire of eternal destruction, and yet we know well such anti–spiritual examples mad with witchcraft. The fate of sorcerers will also be shared by a certain bearded man who directed the Death Prayer against his Guru and the Community of His Disciples. For the Black Path is also a fight against the Guru – the Messenger of God, given for the liberation of countless souls. Whoever wants to destroy the Divine Work established by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Himalayas with his sorcery has already prepared for himself the fate of a sorcerer, even if he was not in the delirium tremens of his drug inspiration.

9. Idolatry is, to some extent, a subtle sin, because how can one tell the difference between a person who prays to a carved statuette attached to two crossed wooden baseball bats and a person who in such a place sends his prayers to the Living Christ, who sits on the Throne of Heaven on the right hand side of the Father of All Things, or even the Father of the Gods? Believing in the power of money is also idolatry, and the worst is believing in the political power of the living dead and Alzheimer’s who sits on the filthy throne of the Vatican. The old man speaks to the painting, and the painting does not speak to it even once, because the old man the idolater forgot that the painting is a canvas and paint and is in no way God, nor the King of Heaven, nor the Queen!

10. And the worst LIAR in God’s eyes is the one who distorts the Word of God and subtracts or adds something to the Word of our Teaching, twisting it according to his sick will and needs. Those who constantly reject most of our Teachings because they do not agree with them and preach something of their own, some insane inspirations that come from the LIAR = DEVIL, these are truly “errant stars” that will quickly fade out in the darkness of hell at the bottom of the Pit, being destroyed and annihilated, so that only the lords of hell will remember their name until the Day of Mahāpralaya. For the victorious LAYA destroys Evil, and only Good remains, so do not feel sorry for those who COULD but did not want to follow our DIVINE PATH, the end of the earthly journey is seen as the Arrival of the INDRA Chariots to take Yudishtira with his body to Heaven and the end of Elijah, whom the Spirit of God, Gabriel, carried away straight to Heaven to the Throne prepared for Him by the Heavenly Father! Anyone who speaks ill of the Guru and our Community is also a liar, and he will be severely punished. Guru, Dharma and Sangha are the Three Jewels even HONOURED by God! Oh yes, distribute this short lesson to all your ENEMIES and those who insult our Community of Light, so that it may be a Testimony at the Judgment of God against their very heinous and, as you see, nasty sins!

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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