Yoga About the End of the World and the Tragic Destrution of Humanity (25)

Belief in the end of the world in its catastrophic dimension of universal annihilation is a tendency that has a clear pathological background. Preachers of the imminent end of the world are people with a strong anxiety phobia called the syndrome of inevitable death.

Tragic images and visions are characteristic of an unpurified third eye. Forecasters of destruction that is meant to happen very soon, are catastrophist persons whose third eye is very sick. In addition, this always shows that the centre of the solar plexus is contaminated, and the mind is dirty.

Demagogues of the total catastrophe, due to their socially harmful activities, should perhaps be forcibly treated psychiatrically. They are not a seers, but a pessimists who see everything dark due to their sickness. Pessimism is considered a severe mental illness in yoga.

Predictors of universal destruction with their harmful and ominous vision (imagination – delusion) increase the negative resource of Dark Thoughts, which try to harm the world and humanity. They should heal themselves of their pathological tendency to filthy thinking about things that are bad, harmful, and poisonous and threatening, because it obscures the mind, heart and soul. A dirty, negative mind will accept such dark visions (or rather illusions) about the future of the world, thus slowly moving to the side of the Brotherhood of Darkness.

Belief in universal extermination is always a Satanic, hellish belief. It is a manifestation of one’s own aversion to life and hate towards the world. It is a manifestation of the attraction to death and a manifestation of suicidal tendencies. Only Satan (Ravana) leads to destruction and tries to destroy the world. Indeed, God is Life. Everyone who preaches the end of the world, death and global destruction is the messenger of the Darkest Hellish Power (Piśaća).

Local wars and destruction, minor disasters, of course, have always taken place in the history of the world. However, no major annihilation will be at all. The end of the world believed to happen very soon or maybe a bit later is a demonic contamination that obscures the mind and directs it towards self-destruction.

No authentic spiritual school proclaims any theory of the rapid and universal destruction of humanity. Spiritual scammers who have the dark spirit of astral psychics in themselves often use the image of the terrifying catastrophe of the entire planet as inevitable and unavoidable. But the world is still going on and will be going on.

In order to enter the spiritual path, one must cleanse the mind and heart from all inclinations to believe in eternal and universal annihilation. There is a need for a positive attitude to life and clean, clear thoughts about eternal life. Such an attitude helps to overcome all difficulties and crises and to overcome every situation having the upper hand.

The only place of constant destruction is the lowest and heaviest of the seven hells, called in Avichi (Sanskr. Avići) in the terms of Yoga. Even there, however, one can still turn to the Light of God and give up the dark path of self-destruction. There is no need to realise the hell of Avići on this Earth.

The ban on pseudo-movements in which the most important part of the teachings is the imminent end of the world, including the date and time of that end, seems right. Some countries act wisely if they direct the ideologues of these movements to forced psychiatric treatment. On the seven-degree path of initiation falling into the illusion of rapid destruction means for the soul only a tragic spiritual fall. Sometimes it means damage to the third eye, often damage of the centre of solar plexus.

Yoga constantly teaches us to maintain a luminous outlook, clean, clear thoughts and beautiful ideas, as well as thinking and remembering pleasant and fortunate things. These are two of the basic practices of the first chapter of Yogasutra by Guru Patanjali. We mean Jyotismati (luminous ideas, bright and clear imaginations) and Yathabimata (image of a pleasant and auspicious state), and not a huge crime in the form of the alleged end of the world announced by the envoys of darkness. For we break the principle of AHIMSA, this commandment that says: do not kill, do not hurt, do not inflict pain or suffering on a living being. If we were practicing the power of thought, why do we allow ourselves to be used for a collective and universal murder that ruin our planet and all existing life on it? Such a direction is an amoral, criminal and satanic psychological technique.

False gurus can be recognised by a dark vision of the destruction of the world. They are messengers of hell and represent devilish force. Their world is the world of burning fire that inflicts pain and causes everything and everyone to fall in ruin. They hate a man and they want the world to be destroyed. Hell wants to draw us into itself, into its constant torments of annihilation. Avichi state is a state of black mages – suicides.

People with suicidal tendencies, people with great hatred for the surrounding world, haters of society, those in whom developed an obsessive phobia of inevitable death, people incurably ill, also possessed by ghosts of the dead and demons (officially mentally ill) – these are potential believers in movements which put priority in thinking that the end of the world is near. Such, if the appointed date turns out to be another imagination – and it will always be so – they are capable of collective suicide. They can also direct their ominous delusions into other routes. Their sinister god, who is really MAARA – TEMPTER (SATAN) undoubtedly postponed the end of the world until a different date and it is usually for some trivial reason.

Our Guru (Spiritual Guide), when asked about the end of the world, had a habit of saying that he was not interested in reading plans in the mind of Satan (Evil, Ravana). He said that the God of Light and Goodness does not have such plans, and if people so wish and insist, they can fulfil their wishes. However, this will mean the victory of Evil (Satan, Asuras), a native of the most terrible of hell. There is no need to worry or to go to the sphere of Avića of black mage. After asking about the end of the world, Our Guru used to preach about positive and good thinking, about the power of creating reality through thoughts and imaginations, about purifying the third eye and manipura (solar plexus) and about the practices of light (Sanskr. Jyotismati).

What happens when you expect the end of the world with hope and fear? By the power of your own thoughts, you head to a place where reality is like your imaginations (fears and hopes, fears and expectations). If the mind is full of self-destruction and vision of a catastrophe that annihilates, then – even if you do not commit suicide, as adepts of Christianity in Guyana did – after death you wander to the lowest of the seven hells called Avichi and there you experience all your projections and imaginations as a reality. Here is how Maara (Marya, Satan) looks after his business so that he would not run short of sinful souls in hell. His envoys on earth are constantly recruiting candidates to hell. This is how innocently the beginning of the constant, eternal torment of annihilation, look like. All you have to do is sign up for a church that believes in the end of the world that will happen soon, maybe even today.

We know how powerful the constant prayer, strong and frequent suggestion or visualization is. We know the strength of the mind and the power of thinking. Let us stop supporting the vision of destruction, suffering, destruction and all catastrophes. Let us keep the mind and the spirit serene. Let us keep our hearts pure and free from all images of crime, destruction and annihilation of both people and the planet. Freeing often requires a strong exorcism. The same force that attracts human attention to watching thriller movies, horrors and crimes is also the driving force feeding spectre of the universal destruction of our beautiful planet. The same force releases acts of criminal aggression in potential criminals and murderers. It is hellish, satanic force, the power of darkness and gloom.

Clairvoyant psychics often sense something about the fate of the planet, wars and cataclysms. These events have existed for thousands of years. Psychics, however, the further they look ahead, the more they have a distorted vision of reality. Often, their own delusions mix with authentic insights and promptings of the dark forces called astral forces. Overweening by earlier successes regarding the fate of individual people, they think that they have the ability to look at the fate of all humanity. Poor madmen do not even notice how they become tools in the hands of the forces of the hierarchy of darkness and gloom. They are truly regrettable.

The ideology of faith in the end of the world is a particularly important sign that allows us to recognize the movement associating the followers of Satan. By this criterion, one can recognize the false spiritual path and all false prophets. If he predicts a specific event about the fate of a special group of people or a place, he may be a warning prophet. If he talks about the destruction of the whole world and the catastrophe of the planet, he is certainly the messenger of Maara, Satan, and the Evil One.

Even Christ spoke only of the destruction of Jerusalem, the destruction of the iconic area of ​​Israel. His prophecy came true in the sixties of our era. Satanic sects still believe in the imminent end of the whole world. And before us the next great ages (yugas) of the development of the world, which last for millennia. And nothing will happen, which would destroy the world. God is good and watches over his creation. Perhaps only a volcano will explode somewhere, the earth will shake or some small war will consume several thousand people. Much more die in a completely natural way.

There are Dark Ones, who believe in the approaching of a catastrophe and that on this occasion we will be caught by cosmic brothers on some other planet in the solar system. They forgot only to add that there are no conditions for human life on any of them. One needs to have strong suicidal tendencies, a huge lack of knowledge about space and a great deal of naivety in order to get into such teachings and ideologies.

End-of-the-world announcers can also promise for the chosen ones (usually 144,000) the Millennial Kingdom of peace and happiness as a reward for devotion and sacrifice in the preaching of stories treacherous, straight from the hell. But where will their “kingdom” be if the whole earth has previously been devoured by a great fire which fell from heaven or better from space. Everyone thinks then and hopes that he will be the chosen one!

The mind full of disgusting visions of calamities and disasters will be drawn to the sphere of eternal suffering after death. If we do not want others to do something unpleasant and obnoxious to ourselves, then we should not do it to others, not by thought, by heart, by deed or by any other means. In a simpler arrangement, the vision of misfortune can meet us in a personal dimension. If we imagined that the world would be annihilated and burned in flames, our world in the form of a home, a family and ourselves could burn away in the fire set by accident. It will be the experience of a personal hell.

If we wanted a world destroyed by floods, earthquakes, then another flood or earthquake, maybe only a mine collapse can deprive us of life or make us cripples living in the world of suffering. We should not even do by thought to others what we would not like to be done to us.

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan Ji G.K.


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