Sectarianism and Other Demonisms in the Pure Spiritual Teachings (72)

(1) The transmissions of spiritual teachings that humanity received from their guides, sons of God, saints and prophets, avatars have always been pure and perfect, without any toxic or destructive ideologies that are often talked about recently. It is worth realizing what kinds of ideas, views and ideologies constitute a toxic, demonic admixture in otherwise pure spiritual teachings, introduced by evil spirits (angra mainu) trying to distort the spiritual path of evolution towards salvation and enlightenment that is intended for the entire human race. Evil spirits can connect with their ideas and opinions, especially to people receiving messages from higher dimensions and from beings from invisible planes. They can also inspire people who seem to be quite religious and of good nature to accept and follow ideas that lead to a completely dead end, to astray of spiritual development, to the path of wandering and getting lost. Let’s look at some of the more common toxic ideas and beliefs.

(2) The basic toxic idea, the disastrous view sown by evil demons from the Luciferian lodge led by the demon Viroćana, i.e. Lucifer, is the feeling of superiority and being better than others. A person who adopts such a disastrous, devilish view begins to believe that his religion or spiritual path is better than others, higher or the only one that leads to salvation or enlightenment. If someone claims that only by belonging to his spiritual or religious organization can one achieve salvation or enlightenment, then we are dealing with a person whose mind has been deceived by a disastrous ideology leading straight to hell, not to liberation. If, similarly, someone claims that only through his master or saint can salvation or enlightenment be achieved, then we are also dealing with a pernicious, Luciferian or devilish idea planted for destruction in a perhaps pious and noble mind. The demon feeds his destructive thought and fuels it to such an extent that when we question or deny his false worldview to such a poisoned person, he begins to become aggressive and fight for the truth of his satanic origins. And this is what clever demons want, to incite people to ideological aggression and fight!

(3) Following the spiritual path of development, the path of religiosity and righteousness, we must avoid this disastrous seed of a sense of superiority and uniqueness, a sense of only the right path, religion, church or organization. In fact, there are many spiritual organizations whose teachers or masters can help us achieve self–realization and, ultimately, complete salvation or enlightenment. We must regard all religions as equal and with equal rights, and similarly with all spiritual schools or mystical and esoteric movements and their spiritual masters. If someone falls into the mental illness of feeling superior, unique and right, his path to enlightenment is closed and only spiritual fall awaits him. Various forms of this demonic enslavement us lying in wait for man. If there is a temptation to consider one’s spiritual master such as Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Sai Baba or Zarathushtra as better than others, higher than them or more perfect, it is already a sign that we have been contaminated by demonic inspiration and we are starting to go down the path of spiritual decline, because we have been deceived by evil, Luciferian spirits with their favourite poison added to the pure teachings of truth about the spiritual equality and universal brotherhood of all the saints of God. Such a religious paranoid who believes that only in his church or sangha there is salvation, enlightenment and that only his master is the only one and only his book and the way of its interpretation are correct and contain the truth shows us that he has just been completely deceived by deceptive evil spirits and rolls straight into hell with his sincere belief in the toxic ideology of the Luciferian world.

(4) The toxic, demonic ideology of the sense of the only right, the exclusivity of one’s own master or guru, the superiority of one’s path or religion over all others, leads straight to ignorance and narrow–mindedness which we colloquially call the darkness of fanaticism and sectarianism. If there is a spiritual pseudo–teacher who forbids you to read spiritual books of other teachers or spiritual or religious organizations other than his own, forbids you from meeting other spiritual teachers, priests or gurus, demanding that you belong only to his person or organization or church, this is when we are dealing with an ideologist possessed and completely deceived by clever and very malicious satanic spirits from the Luciferian lodge. In an authentic spiritual or religious movement, there are no such prohibitions or virulent fanaticisms that also show the primitive and darkest egoism of the type: “only us” or “only me”.

(5) When evil spirits sow toxic ideas in the spiritual teachings and messages of a school or teacher, then they also cleverly make sure that people who believe and are involved in these teachings have no contact with other messages that could verify their erroneous views and toxic ideas. Then they push and inspire various bans on reading the teachings of other religions, teachers and spiritual schools. There are religious belief systems that consist of completely toxic, satanic dogmas, and their leaders, priests, clergy and gurus are mainly concerned with condemning and stigmatizing other religions, spiritual schools, philosophies and worldviews. Such a sect reveals that it is completely toxic and leads only to destruction and perdition. You can recognize the leaders of sects who are completely possessed by Satanic evil spirits because they are mainly concerned with eradicating so–called heresies, i.e. different religious or spiritual concepts and views of other religions. In order to return to the right path of God, they should rather intensively study what all religions and schools of spiritual thought have in common with their teachings. The ideas that are the same in all religions and schools of esotericism are undoubtedly the most powerful and universal truths given to humanity by the One God.

(6) It is not true, as people with corrupt minds claim, that one needs only one master or guru, especially one like Buddha or Christ. A person may have more gurus and masters, and it is important to maintain good contact and sympathy with all of them and cultivate their teachings and spiritual practices received. In fact, when a person reaches more enlightened, higher dimensions of being, the individuality of minds disappears, and a sphere of unification of hearts and minds into one common heart and one common mind appears. The true mind of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Moses, Rama, Sai Baba and other saints of God is one, united mind and heart, and it is also the mind of God, the sphere of light from which authentic spiritual inspirations flow. And it would be good for people looking for spiritual inspiration to be very careful not to let any clever demons who pretend to be angels of light join these receptions and contaminate our spiritual worldview with their toxic rubbish ideas. When we reach the enlightened level of being, salvation, then we will merge our mind with the mind of God, with divine thought, and we will have a common mind with all authentic sages, saints and prophets without exception and without any separation. So if someone foolishly thinks that only the spiritual teaching given by Krishna is right or that only the spiritual teaching given by Jesus is right and not the others, this is an example of religious madness with toxic Luciferian ideology.

(7) Pure spiritual teaching and practice can also be contaminated with various demonic rituals and customs that have nothing to do with the Way of God. Every authentic religion and spiritual path requires its adherents to have some degree of purity in their daily lives. A frequently encountered demonic element introduced into religions and spiritual schools by Satan (Satanael) himself is the habit of drinking alcohol, wine or vodka (sake) during religious rituals and celebrations. Clever demons use human weaknesses to open the way to controlling human minds and subjugating them. The act of consuming alcohol, wine or sake during the liturgy attracts numerous demons who then speak through people consuming alcohol. All devout Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and others knew this, because every religion had been forewarned about the satanic harmful effects of alcohol consumption. In fact, the act of consuming alcohol is itself a communion with Satan, established by Satan himself and Beelzebub and, as far as possible, introduced by them into various religions and spiritual schools. We can recognize a satanizing sect simply by the fact that during its services, holidays and celebrations, priests or all the faithful consume some type of alcohol. And the same applies to the consumption of other drugs, which always, including alcohol, open the gate to the demonic world and demonic inspiration. Similarly, a satanic element in spiritual cults is the custom of consuming their own excrement for spiritual or medicinal purposes, inspired by Beelzebub and the evil spirits subordinated to him. Drinking your own urine or eating your own faeces, and sometimes the urine and faeces of some master, is an obvious demonic contamination introduced by Beelzebub and other satanic evil spirits, which thus act and even heal the person with their demonic powers, which will result in addiction and total collapse. Eating excrement, just like drinking alcohol and other drugs, is a demonic communion with the hellish forces of evil.

(8) Priests who consume alcohol or other drugs during their services and puja go straight to hell and, what’s worse, they drag all their sheep who believe in them with them! Perhaps the most demonized by satanic alcohol in history was the cult of Dionysus, whose followers and priests in the final phase of its existence not only drank during services, but became completely drunk for many days and weeks! Satan and his hell have consumed them all, and they can be seen by the seers languishing in a fiery sphere. So if we come across a religious cult or a school that pretends to be spiritual and we see that its clergy and believers drink during services or puja or smoke some other drugs, it is better to avoid such a destructive sect deceived by satanic powers. If a priest or guru first consumes alcohol or other drugs during his liturgy, and then blesses, confirms or initiates his faithful, he is obviously connecting them with Satan and other evil spirits who act through him during his intoxication. One must cleanse and free oneself from such connections so as not to be consumed by the lowest hells to eternal destruction.

(9) A quite basic sign that we are awakening to spiritual and religious life and trying to take the path to salvation and enlightenment is the naturally awakening tendency to pray and meditate. Prayer and meditation are one coin that is a basic spiritual practice that opens the heavenly and divine world to us. Evil, demonic spirits can cleverly suppress the awakening inclinations towards spiritual life through various deceptive ideas about prayer and meditation. They can sow such a toxic ideology that, for example, you can and should pray, but you cannot meditate because it is something bad. And if we believe in such a satanic idea planted in our mind and suppress our tendency to meditative reflection, prayer itself will no longer be helpful to us, because with only one side of coin of the above–mentioned whole, we will not go far in our spiritual life. The basic vehicle of spiritual practice that is necessary for spiritual growth and progress towards salvation is the vehicle of prayer (chanting) and meditation (dhyana). There are also toxic seedings of demons in which people start claiming, for example, such nonsense that once someone meditates, they no longer need prayer. And a person who follows such an idea stops developing spiritually and will never achieve salvation. So when we come across a haunted preacher who orders prayer and forbids meditation, or vice versa, it means that we have come across a poor man who has completely gone astray and is only following the demonic path of perdition, because the possibility of his spiritual growth has been cut off at the very foundations by malicious demons. Prayer and meditation, i.e. chanting and dhyana, are the two legs that allow you to move forward efficiently in your spiritual life, and every authentic guide of the spiritual path will remember this and keep it in mind.

(10) If a person comes to a guru or priest and says that he only wants to pray and does not want to meditate or vice versa, the teacher should consider whether he is under demonic influence or possession and drive away the malicious spirits generating such inspiration. Meditation destroyers are therefore obvious allies and servants of Satan and all other wicked and evil spirits who are just waiting to have the opportunity to deprave the soul and prevent its spiritual development towards salvation or enlightenment, which absolutely requires the use of a vehicle of practice consisting at least of prayer and meditation. Meditation is a practice that raises the spirit to higher levels, and prayer is a stabilizing practice that allows you to stay there.

(11) A typical mistake on the spiritual path that causes complete cutting off from the source of spiritual inspiration is the attitude of ideological separatism consisting in accepting one source of teachings and at the same time zealous denial of other sources of spiritual teachings, which from the point of view of the divine mind are one source anyway. Thus, a person who claims to follow the teachings of Krishna and at the same time denies the teachings of the Buddha shows that in fact he is cut off from the source of spiritual learning, because by cutting himself off from the teachings of Buddha and denying this teaching, he also completely denies the teachings of Krishna, because both enlightened sages have a common mind and abide in complete unification of thoughts and ideas. Of course, it is the same with a person claiming to adhere to the teachings of Christ while denying the teachings of Mohammad, Moses, Rama, or Lao Tzu. Such a person shows that he has nothing to do with the source of spiritual science at all, and his mind is completely under the control of evil demons, and that is why such a person will often very zealously criticize, condemn and humiliate various sources of spiritual science, which are in fact one source! Connection with the source of spiritual teaching always means a general acceptance of all spiritual messages that have come to earth through masters, saints and prophets of all times, religions and traditions. Polemics of theological negations are therefore murky paths created by evil, satanic demons, paths leading to separation from the divine mind, fall and perdition. We must remember this lesson well that if someone truly accepts the teachings of Jesus or Buddha, he also accepts the teachings of Krishna, Zarathushtra, Moses, Lao Tzu, Mao–son, Rama, Mohammad and all other saints, masters and prophets called together the sons of God or avatars.

(12) In all times there have always lived on earth at least 365 spiritual masters, holy sons of God, each of whom could be called supreme. If someone thinks that Krishna, Buddha or Jesus was the highest master and the greatest saint, then he should calm down a bit and realize that apart from them, there were at least 364 great saintly masters like them in their times! Not every great holy son of God is given the mission to found a new religion or great spiritual school to become very famous, so the actual majority of this spiritual hierarchy remains unknown and hidden from the world. It is also worth remembering that in addition to the fact that there are no less than 365 holy masters living on earth at any one time, for every 10 million people one holy being of a spiritual master is born! So we have over 600 avatars of the rank of Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Sai Baba who currently live on earth! It’s even better when we remember that Poland has 4 living saints of the rank of the supreme master, i.e. the living Christ, Buddha or Krishna! By gaining pure knowledge about the existence of spiritual masters and saints, any satanic phobias about the uniqueness or exceptionality of some guru or master have no chance of taking root in our mind. Clever demons will have to come up with some other toxic idea for us that could lead us to deception and downfall.

(13) There are courses of supposedly spiritual development that not only prohibit meditation and allow prayer, but are so contaminated by demons that they prohibit any spiritual practice. One must neither pray nor meditate. And without chanting and dhyana, a person will not make a single step forward in his spiritual development! He will only become attached to such contaminated, toxic knowledge and will fuel his miserable intellect with it, deluding himself that he is doing something, but in reality he will fall into the depths of hell, because believing in ideas coming from demons and cultivating customs coming from demons leads straight to the world of hell and there is no salvation for man except the abandonment of deceptive, satanic ideologies. Therefore, for our own good, we must avoid all cults that prohibit spiritual practice, especially the most basic ones such as chanting (prayer) and dhyana (meditation), without which we will not even enter the path of spiritual growth.

(14) Every authentic spiritual path that has preserved pure teaching and sticks to it will either require its adepts to absolutely abandon meat eating, or will at least point to the health and spiritual benefits of vegetarianism, which is absolutely necessary at higher levels of spiritual development, and at lower levels, although not yet absolutely necessary, it is an intense and helpful vehicle for the practice of spiritual growth. People who eat everything and claim to be spiritually highly developed are simply lying because they have probably been deceived by some demonic ideas that deny the need for purity. Cults completely intoxicated with demonic ideas coming from the demon of promiscuity and debauchery, the devil Lechery, zealously deny and exterminate vegetarianism in all its even trace varieties. This condemnation is in fact a condemnation of God’s pure way and everything that stands closer to God. Indeed, such a cult is quite satanic, or rather lecherous!

(15) Every being at a higher level of spiritual development, closer to enlightenment or salvation, will avoid meat food and prefer purely plant, vegetarian food! Messages saying that Jesus or the Buddha ate meat are simply Satanic, lies of Lechery intended to deceive the followers of various religious cults. All supposedly healthy diets that prefer meat–based nutrition come from diabolical, demonic inspiration and are a lie of Satan. Good God established a plant–based diet for man, and Satan suggested a meat–based diet and even added it to the holy religious writings that came from God. Even the desire to eat meat is a need that does not come from human nature, but from the breath of satanic, lecherous inspiration living on the basis of fear and aggression, under the influence of which a person craves meat! A person who thinks that he or she is very religious or spiritual because he or she belongs to some sect or secret school, and often and strongly craves meat, shows that in fact he or she is still strongly possessed by satanic inspirations sown and fuelled by very evil and malicious demonic spirits!

(16) Even if a person engages in an authentic spiritual cult, it may happen that demons from the hellish lodge of Belphegor will sow spiritual laziness in him. They will come up with such clever ideas that maybe it is already so highly developed that it no longer needs spiritual learning from anyone or spiritual practice. Then a person so deceived stops listening and studying spiritual teachings, and also stops completing spiritual exercises for growth towards enlightenment. And this is already the obvious beginning of spiritual decline and regression! Generally, while progressing along the spiritual path, we should constantly study divine knowledge and constantly perform spiritual practices fundamentally based on prayers and meditations! The erroneous idea that one no longer needs spiritual learning from anyone often leads directly to breaking the ties with the spiritual teacher, guru and spiritual school (church, sangha), and such breaking the ties, especially with deeply initiatory lineages of transmission, always leads to spiritual decline and perdition. There are also demonic tricksters of spiritual pseudo–development who offer disconnection from initiatory lines of transmission, which at higher levels of spiritual growth are necessary for spiritual ascension, and the result of such demonic disconnection is always a spiritual fall into the hellish abyss. People who break the initiatory bond connecting them with some authentic school of spiritual development or line of spiritual transmission founded by God or his messenger will sooner or later suffer from various mental disorders and phobias, because demonic forces will play on them and use them with doubled intensity, thus proving to them their victory over their spiritual inclinations and aspirations.

(17) A person who has entered the initiatory path should take care to cultivate and maintain his connection with such a line of transmission. If one has joined more than one initiatory lineage, he should cultivate them all and maintain connection with them, learning and practicing them as intensively as possible. Abandoning one line of initiatory transmission is always a strong detachment from God in general and breaking the connection in reality with all lines in a similar way to the denial of the source of spiritual teachings, because the thread of initiatory transmission is in fact a spiritual connection with God! By abandoning the connection with the initiatory line of transmission, we actually break our relationship, our connection with God, and such a consciously broken relationship is very difficult to repair or sometimes even impossible. Hell is full of people who have severed their connection with God by severing their connection with the spiritual lineages of teachings and practices! The leaders of some separatist and toxic sects, who order those newly joining them to renounce, deny and break off all ties with previous spiritual or religious schools, in fact cause the spiritual decline of their pupils, who will not recover from the spiritual pit called hell for many eons! The consequences of conversion from Buddhism to Christianity or from Christianity to Krishnaism are the same if the alleged conversion is accompanied by renunciation of the previous initiatory path of spiritual growth! Conversion is then a complete spiritual fall and a total involution of the soul’s consciousness. No wonder that such converted people become religious fanatics with an image of paranoia, thus showing that they no longer have anything to do with spirituality, piety, salvation or enlightenment.

(18) ……………………………………………………………….

Aćarya Paramahansa Swamin Lalita–Mohan G.K.


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