About the Spiritual Organization – The Order of the Mystery (80)

Many people wonder what a spiritual Organization, Church, Community or Order should look like and function, and many even wonder whether spiritual people should gather in any spiritual or religious organizations. This is one of your good questions, which I have had the pleasure of answering many times, so it would be good for me to remind you of the many ideas that God sends us on this subject, so that you can harmonize your ideas with God’s Thought. The Sangha or Brotherhood, let me remind you, was given by Lord Buddha Gautama as one of the Three Jewels on which the entire PATH, the entire spiritual journey from beginning to end is based. Lord Buddha, and before him Lord Rāma, not only ordered to organize themselves into a Sangha (Modern Brotherhood), but also ordered the Ideal of the Sangha to be venerated as one of the Three Jewels of the most important rank. Guru (Buddha), Dharma and Sangha (Community) are the Three Jewels, the Three Treasures that the Divine constantly sends and initiates on this Planet for the prosperity and spiritual development of humanity. So if someone asks the question whether spiritual people need a spiritual organization, it means that his mind is dark and sick, because it tries to undermine and ignore one of the foundations on which any possibility of spiritual development is based. Guru, Dharma and Sangha are like the Three Legs of the Altar. Without one of them, there is neither the Path (Marga), nor any possibility of spiritual development, nor Enlightenment. The Prophet Yehoshua (Jesus) also ordered participation in the Community, in the Assembly of Saints, which in Greek is called Ecclesia (Sangha).

The Three Jewels are like three threads by which a person can get out of the world of Samsara, suffering and conditioning and direct the boat of his life towards the worlds of Spirit. In principle, you can start your spiritual efforts with any one of these three threads, but in a very short time you have to capture all three and then we say that we have built a Spiritual Bond that will lead us to God and to Liberation. Connection with the living Guru, connection with the Dharma, i.e. the teaching and practice of the Spiritual School, and Connection with the Spiritual Community, the Sangha, which essentially consists of the Guru’s Disciples. Many Spiritual Masters keep repeating that whoever does not like their students does not like them themselves, because they cannot stand what is the essence of the Spiritual Community. Marga, the Spiritual Path, is based on grasping these three threads, which are like a triple–braided lifeline in following the Three Jewels of Divinity. Sangha is therefore one of the three elements that are necessary for proper spiritual development, which is necessary and required, and this is the Union (Sam) of all Members (Angha) of the Path. You cannot bypass the community life of a group of initiated adepts and claim that you are developing properly spiritually. People who use, for example, only Dharma, the legacy of the Teaching and Practice of a Guru, and do not want to undergo training under the supervision of the Guru or His Aćaryas, or do not want to join in order to fully participate in the Spiritual Community of that Guru, we must always remind them that they have basically nothing to do with the Path of Spiritual Development yet. The liberating bond must be strong, threefold, the Altar of the Way must stand on three legs, and this is the Law of Threeness from which it results. The Triguna, the Three Bonds, are those that connect us to the Higher Reality, and a man without this threefold Guṇa thread will never achieve Liberation and truly come closer to God.

We keep saying and reminding that Heaven is a great Community of Enlightened beings who are very closely interconnected and fused with each other. When creating a Spiritual Community, we must strive to achieve an increasingly higher level of integration and unification, and this is achieved through stages of development like the stairs of the Pyramid, but it should be remembered that the Elders (Episcopes) take care of the younger and novices. Upasaka, a simple apprentice who seeks our help, overwhelmed by the waves of life’s conditions, is on the lowest step of the Pyramid, but we must remember that he is already in the Community. There is no Way (Marga) without Sangha (Brotherhood), although we do not translate this concept into our own language. This first Circle of the Community is usually called Upasaka and means all Initiates, and in Orders all lay members who are associated with embodying the principles of the Spiritual Path. When we, as Aćaryas, ask all members of the Community to do some small thing for our Brotherhood, we are only testing those interested to see if they are ready for a spiritual journey and to develop a Spiritual Bond with our Community. People who do not want to get involved within the Spiritual Organization show demonic hostility to God and the Way and reveal their demonic aversion to the Way of God. Sooner or later you will find them among the fallen spirits. Some stupid explanations that by getting involved and joining the Brotherhood of Light they would lose their “independence” only show that these are people bound by dark and erroneous ideologies spread by satanic, demonic schools of philosophical or rather pseudo–philosophical thought.

Tapas means fervor, ardour and even zealous commitment, and yet this is the feature of a person at a higher level of spiritual development. The more a person is involved in cultivating the Three Jewels, the more one can assume that he or she is developing correctly in the spiritual path of any of the Gurus sent or raised by God. And we constantly remind you that the Trikona, the Triangle, is the basic Focal Point of the Spiritual Group. And we teach to meditate and pray as often as possible, at least in a three–person team, even if it is a Family, i.e. Father, Mother and Child. Moreover, in the East there are quite a lot of family–type spiritual groups, and the fact that they are difficult to get into is a separate story. You have to “marry into” such a group, and it is not easy at all. Therefore, for the development of the Spiritual Community, we recommend that Adepts of the Way meet with each other at least in three–person teams, read the spiritual teachings of the Guru, share reflections by listening to each other and practice a little together, for example Om Namaśśivāya! for the Glory of God or the Transmission of Light. A joint hour–long session of connected breathing, or Śvasa–praśvasa practice, is also very useful here; Muhurta (48 minutes) of sitting together in Silence in Peace is also a very good harmonizing practice for members of the Community. We have recommended it so many times in history that it is a shame to remind humanity once again. And the fact that in the Silence and Peace of Sitting (Sukhāsana) one can repeat in thought OM or a wish such as: “May Peace flourish on Earth”, is a separate story… The disengaged who do not want to belong to us are our open enemies, because they violate the basic rule Spiritual Path. They are never our Friends, because the Friends of God unite into a Group called Sangha in the East!

There is a basic ethical principle that applies to people creating a spiritual Community of any tradition. MAITRI is this principle, and it is mutual Sympathy, Kindness and Friendship. In the Spirit of Mutual Sympathy and Kindness and Mutual Friendship indeed. In the Spirit of mutual sympathy and kindness and mutual Friendship, the Sangha is born, and those who fall away are certainly not friends of God and sooner or later we will see their hostility. Maitri does not mean that if someone does something bad towards his neighbour, he cannot be scolded or punished, on the contrary, the evil must be removed immediately from the Community. The word “twin” referred to members of the spiritual Brotherhood, because twins have a very high degree of harmony and feeling. And yet Christ himself said to remain unanimously in God and in mutual Love, which, of course, is expressed in Sympathy and the Spirit of Friendship. Maitreya Sangha means that we are a Brotherhood of Friends. God is Man’s Friend, and Man, being friends with God, must live in deep Friendship with the other Friends of God, i.e. Spiritual People from the Community. And since high ideals are not easy to put into practice, it is only because not everyone who joins is a spiritual person. Some may be Demons pretending to be spiritual, Asuras in human bodies, and such people sow the seeds of resentment towards others, commit petty thefts or embezzlements and other scams, like a certain woman you know who had a habit of borrowing and not giving back. Ela R.‘s thieving habits spoiled the blood of many people in the Community, until they started talking loudly about her thieves’ scams, and since the thief’s hat is hot, she dragged her mess behind her and finally escaped from our Brotherhood with a bang, as best as a demon can. Didn’t the Community Church of Jesus severely punish its thieves and fraudsters who tried to deceive the Holy Apostles? Don’t we know how severe Heaven’s Punishment awaits people who want to corrupt the Spiritual Congregation or Brotherhood? Read how Ananias and Sapphira, mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles, ended their fraudulent thievery! The power of God punished them with death because their crime was great. MAITRI is the ethical principle of the Community, and Friends cannot be robbed in any way. Friends live together to help each other. This form of Help is speaking loudly about the deeds of people such as the one mentioned, in order to prevent the madness of demonic people and to rebuke attitudes that are not worthy of a spiritual man.

The Spiritual Organization, precisely defined by the term Brahma Sangha (Divine Community, Brotherhood of God), cannot be organized in any way according to anyone’s “whim”, but must reflect the principles of the Organization of the Heavens and the Spiritual Temples. This means the existence of a pyramidal hierarchical structure of people with increasingly greater competences and capabilities, and at the top of the Pyramid there is no room for too many people. The centre of heaven is the White Throne of God, on which sits the Creator of Worlds, and in a similar way the Heavenly Temple is organized around the master or Archea as the King or Ruler of the Temple. Just as there are different groups of Angels (Devas) with different functions and responsibilities, each Spiritual Organization will have its own different Branches or Sections of its work initiated by the Guru, by the Spiritual Master who watches over the whole. A school or Spiritual University, let’s put it this way, must have several separate departments for different groups of souls educated by the Master, and their number depends on what was assigned to the Guru as his Earthly activity. Most often we talk about the Fivefold Path because the five Faculties of the Esoteric School reflect the structure of the Five Elements, and therefore the types and needs of human beings. Of course, we also have an analogy here to the Five Circles of Development called Stages of Initiation.

The most beautiful Spiritual Organization and so far Mysterious is the so–called Spiritual Hierarchy or the White Brotherhood or the Communion of Saints, because it is a Spiritual Organism always composed of 144,000 Living Saints, often called Swans in Western Mysticism. It is a Spiritual Brotherhood of the Masters, Saints and Prophets of God, so that the Holy Pure One is at the lowest level of our Spiritual Hierarchy. The number of Living Saints of God indicates that if they were evenly distributed over the Earth, there would be exactly one Saint of God per town of approximately 42,000 people! However, if 100 Saints are sitting in some remote mountain monastery, then somewhere in a group of over 4 million people there is not a single Holy Messenger of God. The symbolic story that God has 100,000 eyes and ears on Earth symbolically means that each of God’s Saints is the Eye and Ear of God, as if an Agent of Divine Intelligence, who reports to the Creator, the King of Heaven and Earth, about what is happening on this Planet Earth and what condition humanity is in. Unfortunately, people usually cannot distinguish the Saints of God from the empty sages, theologians and other pseudo–spiritual psychopaths that the forces of Darkness have produced among people. Have we not heard the adventures of Saint Francis or Padre Pio, who were among the few famous Saints of Christianity? Yet their teachings are today twisted and distorted by demons with evil tendencies. So count the Saints of God who live in Poland, because there may be an average of +/– 920 of them out of 38.5 million people, but there are slightly fewer. Where there are more Saints, there is more Good, and where there are fewer Saints, there is more evil. And in Poland you can currently sense some 863 people who are Divine Pure Persons. This means that the Spiritual Hierarchy is quite numerous in Poland, and each of these Divine Souls represents God and exercises judgment over human souls at the moment of Death. Since only 63,000 of the Saints are engaged in educating people, less than half of the above–mentioned number can develop public activity. Try to be Saints as God is Saint, so that the number of spiritual people increases, because where the number of people desiring union with God increases, where the number of people consciously striving for the Realization of God increases, that is where the Holy Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy are directed and the Universal Good increases. Don’t you see the sudden growth of the Light when a master from another country occasionally comes here to visit you for a few days?

The Holy Scriptures of various nations and civilizations mention that the People of God are the Holy People, and each Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Saints is at the same time King and Priest, Teacher and Shaman over the people of this Earth. Therefore, as the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Communion of Saints, we are the Pillars of the Temple of God and the Body of God on Earth through which Divine Grace and Spirit flow to the human race. Yes, this is how it was said about the Saints that they are sources of Living Water and if you people ask for the Spirit of God, it flows to you through one of the streams or channels that are the Saints living on this planet and no other. That is why people need a Living Saint as a Guru and that is why whoever has a Guru is in friendship with God. When one of the Saints on Earth passes away, then God raises a new Saint from among the candidates or sends an Angel (Deva) to Earth to be reborn as a Man of God. Even the Bible contains a mention of the Sons of God who come to Earth to teach people, and one of us even taught humanity how to light a Fire. The Orient calls such messengers of God “Sadhu”, although in modern times this title is also sometimes used by candidates aspiring to Sainthood. Try to be a Sadhu in the Community, and you will show it through greater Commitment, the ability to Cooperate, through greater care for others and the development of the Community, as well as through the tireless Spirit of MAITRI and the attitude of the Servant of Your Brothers.

There are on average 7-8 Spiritual People and Initiates on this Planet per one Divine Person, Saint, and in practice, due to the fact that only some of them teach publicly, 16-18 and we can imagine that out of such a small group of Disciples, God will appoint a successor to the Sadhu when he completes his earthly spiritual work, or simply put, when he simply dies. The environment of 7-8 thousand people in Poland is therefore the number of people from among whom future Saints will emerge, and the time of Service of a Sadhu on Earth is usually not less than 40 years. Some of the Saints are also Hierarchs for the People of God’s Saints, we have no more than about 25-27 of them here because there are no more than 4,000 of them on the entire Earth and we call them the Perfect Ones, Arhats. There is one Arhat for over 1.5 million people! This elite among God’s Saints is a true Empyrean of the Spiritual Hierarchy, because these Beings are able to raise ordinary people to the State of Sanctification at God’s command and turn a Disciple into a Master. Disciples of one Guru in the Spiritual Community like each other and remain close friends for years, proving that they are truly Disciples of the Guru.

God Himself teaches us the existence of a Spiritual Organization and one that is covered by His Power, because ordinary people and even spiritual adepts are unable to recognize the People of the Hamsah Saints who completely belong to God. Although there are some identifying signs, it is still difficult for people who know the 32 signs to identify the right person. And those who teach anything by doing various spiritual courses are not necessarily Saints, although they may be their highly devoted Disciples. If someone has no need to look for a Guru, but tries to be a spiritual teacher or Master, and has never had a Guru, we need to know that such a person is usually a Demon. Saints, of course, can still fall into Darkness, but this is only done by ignoring the Commands of God that they receive to fulfil. And the Arhat, the true Aristocrat, Paramahamsa is the one who no longer falls, because his mortal soul has been transformed into an Immortal Soul, and this is the Seal of Eternal Life. The Brotherhoods created by the Holy Arhats, or their Disciples (Kitichaka), reflect the Structure of the Organization of God, which is the Lodge of the 144,000, and all those poor seekers who do not want to join such a Spiritual Organization must know that due to their stupidity and ignorance they will never be included to the Kingdom of God, which has always been among us since the foundation of the world, although we do not see it behind the veil of our own sins, errors and egoic ideas. The ego of the Saints of God was burned in the flame of the Divine Fire, and from within the ego the Angel of God was born, the Deva, who does not show egoic attitudes and is submissive to God in everything, although it is not at all easy to work in the Service of Good Will amid the adversities of this demonic world of people.

The participation of seeking people in our Brotherhoods tests the candidates whether they will be able to live in the Community of Angels, and when some idiot in a habit says that in order for a soul to go to Paradise, you have to pray for it for 8 days after death, we know that he is lying on behalf of his devil and Antichrist. And after 8 days, at best, the soul will be imprisoned in Purgatory for hundreds or thousands of years! No later than on the 8th day from the moment of death, we direct souls from the Judgment of God to the appropriate place for them, and often it is one of the 7 Hells, not Paradise. And there are rarely exceptions to this rule, because God’s Judgment takes place no later than the 3rd day after the Death of the human body. There are Hells of homelessness, where all those who, as demons, have made anyone homeless, will go! MPs, politicians and city guards will meet in Hell where there will be no place for them to call home! Unfortunately, neither Hell nor Patala (Demon World) resembles Paradise in any way, and their organization reflects the Kingdom of God as if reflected in a distorting, clownish mirror. This Devil’s Mirror distorts and twists all Divine Ideas and Values ​​so that everything is the other way around than it should be. Angels are engaged in selfless Service to other beings such as humans and the role of the Deva is very protective. Therefore, Gurus try to direct seekers to the correct, Straight Path of God, but people are rarely sober enough to be able to wander along the Spiritual Path as Pilgrims.

Marga, as it is said in the East, is the Mother of the Pilgrims of the Path, she leads her children gathered in the Community (Sangha) around the Guru (Guide of the Path) and His Teachings (Dharma). The structure of the Spiritual Organization is the structure of various Classes, Groups and Circles gathered around the Spirit Guide. We often recommend the vision of the Five–Pointed Star to candidate Teachers, because the 5 rays create space for gathering five different aspects of spiritual teaching and practice at different levels of consciousness. The overall basis of the structure is the Triangle, the vertices of which show the 3 Classes of seekers, those who study and read the Teachings, those who engage in practices, and those who devote themselves to synthetic service based on teachings and practice. Anyone who has not passed all three classes is certainly not suitable to be a Disciple of the Spiritual Path, undoubtedly, because even Avatars go through the spiritual school to fully awaken what they actually are due to their Divine Incarnation. Intrinsic spiritual inclinations and drives do not indicate that a person is spiritual by birth and does not need any teachings or practices. This is a hint to find a Guru as soon as possible and to undertake even more intensive studies, practices and more zealous service with the Teacher. Spontaneous Awakenings without the supervision of the Spiritual Masters of the White Lodge are called in mysticism “Wrong Stars”, which know something and teach on their own, but in fact their light is Luciferian and they have nothing to do with the Kingdom of God and its Angels. “Wrong Stars” often present a philosophy of indifference and are completely indifferent to whether they pray to God or the Devil, and the Holy Scriptures call them “false prophets”. Ask such a “Wandering Star” what Spiritual Organization he belongs to, and he will start condemning the existence of Spiritual Brotherhood and confusing people to be independent of God even! We have already seen many such Luciferian strays and found them to be impostors and seducing spirits. People who abandoned some spiritual Community and founded something of their own without the Guru’s permission and authorization create hell for all those who follow them, and yet we have many such pseudo–leaders of pseudo–spirituality with their “precious” but short courses of spiritual development, opening the third eye, healing or “spiritual” dancing! They broke away from some Community, did not complete their education and work as “Wrong Stars” detached from the Reality of God. Beware of such people and protect yourself from them. They do not believe in Divine Punishment or Reward, nor in God’s Messengers, and they often proclaim that there is no hell, because for them, as Functional Devils, it is actually something else, but they deceive others, leading their souls to Death.

Both Śambhu Śivānanda and Haidakhan Babaji warned us against falling into spiritual errors, and yet all Masters of the Spirit mention the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, including its classes for Disciples, Candidates of the Path. Swami Śambhu Śivānanda told me that from the moment you receive Spiritual Initiation, you must always keep your Guru in your thoughts and you must never forget the Guru, even for a day. Well, I always keep this in mind while contemplating the unification of all Gurus and contemplating the Mantra and Ritual and Holy Dance of Lord Śiva given to me. The Name and Image of the Guru must be reflected in the Disciple’s Heart so that it is never forgotten – this is the teaching of oriental Indian TANTRA. When, as members of the Community, we remember the Guru’s Name and Image in our Heart or Eye every day – then we will certainly not lose our connection with respect to the Guru. We achieve deeper union by thoroughly learning the Guru’s Teaching, absorbing it as if it had always been our own. We achieve an even deeper degree of unification when we synchronize with all our Heart and Sympathy with the entire Community of Guru’s Disciples and Adepts, creating what has always been called the Family of Love. Brotherly tenderness such as hugs and kisses of brotherly love cultivated by the Disciples of Jesus, and not only in ancient India, can be misunderstood by malicious people of this world, so Agape should never be exposed to public view so much. The ancient Semites called embracing and hugging Heart to Heart the Salutation of Peace, which was practiced only between relatives and friends. You cannot say that you worship a Guru and at the same time openly ignore His Teachings. One who embodies and follows the Guru’s Teachings becomes a disciple, rather than one who, ignoring the Guru’s recommendations, acts completely differently from what the Master teaches.

The degree of affection and closeness of the Spiritual Community may also vary greatly depending on the advancement of the Adepts and the nature of the work of the Organization. Joint meetings dedicated to reading the teachings recommended by the Guru or meetings devoted to various types of spiritual practices or work related to the Guru’s Mission are undoubtedly the basis of community activity. Of course, the Tantric Brotherhood will be more oriented towards showing tenderness and love, and the Ascetic Brotherhood will rather avoid bodily contact through touch, and both sexes can meet separately. The Tantric Community is an organization for the cultivation and development of love relationships, and the Ascetic Community is, of course, interested in various types of Temperance. In Western countries, organizing a spiritual Tantric Brotherhood is of course not easy, especially since the TANTRA culture prefers open rather than closed relationships. We all know what happened to Osho Rajneesh for founding a Tantric Community in supposedly “open” America, which turned out to be extremely hypocritical. Advanced Adepts of both sexes will also be more open to each other, brotherly and close, but also always ready to accept new brothers and sisters into their Circle. The community of property practiced by some Spiritual Organizations can be an insurmountable threshold for many interested parties, so supporters of spirituality and inner development have no access to many advanced groups at all. Yet the group of the first Disciples of Buddha or Jesus cultivated a complete community of property and belongings, a kind of small communism within the spiritual movement. In the Western world, open erotic community would probably be even more difficult because of the terrible jealousy that binds people in this part of the world. It is easier to commune the ego of the property owner. But we are talking about advanced Circles of Spiritual Communities, and cultivating a common field by the entire organization is already a problem due to the laziness and irresponsibility of people aspiring to God’s Way.

The Spiritual Organization cannot be created according to the “whim” or opinions of people of this world, sometimes who are full of “good intentions” to rebuild the structures initiated by the Master or Teacher of the Way who initiated it. We have ancient rules for creating our Spiritual Schools and there is always a Hierarchy in them. Sympathizers are the outermost circle from which, as a pro–spiritual environment, we are looking for candidates suitable for spiritual training and they must become Upasakas in order to become Initiates of the Divine Way as Śramaners who are working hard on Sanctification in the Initiatory lineage. Bhikshu are Pillars, Adepts who have become so strong in the Path that they will certainly not fall away from the Path of God, and they often have the Nature of a Monk. The Hierarchical Group, which is the Centre, the Fire around which the Community of People of the Way is created, is the Circle of Teachers and Guides of the Brotherhood, which most arranges, organizes and spreads Divine Knowledge. Of course, Spiritual Guides (Sadguru) are older in the Hierarchy than all Teachers, Preachers of the Way, i.e. Aćaryas. An important rule of the Oriental Religious Brotherhoods is the long internship of the candidate before he is appointed and ordained as a Spiritual Teacher Aćarya, because too short a candidate’s internship easily causes the fall of such a soul, and the fallen Aćarya always becomes a demon or a satyr. The Gurus of many Brotherhoods do not grant Initiation to everyone willing, and the interested person has to wait a long time even for the first Initiation, until the Guru is sure of the candidate’s sincerity and will to follow the Path. This prevents the quick spiritual decline of the Initiates, and even though there is still time to increase the initiation work, the 3–6 months of waiting for Initiation removes many volunteers who are just random guests and do not actually show the will to get involved. In Poland, participating in 10 weekend classes for those interested or attending weekly classes for supporters for a year can be a very difficult test and impossible for almost all pseudo–spiritual strays.

The lustful Satyr (a type of demon) is not a Tantric Guru, surely not, because he is just an individual who is possessed by his own desires, and the Tantra Guru is free from lust and jealousy. And this is so easy to check and then you can see that a Satyr like Tadzio M. has driven himself to religious madness and fallen into the dark abyss of aggressive lust. A Guru is a Holy Being who is connected by a powerful Triple Bond both with his former Gurus, as well as with Angels and God. The Principle of Hierarchy teaches that the Centre           of the planetary system is the Logos of the Sun, and the planets surrounding the Sun are entire complex worlds with various forms of Life. The Cosmos teaches us the principle of Hierarchy, so we must remember that the Guru creating the Sangha is the Sun of Divinity, and others educated by such a being are Guides and Teachers, like spiritual planets revolving around the Sun with their Moons, i.e. Disciples. Undoubtedly, the one in our Brotherhood deserves the title of Sadguru around whom Initiated Adepts gather and there are more and more of them, and the Sadguru usually directs his most advanced disciples for further spiritual studies to his Guru, i.e. to PARAMGURU. He has a voice in the Community as Dhyanchohan, who guides many initiated Adepts on their spiritual journey. But one should not rush to give increasingly higher lessons so that Adepts have the opportunity to experience the results of their practices. The Fast Paths are taught only by Arhats, and they require extreme sacrifice, and many of them quickly fall, as you have seen for yourself. The Body of Spiritual Guides, the Chohaniat of our Brotherhood, must indeed meet often and cultivate together what it is commanded to do, and only then will it turn out to be the essence of a Spiritual Community that can develop and build a real Sangha of Yogis, and they are not unsuccessful victims of random antics like Judas among the Apostles, who knows how he ended. The 12 and 72 apostles studied for only three years, but they stayed with their Master every day like monks in a monastery. Count how many days you have spent with your Guru and see how many days you are missing until a good 3.5 years or at least 3 years, and that is over 1000 days, or even the mystical 1260 days of constant practice in the presence of the Guru! And 10 of our 12–day Chilla is only a period of 108 days of practice.

MAITRI must be cultivated by each adept in the Community, and this means a great transformation of the Heart to be able to like all people warmly without any doubts and be friends with them. Be good and kind to each other, show sympathy for each other. Be hospitable to each other and help each other in times of need, but do not allow yourselves to be robbed or exploited by clever fraudsters who give nothing of themselves to others. Maitreya – Friend, tells us to live in harmony and be honest with each other (sometimes to the point of pain, because the Truth sometimes hurts) without anger and jealousy, or any envy, because Friendship, Kindness and all Love immediately removes jealousy, envy, and anger. And charity and harmony, unanimity, are the true signs of a Spiritual Community connected by the Heart with its Divine Guru. Those who argue and start fights certainly do not belong to us and are like weeds in the field that the Good Farmer must remove. In peace of mind there is no anger or argument. In the Spirit of Maitri’s Kindness, Unanimity appears, i.e. Consent of the highest order, and this is how we, the Guru, recognize our Children of Light. Live by the teachings of Guru of Haimavant, practice together and work for the Good of our Monastic Spiritual Brotherhood.

OM Sangham

Āćārya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.
November 3, 5104 Kālī


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