The Journey of the People of the Book of Life (82)

1. It is said that inscrutable are God’s judgments and unpredictable are God’s ways, i.e. the ways in which the Creator works! If I remind you that in the Book of Eternal Life, where the Immortals are written down, there are 144,000 cards, then will you understand how God reads the Book of Life? I taught a lot about this between 1988–90, but do you remember? I must constantly repeat my Teachings so that they become embedded in your Minds and Hearts, because human Manas probably considers his ‘ability’ to lose the Divine Teachings he receives as the greatest “miracle”. If you want to find the basic teachings of a Guru, reach for His first works, because most of us start teaching nations or humanity exactly from the beginning. Every Holy Guru has in his Heart the so–called Emerald Tablet, on which the Law of God is written, and it is an Image of the Throne and the Rainbow and the Emerald from the Highest Heavens, and on this Tablet he inscribes in his Memory (Smṛti) those who learned from him, Blessings and Dikshans. Those who do not remember one of the 144,000 Pure Beings forming the Spiritual Hierarchy will certainly not be considered by God as worthy of being elevated to Heaven. So do not count on Raay (Paradise) and Salvation (Soteria, Kaivalia) if your Spiritual Name, Form and Face and Initiatory Rite are not written in the Heart of the Guru given to people by God. If none of the Heavenly People knows you and does not carry you in their Heart, God will not acknowledge you and certainly will not allow you to open the Gate of Raay (Paradise). Even the Jewish Tzaddikim tell this story in their parable about the Tzaddik who went on a journey in a cart to Raay, to the Throne of the Most High Yahvah! And yet I have told you about it so many times in order for you to understand!

2. The Guru remembers those whom they test and try, because the Disciple must be a tested stone and a foundation for the Temple, which is each of our Brotherhood. In other words, a Disciple is someone who has become a Pillar of the Temple, the Community and will never go outside again, will never leave our Community. Those who come and go will perhaps have a chance in the next life to come to us again and try to write themselves in the Book of Life, and yet you must remember that the souls on this Planet, with the exception of the souls of the Arhats, are mortal, subject to the power of the Lord of Death, and this is the Beautiful Archangel, the Archon of Heaven! People fear Death, but Lord Yama deals with those who die only the first death, and their soul continues to live in the astromental world of Kamamanas. The goddess Yami Devi, a beautiful female angel, takes care of those who deserve the second death, and this is the destruction of the soul in Avići for those who have done a lot of Evil and deserved complete destruction in the Fire. Therefore, peoples and nations rightly tremble before the spell of the Lady of Death, YAMI DEVI. The Spiritual Hierarchy of Saints, Masters and Prophets of God, called in India simply by the term Guru, is mainly concerned with searching and researching candidates among people to be recorded in the Book of Life in order to be able to intercede for them before God, but the person must be well recorded in the Guru’s Heart through your Good Deeds. The Guru looks at how you function in the Community, looks at your modest but regular practice, looks at whether you help your Brothers and Sisters on the Path in times of need, looks at whether you absorb spiritual Knowledge and grow in Wisdom, and above all, whether and how effectively do you put Guru’s recommendations and advice into life. Well, if you don’t demonstrate any of this and you don’t demonstrate a constant, even the most modest, desire to get closer to Us, then your name will not be written in the Guru’s Heart, and yet the Guru’s Heart is open even to demons who would like to correct their past mistakes. You probably remember how much suffering and harm Saul caused to the Community (Congregation) of Yehoshua in Jerusalem (Yerushalaim), and yet the Sangha of Christ accepted him when he came to his senses, converted and began to walk the Pure Path of God. He became the spiritual Advocate of Jesus and even the 13th Apostle, leading a Christlike life and dying in the end for the cause of the Community. How can you be written down in the Book of Life if you do not want to live in the Heavenly Community, which is a Primary School, four or seven grades, preparing for Eternal Life in the Heavenly Sphere of Being, among Angels. Angels live in beautiful heavenly cities among the Gardens!

3. How can we introduce into the Book someone who does not want to bear even the spiritual name that we give him, in order to facilitate the development of the spiritual properties that the Creator–Creation has contained in his/her heart, in his/her soul! Your Soul, Atman, what you truly are, is the work of God, and we Gurus are in the business of restoring and preserving the souls hidden in the suits of human bodies, like Divine Service Points on Earth! But people prefer to err and go wrong rather than use our services provided under the conditions written by the hand of God. Can you now better understand the principles of spiritual help provided by God and His People? Become quickly the Pure and Holy Being of God, for this is nothing more than becoming the Soul, the Atman, in full awareness of what God created us – Renewal, remembering and restoring what was the man living in Raay (Paradise) is the first part of the journey, called the Way, Self–Realization. The next part is much more difficult and important, the awakening of the potentials given to us by God for growth and development, and we call it the Path of God Realization, and it is a longer, very advanced stage, at the end of which the Man–Angel learns the Secrets of God that are not told to people. Yet the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard what wonderful things God has prepared for those who love Him. Didn’t Rabbi Yehoshua say that whoever does not love Him also does not love the Father of Heaven, so you cannot foolishly claim that you love God the Creator, and you do not need to adore, worship or listen to any Guru in any way. All Sadhus, Guru and Avataras still give humanity the same Teaching, although time and demons cause some Ideas to “perish” and “corrode”.

4. Rahmānan – do you know this Aramaic Word that often fell from the mouth of Jesus Christ, the Prophet of his time? You do not know? And yet you translate it as Agape, Divine Love, although it should be most literally Mercy, and probably once or twice it is even translated this way in the so–called New Testament prepared under the Emperor of Rome, Constantine. Be Merciful to each other, Merciful, for God is Merciful! These were the words of the Master, Rabbi Yehoshua from Bethlehem, and yet in the Roman catacombs where the first Christians met, in addition to the Star of David, the Coat of Arms of Christ, due to being born in the Davidic royal family, the name Rahmaanan was written above the altar, because they believed in the Merciful God. But Mercy is both Pity, Kindness, and Compassion. And Rahma is God’s Grace abundant in Charismatic Gifts that people in the Community of the Way receive to serve others, to serve brothers and sisters with gifts on a spiritual journey. Lonely egoists never receive any gifts of Grace, because they do not want to give themselves to others, they do not want to serve the Community with work. Śiva and Rahmā are one and the same, although in different languages, so we know that the Śivaite spiritual tradition refers to the same spiritual value as the meaning of the existence of God, who is Grace, Mercy, Pity, Benevolent and Favourable Lord of Heaven. And since the Hindu Brahmanam sounds so sweet and familiar to us in this context, well, the Name of Śiva has already been found in the ruins of Hurappa and Mohenjodaro, as well as in other ancient Hindu places of worship!

5. The Guru is also Mercy for people who want to break away from the world of Evil, who no longer want to return to the Demon Lands in Patala, or to the Hell Realms from where many human souls are reborn in this world after a long stay. However, you cannot constantly wander and argue or spit on what is Holy with God, because in this way you will only multiply your evil and accelerate your return to Gloom and Darkness. We help you, but you must follow our heavenly rules, even if you call it spiritual re–education or divine rehabilitation. In addition to the Guru, you must be known by some Celestial Being, from among the Archons of Heaven or Arhats or Avatars, to whom you aspire and persistently approach during this life! Raaj’s rule is that it requires two people to submit a recommendation and guarantee for a newcomer who wants to return to Heaven, and it also requires no objections from the rest of those authorized to hold the Court of God, so woe to those who are written in the Book of Perdition as our open and malicious Enemies. On the one hand, the Living Guru operating on Earth accepts and vouches for the candidate, and on the other hand, the Deities, Great Angels from the Heavenly Authority also vouch for you. And whether you prove to be a soul worthy for us, as the heavenly Guard, to guarantee the opening of the Gate of Raay (Heaven) for you, is unfortunately no longer a decision in your hands! After all, you know that many saints bought their entry ticket to the Kingdom of God with their own blood! We live in Oneness of Mind and the knowledge of one amongst Devas is also the Knowledge of another among us! Sutrama Manas, the Higher Mind, the Divine Thought is One and this is our Common Mind. Every spiritual achievement and failure is known to everyone, and since we are One Thought, our principle is “one for all and all for one”! The Guru’s mercy burns all the sin of the Disciple, but once purified, he cannot return to sin, but must faithfully guard what he has received.

6. The Book of Life is a Book of Memory, which is the emerald tablets of Hearts that all Saints have in their souls. So try to remember the Guru and do not let it be a memory that condemns you to perdition, because the sins that people commit against others are forgiven and dissolved, but the sin against the Holy Spirit does not even expires. This is the case when what is Holy cannot be contaminated, and the Holy Spirit is everything that is united in One Mind! After all, the Ruach Kadosh is, above all, a Pure, Holy Personality, and this is what the Saints living on Gāya have among the 144,000. Even Christ said that the sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither in this life nor in the life to come! So be careful not to raise your hand or even in thought against your Guru, who is a Saint. Don’t you know that whatever a Sadhu does is right and true even if everyone around him is against it. The Kingdom of God exercises its spiritual, theocratic power on Earth through its Hierarchs, around whom Congregations, Communities, Missions, Movements and Brotherhoods arise and never disappear over the centuries! Whatever the Pure and Holy One does on Earth is also Pure before God, because the Guru, like an army commander, Arjuna, only carries out God’s orders. Don’t you know that Gautama Buddha, like Christ Jesus, whatever they did, they always asked God, Brahman for permission first? And without God’s command they did not utter even a word, not even a single thought? Whoever thinks ill of the Guru, Saints and Blessed Ones recognized by God, blocks his way to the Light forever. Therefore, sneakily ask people what they think about the Saints, Jews what they think about Jesus, and Christians what they think about Moses, Buddhists what they think about Krishna, and Hindus what they think about Gautama Buddha! To the Pure, everything is Pure, but to sinners, everything seems dirty! And do not confuse the sins of polluted beings with the Truth proclaimed as a testimony by the Prophets of God. We always advise beginners who are starting the Path to say good things about everyone, even the bad ones, rather than to judge someone badly in their ignorance. Good thinking will sometimes work a miracle and correct some evil, and a bad judgment by an adept of the Way will backfire terribly against the “judger”. The worst and most terrible consequences, say the Rishis, the Saintly Sages – is the bad judgment of a Guru you meet by chance and

 who works for God full–time!

7. There are three great phases of the Way: Spirituality, Enlightenment and Immortality. These circles are the Pilgrims’ Way and the Swan’s Way, and the last one is the Diamond Way which leads to Eternal Life! And the Immortals are free from the second death, that is, from the destruction of their souls. Do not fear those who can kill the body, but fear him who is able to drag both soul and body into the hell of destruction and destroy them. We save the souls we meet, but those who fall off the ladder to Heaven again are usually beyond saving. God pardons penitents only once. Therefore the Radiant Brothers, Prince Gautama and Prince Yehoshua, as well as Krishna the Prince cried out: “Give death to sin so that you may live, and do not return like a pig to a puddle of mud.” Pilgrim, do not turn away like Lot’s wife when you escape from your Gomorrah and Sodom to the mountain cave where are the Gates to the eternal life of the Land. Can’t you see with your intellect that Saul was forgiven for his sins and continued to follow the spiritual path until the end of his life, and Sapphira and Ananias were immediately punished by God for financial fraud in the Community of Saints by death! Learn from the deeds of Elijah the Prophet, when the children came out in great numbers to insult him, to revile him, to mock him, God sent two large and hungry bears, which tore the children to pieces, so that they did not survive. Children here symbolize young, stupid, unreasonable souls who want to mock and disregard God’s Laws and Rules. Such will be torn by bears and eaten if they behave wickedly before the Face of God, of which Elijah is the Great Symbol. Demons as cruel as hungry brown bears are released to destroy those who greatly disregard the Messengers of Heaven. So do not be surprised by any of the inevitable events that will happen. Has not Jerusalem mocked and spat upon and destroyed Christ? After all, not a Saturn cycle has passed since the events at the cross, and not even a single stone has been left of the Jewish synagogue that destroyed Jesus, and a Muslim mosque stands in its place to this day! And Jerusalem, wasn’t it destroyed as well as everyone who didn’t have time to escape from it, and weren’t even the Jewish genealogies burned, erasing the 12 generations of Jews from memory of God? Our vengeance is severe, and Heaven’s punishment is always inevitable! Therefore, strive for the Reward and Mercy of God, so that the terrible fate of the children of the unfortunate Antichrists may be spared to you. Terrible, cruel bears are waiting in suspense, starving, to catch those who are preparing the Prophet of God the fate of Elijah or Job!

8. God did not punish Job, nor did he send Satan to torment the Prophet. Satan, of his own will, decided to cruelly torment Job twice, and anyone who takes part in bringing suffering upon the Saint, the Guru, the Prophet,  will share the fate of the Devil, Satan, and together with him they will burn in the Fire of the Eternal Pralaya as cruel Satans, because the tormentor and the creator of every evil fully deserves the name Satan. When people become deeply involved in the Spiritual Path and become Disciples, then the Evil One comes and attacks them to dissuade them from traveling to Raay (Paradise), because he wants mortal, corrupted people to be subject to him and be destroyed! The evil one torments by taking away material things, oppresses with losses or poverty, and sometimes also with strange or terrible diseases. He can also take away all his loved ones or turn them against the Saint, just as he deceived Xantipa until she gave poison to her Man of God so that he would be killed. Don’t you see the torment of Job with which Satan, the Evil, Hellish Oppressor, tormented him, but Job called on God for help, did not despair and defeated Satan, and rebuilt his life from ruin in a moment. Do you not see the destruction of Judas, who betrayed his Master into the hands of his executioners? The suicide of Judas is a symbol of Self–destruction and doom, and it is the Path of Darkness chosen by all those who betrayed their Master in the hour of trial! So watch the strange deaths among the traitors, watch the destruction to which they will soon be subjected! After all, the Book of Judas is the Book of Perdition, and on its basis the messengers of Death will lead man to hell! Punishment of Judas’ was first death for the body at the time of Jesus’ death, and then second death for the soul with the destruction of the souls of all Jerusalem! Didn’t Master Yehoshua say that at the dawn of the Third Day he was going to return? And since the day of God lasts 1,000 human years, we are approaching the Dawn of the Third Day, which is approaching inexorably to surprise humanity like a thief in the silence and darkness of the night. So work quickly, Children of Light, for your Eternal Immortality!

9. The Circle of Learning is indeed a circle of those who try to study, understand and comprehend the basic Teachings, Laws and Principles taught by the Guru of the Spiritual School, especially those things that help a person to cope better in Life. That is why we call our basic Circles of Learning the School of Life, and our School deals with all human ailments, looking for a solution to them. Truly, the true University of Knowledge is the one that teaches how to live, solve problems and cope better with the problems of Everyday Life. By addressing everyday problems, we show people ways from a spiritual perspective so that they can find ways out of the traps they have created. The first guiding principle of India and Yoga is Ahinsa, which is the Principle of Life Protection and is understood broadly, not narrowly. Ahinsa is non–violence towards the life, and everything that breathes lives. So do not cause pain and suffering to anyone, but also defend and save the lives of others, even at the cost of your own death or honour. The wise men say that one who pulls a drowned person to the shore is more valuable than one who sweeps the road in front of him so as not to trample an ant. And even the Wise Men, defending India against invasion, instead of killing ordinary soldiers, killed one malicious Alexander by sending him a SCORPIO! Ahinsah is freeing the world from all harm and the evil of killing, but sometimes, when there is no other way, it is also freeing the world from harmers. Gather around our Schools of Life, people, so that you may understand how to begin to live up to our blissful Heavenly standards. Did some Evil Demon still remain in Raay (Paradise), making great trouble? No, the Lord of Swarga, the Land of Heavenly Spirits, lowers fallen “angels” with his power immediately to the bottom of a very dark and gloomy abyss, and there is no ladder from there to break into the Land of the Light again. Indra, the Lord of the Devas, somehow clips the feathers of the fallen “angels” on their heavenly wings so that they no longer soar high! So learn from the Indian Rishis how to easily defeat the demonic armies of the Great Alexander, simply ending his life, and saving thousands of soldiers and their families from the suffering of war, massacre and pogrom. It is better to kill one tyrant than to witness the powerlessness and suffering of hundreds of thousands of beings who are alive and sensitive at heart! See how deep and meaningful the Teachings of God are, for all times and occasions.

10. People who try the Spiritual Way, how poor they are sometimes, when, having a verse of the Teachings deeply in their memory, they try to apply it everywhere and always, regardless of the fact that it is intended for a completely different life situation than they would like! Didn’t Raama, King of the Deccan and Asia, a very powerful and Holy ruler, say that there are rules and laws for the Time of Love, Peace, and there are also laws for the time of War and the time of Disaster. How senseless are those who apply the laws of War when it is a time of Peace, and how foolish are those who preach the laws of Peace in times of War. How clever are the demons who constantly confuse the minds of naive and simple people, stimulating the wrong things, just for those moments. Our year is only 1.5 minutes in the consciousness of the Supreme Being, and yet so much happens in one minute! O senseless ones, did not King Raama begin to gather an army to rescue his beloved Sita from the hands of the disgusting demon Ravana? Oh, people, be intelligent and enlightened and know how to act in the moment of every new challenge in your life. Buddham, isn’t this the Awakening, one of 1000 Holy Names, of God the Most High? Awaken and act, and with every action convince God that even though Ahinsa is in your blood, brought from our Yoga School! Don’t you know that Non–violence also means cutting off the hand of the wrongdoer who has done a lot of evil and does not want to stop his crime on his own? Lord Indra, the King of Svārga, defeated the Legions of Demons burying the pious, and placed the infernal General Vṛtra in the dark dungeons of Tartar. You cannot blindly follow the letter of the Law, regardless of the context or the circumstances of its application, because the letter is dead and the Spirit is Living!

11. The Diamond Sceptre of Shambhala, does not it radiate Brightly, and do not its rays encompass all whose heads are touched by the Awakened Sage, who solemnly wields this Sceptre? And will not the Rational Ruler prevent His Living Power from Blessing the one who directs this ray against others, like himself, his Radiant Brothers? The teaching of Maitri – Sympathy, Kindness and Friendship is given by Ṛshi to embody it in the Community of Good People who are each other’s Brothers and Sisters on the Path. The Upeksha teaching is given there when we face enemies who want to destroy the Community. Upeksha is the Peace of Spirit, trained to fight the enemy, which must be victorious, like the fight of the Pandavas, against the Kauravas (Kuravas), because winning ideas are born in the Peace of the Spirit, and a timid or cowardly “warrior” would inevitably have to perish. The community of Maitreya, Upeksha is a path against the insidious attack of the Kuravas. And the Way of Upeksha does not tolerate weakness of spirit, because the hour is a trial for the adept who dreams of returning to the Throne of Heaven, from where human spirits had previously fallen. Do not the Angels with the spinning Sword of Light guard the Path and the Gates Leading to the Garden of Paradise Pleasures, which is called Eden?! How can anyone say that he is an Angel if he would not be willing to act as a Gatekeeper with the Spinning Sword in his hand, the blade aimed at the forces of Darkness and Gloom. Protect the Community of the Spirit of the Gates from the wicked, whose seemingly sweet tongue spreads sweet and deceptive poison. Lord Morya continually admonished his adepts to beware of the dark arrows sent by the Black–clad Dark Beings, and counselled them to make sure of the intentions of any candidate who entered the Gate of Fellowship. The Spiritual Brotherhood is a combination of the common forces of all caravan travellers who, with the Guide, travel to their intended Oasis of Light and Life. Whenever an obstacle appears in the path of the caravan, will not everyone agree to try to remove it as quickly as possible? Absorb the diamond rays of Shambhala Authority and work for the great common Goal of the entire caravan!

12. One does not change by himself, nor does one give himself a Spiritual Name, and the whispers of demons, pouring straight into us, sometimes try to throw off what we are already blessed with. The name must be appropriate to the type of journey in the caravan of the entire Community, so whoever travels with an Indian shaman should have the name of a great Apache. Didn’t Lord Krishna directly call Arjuna’s opponents Enemies of God, because according to Dharma, all opponents of the One they carried in their Hearts as Guru are like that. You know how in some monasteries in Nepal they accept people who are abandoned by their Gurus and come there in search of excitement and greater masters! They are walled up forever in a very dark monastery basement and their memory is lost. Symbolically, it is a reflection of what these souls are lead to by their dark desire and by their strong rejection of Guru’s Grace. And our Great Guru is an advocate of such methods for wicked hypocrites who break the Gates of Paradise with a crowbar to steal our Divine Secrets. Could Adam and Eve, driven out of the Garden of Eden, take away at least a part of knowledge, power and something of their development? No, they started from scratch on Earth, ploughing with the sweat of their brow to earn their survival, and yet their sin was not that serious, they only ate poisoned fruit, the secret of thinking to create vibrations from the underworld outside of paradise. Having tasted such evil, they became unable to stay among the Angels, and on Earth the borders to Heaven were closed. We know where the Gates are and who the Guardians are, and who is worthy and blessed will surely be admitted into the Presence of the Throne of God. Is not Eden where only grains are eaten and fruits of plants are eaten? Use the Divine Name with which your Master Guide in your Heart will write you in the Book of the Saved, so that the life of your soul will be preserved until the end of all times and saved from death in the abyss!

13. Chinese culture has lasted for some 4,400 years, let it make you wonder how wonderfully a thought given by one Master, who was associated with yellow colour, can last! And yet, each Teaching was passed from the Master to the Disciple, who is worthy, because that was the only way it was given in accordance with the Law of Heaven. Śri Mena had a Revelation, but it was in even more ancient times, and to this day she shows the Laya Way to all her worthy Disciples. Can you not persevere in the Work even during the course of this short human life here on Earth? How will you be able to act like Śri Mena in the Consciousness of the Heavens which belong to the Supremes? The circle of our Teaching can encompass every person who is willing and eager to renounce Hypocrisy, the sin of Hubris, over which all Saints mourn. Woe to you, hypocritical faros – cried a certain Rabbi, sitting on the edge of the Temple of Peace, and yet, Woe means quite severe punishment from God! Hypocrisy is a disgusting support for betrayal, and all deceit and faking, falsification of intentions and perjury – all this is Hubris face! Woe to you also, hypocrites, if you do not eat the spiritual food given to all people, nor give it to others to eat it. These people go around and tell others that the food they want to eat is bitter and indigestible, even though these hypocrites have never tried it themselves! What a Woe, it flies for you through the very centre of Heaven, even though Karma works in the cycles of the cosmic planets, and Mars is 1 and 88 hundredths of an Earth year, and Jupiter is a 12–year cycle. Will they not regret the fullness of the wicked Hubris, the Madwoman, when the Seal of Saturn will lock them in the cosmic Darkness in 30 years, where there is no way out forever? See how Christ and the Buddha zealously condemn the life of every soul – hypocrites. And yet the Word SATURN means the Light of Life itself, which will extinguish the hypocritical being forever. So at least be the Guardian of your thoughts, words and actions before you become the one who Guards the Community! And follow the example of those who live in long cycles! The hypocrites will have no peace.

14. Honesty and Openness of Heart is a feature of our Community, although we must also be able to communicate with those who try to hurt and betray us, because they carry poisonous venom inside them. And we strive for the beautiful, Luminous Self of God. Atman is covered with the sin of hypocrisy and the hypocrite’s light will no longer shine on anyone, but its darkness can poison even thousands of souls and deceive crowds with words that teach that white is black and black is white. Dark Spirits like to wear black robes and only their leader Lucifer Antichrist pretends to be a Lamp and can Shine! Test the spirits whether they are of God, for the saints walk in a garment that must always shine, not just for a moment. It is better to remain silent towards the Evil Ones and not give anything to the Evil Ones, so that they do not want to use the Teaching of Truth against the one from whom they learned the verses of Wisdom! That is why many Sadhus do not want to teach anyone until they spend at least 10 years in Silence with him! Teach your children the Prayer to protect the Community and destroy the Evil Ones who want to raise their hand against the Hierarchs of the Temple of God, and you will do a good thing, because if they fall, face to face they will meet their old Prayer! Let them shout: “God, protect our Community and quickly remove those who are against the Brothers.” May the Light of Himalaya shine brightly in this country and wherever it is needed around the world! God, protect the entire Sangha of Layas and destroy those who stand against the Disciples and all Brothers! Sow Protective Thoughts, because they will be helpful in battles and clashes with the black power of Darkness, which wants to take over the entire world again and must be thrown out. Speak sincerely, although always the simplest prayers. The Eye of God sees you everywhere, and its Angels and guides record your words and thoughts, and above all, your deeds, in the Books of Akaśa, and nothing can ever be hidden from them. Learn to light fires at dusk during the dark night so that you will survive until the next Dawn, the new Day of Almighty God. Support those who want to join the Kingdom of God, but beware of the Evil Ones!

15. Be as the inviolable Foundations of our Spiritual Brotherhood, as the Pillars of the Temple, which no longer extend from us to the outside where there are conjurors, robbers and hypocrites. And yet the worst spiritual robbers are hypocrites, they always promise faithfulness, and they betray even for a plane ticket to India, and yet God’s Punishment will freeze them, turn them into icicles and in the dark depths of frozen prisons, because the punishment for hypocrisy is very cold hell! How much can shrews promise just to get and steal at least one sentence from the Divine Secret? And yet we do not give you people anything more than what is the Spiritual Treasury of the entire human race, and you will be worthy of the Treasures of Paradise if the Chamber of Wisdom can be accommodated in your Hearts in its entirety, for people of all seven kinds, seven levels, and also seven other little human rays of Initiation! Ask your Heart whether the Son, who learned to use the Sword from his Father to protect his family, brothers and sisters from the attack of a robber, is worthy of life if he used the secret of the Sword against his family and even the Father–Creator? And we in our Brotherhood receive the Supreme Spirit to become Sons and Daughters of the Heavenly Father–Creator. Take care, child of Light, lest your name be erased from the Book of Heaven and your Life not be taken away just because in your blindness you turn against your Brothers, with whom Maitri, Friendship, was commanded to you in the Spirit of Sympathy. Did not God severely punish Cain when he severely struck his brother Abel? And yet both of them lived in a family, spiritual community, only Cain was spiritually neglected and fell. And the entire human community that lived on Earth at that time, at the beginning of the Yuga, renounced Cain. Isn’t it terrible to be abandoned by God forever? Try to act wonderfully, renounce hypocrisy and be filled with Light that will never fade away and will guide ships to the Port of Destiny. I am a lighthouse in the Port of Destiny, where all humanity must come, and my light will always shine!

16. You know that all humanity has one Great Destiny, for God has said: “Be a Holy People to me, even as I am Holy.” Although opinions may vary depending on the moment and the needs of the day, we should not lose sight of the Purpose for which we live on Earth throughout our lifetimes. The time is not very long and the fate of the opponents is harsh. So, soul, strive for Paradise throughout your earthly journey and do not forget to give people free tickets to a Land where there is no Chaos. Raay (Heaven) is ruled by the principles of Beauty, Harmony, Good and Truth, and each Angelic Judgment is absolutely Just. Didn’t the Mystics teach humanity that Raay (Paradise) means connection with the Fire that burns all Evil and that nothing pure will enter the Kingdom of God? Wake up my People and form the Siraj Caravan! Awake, ye of lazy Spirit, lest it be too late when the Pralayam Fire begins to pour out upon the Earth. Follow our Torches and do not associate with the wolves who are in sheep’s clothing and would like to devour the soul of every Disciple of our Brotherhood and destroy it in the dark pit of destruction. Our Way is narrow and tight, like a mountain road, high above the abysses. Don’t mistake the direction, you can only go forward, with us, fall into the abyss or go back and never find the Gate in the Rock to us again! Listen to the Guides of the Path who talk about the charms and hardships of wandering along the mountain path, the White Lodge of the Himalayas, because there is our Homeland, the Land of Layas! The Great Spiritual Brotherhood of all who follow the rules of travel with great discipline, greatly protects, supports and guides everyone to enter the Highest Path of Life, which the Indian Rishis call Paramhansayana.

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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